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"May you always be courageous, stand upright and be strong, may you stay forever young" - Bob Dylan

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9724897085: (972) 489-7085

General Info

Forever Young Records has been in business since 1984 in the Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex. We are a record store that is family owned and operated.

Forever Young strives to have a large selection of music at reasonable costs. Although our store location has moved several times in the past 24 years, we are now settled in a large 11,000 square foot building located in Grand Prairie Texas, just 30 minutes west of downtown Dallas.

As one of the few independent record stores still in business in the DFW area, Forever Young has managed to expand not only the size of the store, but the store inventory as well. We carry your hot new releases as well as classic Vinyl from the age of the 30's and 40's!

With over 250,000

New & Used-

  • CDS
  • LPs
  • Cassettes
  • 45's
  • Music posters
  • Reel to Reel Tapes
  • DVDs
  • Original unique music memorabilia.

We have in stock some of the coolest and rarest vinyl records that were ever made.

We carry the latest CD releases from:

  • Punk
  • Pop
  • Metal
  • Classic Rock
  • Jazz
  • Country
  • Reggae
  • African
  • Latino
  • Soundtracks
  • Easy Listening
  • Techno
  • and more(not including most foreign languages, classical, or karaoke).

Our display cabinets are filled with original music memorabilia from the 1950's, 1960s and 1970s Pop Culture era.

We have a large selection of specialty items like:

  • RIAA Gold & Platinum Record Awards
  • Limited Edition LP & CD Box Sets
  • A┬áselection of Beatle Mania memorabilia
  • Posters
  • Promotional Items
  • Magazines
  • and many music books such as Record Collectors Guide and special limited edition collectors books


Q: Does Forever Young buy and trade CDs, Music DVDs, and cassette tapes?

A: Yes. The times to bring these items in the store are during any business hours except during the first half hour and during the last half hour of the day. We must have the time and the cash to take care of buys for the items you would want to sell. A half hour is usually enough for both.

If you have a high volume collection to sell please come during weekdays after 12 noon and before 8pm. You may not leave the items you are selling and come back later to pick them up unless authorized by the manager or employee on duty.

Q: Does Forever Young buy records or collectible memorabilia?

A: The store owner, David, is the only one who can purchase your collection of Vinyl or memorabilia. His normal buying hours are:

  • Wednesday 10 am to 5 pm
  • Friday 6 pm to 10 pm
  • Saturday 3 pm to 6 pm & 7 pm to 10 pm.

David does not buy Autographs on a regular basis. That is not our business and isn't easy to verify the authenticity.

If you do have an autograph you want to try to sell then bring the best proof of authenticity you have and he will evaluate whether that is enough for him to buy or not.

David is not usually interested in classical albums or Readers Digest collections.

Payment Methods

Master Card, Visa


  • Forever Young Records
  • 2955 South Highway 360
  • Grand Prairie, Texas 75052

We are located on the north bound service road of Highway 360 between Highway I-30 and Highway I-20 approximately 1 block north of Mayfie


  • 45-Rpm
  • Albums
  • Cassette Tapes
  • Memorabilia
  • Records

Add Your Review

  • Lacey H.

    Husband bought several records which a few didn't play well , one skipped the entire time . We called and complained as soon as we opened them and they said to bring back , hour drive

    The manager said played fine on his and get a better record player or put a penny on it, never had been so upset

    Our record player was brand new and played other records no problem

    But I guess we have to have he most expensive one to pjs their warped records

    Never going back

    Chunked it in trash

  • user avatar
    Benjamin P.

    This is a great music store with a large selection of used and new CDs and vinyl. Take a look around and you'll surely find something you like.

    Younger Than Yesterday Pe

    I am responding to the pinhead who wrote in poorly constructed English the comment about Forever Young & CD's. I've been doing business with Forever Young for 20+ years and can tell you with utter certainty that the owner forgets more over a cup of coffee every morning than that critic does or ever will know about music, business, credibility, merchandise, customer care, responsibility, or life in general. Forever Young isn't just a warehouse of product, it is an entire group of warehouses full of the most amazing accumulated tangible side of music history you could ever dream of. As far back as 10 years ago I saw a stack of boxes outside their office almost to my chest and about a block long full of already out-of-print CD's - used, new, promo, all basically mint, near mint, or still sealed. The pinhead who prompted this review can't imagine in his pathetic wildest imagination the sheer volume of CD's involved. The store needs to pull the wool over the eyes of customers like Carter needs more pills. It's ridiculous. The only change I have witnessed in 2 decades is the exponential expansion of both floor space and volume of product available. Forever Young is the physical manifestation of the owners' love of what is contained on that unbelievable mass of records, CD's and memorabilia. Don't forget those 1,000's of well-organized cassettes! For knowledge, experience and reliability, this shop and these folks are easily among the Top 5 in the entire world. I guess when you are at the top of the mountain there will always be some crackpot at the bottom inacapable of dealing with it. Pay no attention to that fool behind the curtain. Forever Young is the real deal.

  • forever young in reality a rip off
    sam today

    thank you no eveything about forever young think again.lets talk cds there are quite a few promo cds being sold as new. this rips off off the person buying them the record label and the artist. the artist gets nothing from the sale of promos.if you sell used import cds he sells them as new. nothing you can do are say makes this right.when you sell lps to the owner dave exstrom he will rip you off if he can.used cds that are beat up they use a buffing machine to make them look good all that does is harm the cds. the amount of promo cds being sold is staggring.this is nothing new it has been going on for years. the store at one time was run fairly no more. sad to say they get away with the things.if you dont belive me check deeper.

  • I really do feel Young!

    My new friend and I went here after she went last week with her husband. It was so much fun, and the people remembered her and were very nice. I asked her to show me how to sign up and write reviews. I think that companies who go out of their way to make life enjoyable should get a special mark, and this one deserves it.

    This place is funky looking, like a big warehouse, and it is well organized. I found records that I had fogotten about. My friend and I are dancing right now to the music I bought there, and I feel happy like a kid!

    Wonderful place, wonderful people, and wonderful idea!


  • I just love Forever Young

    What a wonderful store with very very good service! When you walk in there, the people at the counter are very friendly and smile. I recieved the information about them from the reviews I saw on the internet, and they were all so good, and so unique I decided to take my husband John for a detour while we searched for pianos.

    I was looking for a specific song, and they immediately looked it up and found several songs with the wording in the titles, and played 4 songs for me so I could find this one song I had been looking for. I found the song, and because my husband John teaches piano, we even got a discount. I ended up buying 5 albums from them, and I walked out of that store spending half of what I would have spent somewhere else, Even if I could find these particular albums as they were very dated. 80's music that was only popular in certain circles.

    What a wonderful and unique experience. I just had to share with my friend, so we went together yesterday, and she purchased several albums too. I am showing her how to write her own reviews sitting at her kitchen table right now. as we are listening to the music she found. It is fun to write reviews whenever you are enjoying a unique type of shop with a friend.

    A store like this makes you feel young again, and also makes you dance like a kid. Thank you Forever Young!

  • Organized and unpretentious

    Unlike some of the other nominees (BILL'S comes to mind), Forever Young isn't a dump and the folks working there don't sport the ""I am so cool and you are a moron"" attitude. Easy to get to, and plenty of parking. If they don't have it, they will try to get it for you.

  • Best place to find rare old records

    This place is definitely worth the trip to Grand Prairie. They've got any old, rare, discontinued, or import you could want.

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