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By: Pg S.
Glendora Children's Ctr
Somehow, my wife dragged me into writing a review on here because of inappropriate comments that were posted on there that clearly crossed the line from negative commentary review, which we are all entitled to, to statements that are currently being reviewed. For those of you who THINK that you can write anything you want about a person or business, think again. There is a fine line between expressing an opinion and stating and making accusations. If you don't believe me, speak with an attorney or Google "Ways to Get Sued through Social Media" and you will quickly find out that when third parties become involved, it can get messy very quickly. Let me address the first comment about Glendora Children's Center making zombies out of our children. Are you insulting us by saying that we don't care about where we place our children? When you make these types of statements, which you are entitled, you insult us. Clearly, you have never spent a day at the center. If your purpose is to destroy this preschool, you'll have to battle the group of parents and former parents who worked so hard to help make this all happen. From your previous posts, we can all see that you only post and say negative and angry comments on these types of sites. YOu don't praise businesses for a job well done. You are a critic and an angry, angry individual. I have seen you around town, yes, this town that you hate so much, the city of snobs and angry people, and let me tell you that you need to do a few things:Make an appointment with a mental health specialist/neurologist and get things straightened outTake an anger management course and learn to breathe before exploding with sheer rageSet your privacy settings on Facebook so that all of us who you hate so much can no longer explore your wall and photos with complete freedomTell your husband to do the same because I am sure he doesn't need everyone to know his occupation and voice over careerLearn to handle your affairs with decency and respect if you wish to be treated with respsectLast but not least, if you hate Glendora citizens and businesses so much, relocate. Move to th wilderness where the trees will bring you peace and where you will no longer have to put up with us snobs. Learn to navigate the Internet because when you make make it a point to stir up trouble and insult an entire group of people, you don't want everyone to know everything about you and your family. Stay private and focus your reviews on what you really want to say. You don't want to sound like a lunatic. Too late for that.If you still need some help, have a cup of coffee with the parents at Glendora Children's Center and learn more about why we are so loyal to such a fantastic place.
By: Michelle P.
Glendora Children's Ctr
My husband and I are both working professionals who possess Master’s degrees in Counseling. My background is in Educational Counseling and I also hold a California teaching credential. It was very important for us to find a school that was not just a simply a daycare center. We were hoping to find a preschool that would help our daughter transition into Kindergarten when the time came. It was also very important that along with a solid academic environment, my daughter, who is a sensitive free spirit, would feel safe and nurtured. We researched several preschools, and went to visit each one. Every parent may have different priorities they seek when trying to establish a good fit for their child, because each child is so unique. When we took our daughter to visit we knew right away that the Glendora Children’s Center was a perfect fit. The curriculum incorporates creativity, multiculturalism, and hands on learning as well as fosters independence. My little one has flourished in this environment, she is so excited to go to school each day … and that is what I love because children should be excited about learning. I am so surprised sometimes by her knowledge of the world around, and I love talking to her about what she has learned each day. –It fills my heart with joy. Selecting a preschool was very difficult, we wanted to ensure, like every parent that their little one would be well taken care of and loved. I feel like Missy and her staff have a genuine love for what they do and for the children they care for. They work long hours and put a lot of heart and soul into work and it is reflected in the smiles I see when I drop off and pick up my child each day. It is without doubt or reservation that I recommend the Glendora Children’s Center. It came highly recommended by two of my colleagues who I trust greatly. I have always felt welcomed to visit at any time and have always had my questions answered. My free spirited little one has thrived in this preschool environment and I am very thankful for the staff at the center for taking such good care of my daughter.
By: jcaberin
Glendora Children's Ctr
I LOVE this place! My daughter has been with the owner/director since she was one when she had a daycare out of her home. She stayed with her up until kindergarten where she was beyond ready. She is now in the 1st grade at Condit Elementary in Claremont but when she first started school her kindergarten teacher was very impressed by how advanced she was and surprised to hear she came from a home daycare. Her transition into kinder was smooth because of her experience here I am sure of it. Not only is the quality of education incomparable to others around but the rate is sooo reasonable considering the owners educational background and how beautiful the space is. I even tried convincing "Missy" to teach kindergarten because my family was very sad to say goodbye to her. She is a true gem. If you want what is best for your child, look no further! You will not regret it!

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