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6707 Abrego Rd, Goleta, CA 93117

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  • noorsaleh

    HORRIBLE PLACE TO LIVE! Trust me, what you read about this place online is true. RUN AND DONT LOOK BACK! The management is borderline racist, bend laws to fit their own agenda's, the townhouses are old, and not up to par with many legal codes. They wont show you the unit you live in until your move in date, and by then you are already stuck. They also stack numerous fees just to apply and will tell you that they offer the best prices in the area- which is a flat out lie!

    The management is run by a bunch of old women who are clearly unhappy with their lives, and constantly give you negative feedback. They all live spread out on the property and watch you all the time. The units are also so far away from campus and mostly house families, which the management will tell you is a good thing since it creates a quiet, safe atmosphere. This is partly true, it is quiet at night since they wont allow any form of noise in the area (the consider 5 people in one townhouse a party), but come 6:30-7:00 AM you will be awoken by numerous kids yelling and screaming playing outside of their lot, and this will last the whole day. Personally, I believe this is so far away from a college experience and actually is quite annoying when you're trying to study or hang out with friends.

    Carol claims that she's a jack-of-all-trades and acts as the realtor in the area. She actually holds no real authority on the property and will literally tell you anything you want to hear so that you can sign a lease. She talks behind Trish's back to try and gain the confidence of the tenants, but as she really can't do anything about Trish's horrible behavior, she is just a pawn within the management corporation.

    Annette is the other secretary who takes the rent checks, yet is completely incompetent at any other task. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING SHE SAYS! She thinks that she knows what she's talking about, but she actually doesn't, and will lie at all costs for fear that Trish will reprimand her.

    Trish is by far the WORST OF ALL! Generally even as a human to be quite frank. She is racist, unbearable to hold the simplest of conversations with, yells at her staff, so what do you expect from such a despicable human being? She does not even think about what’s best for the property but is as stubborn and hardheaded as they come. It is clearly a reflection of how unhappy of a person she really is, and is just another reason not to rent at Silverwood Townhouses! Quite frankly I am baffled as to why she is still manager and what the owner is thinking! Does he not know that the reputation of his property is going down very rapidly by having such a nasty staff?

    They bombard you with "inspections" throughout the term of your lease, even though there are many cockroaches and ants on site. At the end of my lease, they admitted that my apartment was in pristine condition, yet they still took out $450 claiming that was routine. Out of all the places in Isla Vista- STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS ONE!

  • noorsaleh

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