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By: markberkley
Larry Kisling Machine Shop
To the fellow that made the outragious comment about Larry Kisling Machine ! Ive been taking engine jobs to him for 30 years and have never once had a problem. If there ever would have been a problem Larry would have taken care of it for me!!!!AND TO NICKY V. I AM VERY REAL COME MEET ME AT 436 SOUTH 5TH STREET BTW I HEAR YOU KNOCK YOUR WRIST PINS OUT WITH A CHISEL AND YOU PUT ALL YOUR ROD CAPS IN A BOX WITHOUT MARKING THEM ALL I KNOW IS YOUR NO MECHANIC AND LARRY KISLING IS A REPUTABLE BUSINESSMAN GET OFF YOUR MOM AND DADS PUTER SONNY
By: Jeremy B.
Larry Kisling Machine Shop
Had Larry fix my 1957 Chevy engine block another machine shop left almost unusable, Not sure about these other negative comments below, but Larry was very nice, quickly repair the block and my Dad, Mark Berkley "real person" put that block together and said everything went together perfect. Larry just does the machine work, you still have to know how to put it all back together or hire someone that can, so I can see where the inexperienced could run into problems rebuilding the block.
By: Richard O.
Larry Kisling Machine Shop
Took the head from my tractor to Larry after a freeze out plug rotted through. I found him to be competent and easy to work with. The shop's prices are reasonable and the turn around time for my job was measured in hours, not days. He also took the time to answer my questions to help the reassembly job go smoothly. The tractor's now running fine without any leaks.
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By: Fred K.
Top End Performance
I have all my engines built here. They do not cut corners and do very, very good work. They go the extra mile to make a good dependable, strong engine's that put out lots of Hp. Fred.
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By: Trent C.
Larry Kisling Machine Shop
He's a great machinist he knows everything there is to know about building a engine he's built multiple world champion NHRA motors he's knows his stuff Grady shop

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