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By: melissa.roeder.77
Sunrise Preschool
June 3, 2013This is a Shout Out to all!I feel the need to applaud Sunrise Preschools!!!! My daughter, little Miss Nevaeh Davis, just loves her school. For most of her life, when I was not with her, she was in the care of my mother, family or close friends. Most of her social situations were likewise with family and close friends. I was very worried that when she started school at Sunrise Preschool that she would be scared or shy because of that fact. It was the complete opposite. She has just Blossomed! She has learned colors, shapes, animals, places and much, much more and likewise is ready to tell everyone about it. She loves to read, even if she does not quite know how, but she does so anyway in her Very Beautiful Little Girl way. There is no way to put into words how much her new-found confidence and love of school means to me. We all know what it means to her because it shows in her precious little face as it lights up when she talks about the teachers and friends she has at school. Many Thanks and CUDOS to you Sunrise Preschools!!!Barbara Davis
By: Maeg A.
Sunrise Preschool
This preschool is great! This is the first preschool I have taken my son and didn't really know what to expect and they just keep surprising me. First, the place always looks clean and smells good when you walk in. Also, everyday they send my son home with a note that describes his day, how he ate, when he slept and what activities he worked on. I really wanted to find a place that had the kids nap since my son becomes a different child if he doesn't have his nap. This preschool has a specific time the children nap and make it a comfortable environment for them to sleep
By: Shella L.
Sunrise Preschool
Our son starts kindergarten this next fall and I am thankful of the education that he has been given by the staff at Sunrise preschool. I am fully confident that he will be ready to continue his education and build on the foundation given. Because of the routine of learning at Sunrise I am sure he will have no problem adjusting to Kindergarten. We are thankful for the time they have given to our son to prepare him for higher education. We also thank Sunrise for installing the same fundamentals to our youngest son who still has a couple of years to go
By: Cy T.
Sunrise Preschool
My husband and I are very lucky to have found Sunrise Preschool in Goodyear, AZ. We looked at all the daycare/preschools surrounding our area, but found Sunrise was the best fit. Our boys have been attending for 3 and 4 years now and we are grateful for the education they receive. They are given love and attention, and the staff does well in teaching our boys how to interact with other chldren. We have no doubt that by they time they have to transition to kindergarten, they will do it with ease because of their time at Sunrie Preschool.
By: Pure J.
Sunrise Preschool
The staff at Sunrise Preschool is dedicated to the education for our two boys. We have had them enrolled for over 3 years and they have only improved during this time. Our oldest boy is starting kindergarten this year and we have no doubt that he will be ahead of the game because of Sunrise. The curriculum at Sunrise has prepared him for the lessons he will be taught in the future and we are thankful that our youngest son will have the same opportunities because of Sunrise.
By: Annalis M.
Sunrise Preschool
My husband and I are very happy with the care that our children receive at Sunrise Preschool. We have stopped in unannounced and always find the staff interacting and participating with the activities the kids are doing. They are very attentive and entertaining when teaching them the things that they will need to prepare for later education. We are happy to say that we would recommend Sunrise to any parent who wants their child to love learning.
By: Lore M.
Sunrise Preschool
My kids 18months and 3yrs having been both going here since July of 2010. I had a hard time leaving them at first but they both really like and are comfortable with all the instructors and I wouldn't change it for them. I get good price compared to tutor time for half , and the director pretty much everybody by name mainly all the children. They are very flexible when it comes to your financial needs.
By: Erasla M.
Sunrise Preschool
My children have been attending Sunrise Preschool for 4 years. I have always felt welcome here. My children love going to Sunrise. They have their favorite teachers and love being around their friends. Summer is just around the corner and my kids love their summer program. I would recommend Sunrise to family and friends!!!
By: Thaine H.
Sunrise Preschool
My 4 year old son started a couple of weeks ago at this location, he loves it. The facility is always clean and the kids are well taken care of. He has learned quite a bit. I am very impressed with how the staff already knows us by name and how nice they are. Thanks every one :-)
By: Janet R.
Sunrise Preschool
I enjoy the staff at sunrise. They always make me feel welcome when we walk in the door. I am very comfortable having my children there. My children enjoy going and enjoy the teachers. The communication is far better than any other place I have tried

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