Ninos Pizza in Goldsboro, NC with Reviews -
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By: Jimmy C.
Domino's Pizza
I called about a pizza for the 7.99 one and when I went to place a order and told him what I wanted was double pepperoni and beef and I always have cheddar cheese and the guy said it would be 13.49 and I told him that I always get cheddar and he told me that I couldn't get it and I told him that I would call Pam which is the manager there and he told me to do what I had to do, Never the less he was the rudest person I have ever talk to and he finally made it but it tasted like cardboard and it was hard and cold and I was there before it came out of the oven, Don't know what he done but I was highly dispionted with it, And I call the manager and she didn't do nothing but take up for him.
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By: Stephanie A.
Pizza Hut
I had the pleasure of speaking with Kristen Currin. She was very nice and patient with me. Also, very knowledgeable of their menu and made good suggestions..
By: snafuguru
Pizza Hut
The facility is clean service friendly but not enough selections. Not everyone likes thin crust pizza. It Is cheaper and faster to make.
By: Christina B.
Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza
Very clean restaurant! Friendly and helpful employees who always greet you with a smile. I appreciated the help to my car!
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By: Ryan M.
Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza
Best pizza, hands down! Very nice people, hope you guys do well.
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By: Sandy F.
Brooklyn Pizzeria
Largest pizza I ever saw. Outstanding pizza!
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  • Motion sensors
  • Alarms
  • Smoke, CO2, and flood detectors
  • Flashlights
  • Panic buttons
  • Door and window stoppers
  • Spot lights/floodlights
  • Etched window glass
  • Combination safe
  • reinforced locks
  • Placing signs and sticker for security systems outside home
  • Personal safety items (firearms, stun guns, pepper spray, batons, etc.)
No, it is possible to install a home alarm system yourself. Some systems are specifically designed to be installed by homeowners. These systems are often cheaper and more customizable. However some systems require the expertise of a professional and installation should be left up to them to avoid making any errors. Review the specifications of the system and/or contact the manufacturer if you are unsure about its installation requirements.
  • Easy and inexpensive to install and does not require any drilling or modification of the home.
  • Does not require a landline.
  • Can be taken from one home to another during change of residence.
  • Can be combined with a hardwired system.
  • No need to change any batteries, as with wireless systems
  • No interference from other signals
  • All hardwired systems run on essentially the same technology so products and services from different companies will be compatible with each other.
  • If moving to a home with a hardwired system already installed, you can save money by bypassing installation costs.
  • New security equipment for these systems is less expensive than for wireless systems.
  • Can be combined with a wireless system
  • Hardwired: A system that uses cables to connect all sensors to a central control panel within your home. The cables are usually installed within the walls or floorboards of your home. The control panel then uses your home’s landline connection to call for assistance (police, fire, medic).
  • Wireless: A system which uses wireless technology (wi-fi) to connect all sensors to your home’s central control panel. The panel uses the established network to communicate with the outside for assistance.
  • A combination of hardwired and wireless: Custom systems can be configured to have a home totally hardwired and equipped with wireless outside communication (no landline), or have a totally wireless home and hardwired outside communication.

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