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By: John D.
Goffstown Harvest Christian
Everyone has his/her preference. It is possible that this church was not your cup of tea, but I wouldn’t say that it is a cult. Your opinion is respected. I’ve been in many churches, but I tend to see a trend which scares me. I’ve noticed most churches’ primary goal is to elect Republican candidates in every political office, and somehow believe they are doing “God’s work.” The devil works in mysterious ways, and I hope they come to the realization that God is neither Republican nor Democrat, this is all man-made stuff. I also do not get the mixing of guns and the Bible. The Bible rejects violence. When many churches in these United States of America are occupied with electing Republicans and advocating for guns, they have less time to pray and see real miracles. Meanwhile, miracles are happening all over the world because these Christians are less occupied with man-made stuff i.e. guns, political parties, who didn’t say Merry Christmas, boycotting certain department stores, etc...
By: Matthew M.
Goffstown Harvest Christian
Straight forward, black and white. A spirit filled church that doesn't pick and choose some scriptures and leave out others. GHCC isn't all about doing whatever it takes to "make you feel good " it's a true house of God. Pastor Joe is extremely well versed and intelligent. This church and its body is here to teach and prepare so that you may be able to critically think for yourself when the worlds external forces are baring down.Confidence,positivity & example are practiced and displayed. This church is no cult. It simply asks you to evaluate yourself. Are you living right? Is it in the Bible? Were those Gods words? In short it's a wonderful,loving family here. Very pleased.
By: John S.
Goffstown Harvest Christian
Goffstown Harvest has been serving Goffstown NH for twenty years. It is a ministry that focuses on the whole Word of God and growth in Him. Worship starts at 9:00 with the main service at 10:00 Sunday mornings. There is ministry for children of all ages. Prayer service is Wednesday night from 7-8 with a 45 minute Bible study before starting at 6.This church is a great place to find your strengths in God and grow in Him. You will be challenged to grow. Come and see for yourself what God is doing at Goffstown Harvest.

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