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  • 1.Ollie's Bargain Outlet

    1005 N Spence Ave


    2.56 mi

  • 2.Ollie's Country Store

    133 Old Route 22


    18.00 mi

    BBB Rating: A+

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By: snafuguru
Dee's Diner
They have regular menus and specials. All of it is tasty and the place looks nice and clean. They have chicken, fried pork chops, spaghetti casserole, hamburger steak, chicken pastry, biscuits, hush puppies, many vegetables and more. You can order off the menu too. I feel it is a little high priced for lunch but that's just me. I am white and I have eaten on a few occasions with a black male friend and have felt very uncomfortable with the looks we have gotten from other diners and certain staff, and the service wasn't as good during those times either. It is located in the Little River Shopping Center. They stay open past 2:00 pm.
By: maddaddysr
Stoney Creek Country Club
Jeriann and her staff at the Bottom make you feel mor than welcome. Just a little way from SJAFB main gate on Elm where the military are more than welcome. It says Country Club but it;s really an old time good bar. Most of the guys are ex military,they have cook outs on weekends and beer specials all week. It's just a friendly crowd. It is an older crowd so yuppies need not apply. So if you want to stop in for a cold beer and some friendly people,stop at the Bottom. The bottom of Elm street to be exact.
By: nicolewanchikbarker
Breakers #002
Gas is usually below other places in Goldsboro. Two things really bother me though. You can only get $35 worth of gas if you use debit, well with an van or SUV this is not much more than a quarter tank for me. Another thing is the drink prices change depending on who is working. Yesterday I went around 11 and paid $.65 for a can cola and then went back around 7 and only paid $.50. This is something I have experienced many times and it gets annoying!
By: snafuguru
Rudy's Grill
the place is real outdated and they always seem rushed. costs you to use your charge card. food is pretty good and filling. it is off the highway bout a half mile
By: snafuguru
Ruby Tuesday
High prices. Especially for pasta. Great salad bar. They can not cook a medium well steak without filling the plate with blood. Yuck
By: Shelvia H.
Berkeley Grill
The food is good but they are very very slow!!!Apparently can only make one order at a time. I waited 25 min for 3 sandwiches.
By: Eleniece W.
Dollar General
clean.pleasant and convenient.
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