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By: Dean E.
Sapporo Ramen & Shabu-Shabu
A coworker recommended Sapporo Ramen & Shabu-Shabu, particularly the spicy kimchi flavored broth base. (You choose a base for your shabu-shabu.) I chose that with the seafood selection: mussels, scallops, salmon, shrimp, and more. I loved the flavor and the experience. I went for lunch on a workday, and the timing was great.It's not super cheap, but this is not some pseudo-chinese fast food.Also you might re-think shabu-shabu for a date with someone you don't know well.It's a lot of fun having the broth and ingredients cook right at your table: dramatic, fresh, dynamic. If you like to participate in the final prep of your meal, shabu-shabu is a great choice, and this is a good place to go.Side note on shabu-shabu in general: if you're like me, shabu-shabu is not the most tidy style of food. Because you scoop (or chopstick) the food into the broth and then onto your plate, there are lots of changes for tiny splatters or drips. Don't go wearing a precious silk tie or dress, and don't go here for a first date.
By: casesnoe
Teriyaki Me
This place is a refreshing change from my "Brand Blvd" lunches. I had the Beef, Chicken, Shrimp skewer special and a bottle of water for under $10. The dishes come with white rice (brown is $.75 extra), salad, and a small sampling of tempura. My order, came with a heaping amount of food, 3 skewers jammed with hearty portions of meat. The quaint, but accommodating dining experience featured two flat screen TVs one with the CNN news (minor ugh, i am not a big CNN fan, but undestand that CNN is good for this type of viewing), the other TV had the local eatery, quick facts stream. Clean, efficient and friendly. The lady working the front of the house was certain to give a seemingly sincere "thank you" and "come again" to everyone. (that in itself helped me push my rate to Exceptional).
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By: jake-ypc
Teriyaki Me
I find the quality of a lunch spot correlates well with the number of cops eating there at any particular time. Every other time I go here there are at least a couple detectives showing down, and I can't blame them. The food is very good, portions are large, and the price is right. The interior is nicer than you'd expect and there are a couple tvs. The only thing I don't care for is the overcooked salmon.
By: Chris F.
Akuma Restaurant
The first thing you notice is how trendy and modern the interior is. Almost feels more like a nightclub than a sushi restaurant. Apparently they have a DJ on the weekends, so maybe that's what they're going for. I usually go for lunch. They have lunch specials that give you a lot of food for not too much money. And it's good! I've never regretted ordering something. Staff has always been very friendly.
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By: ricorodriquezcollins
Akuma Restaurant
Wow. This place is so good, so fast, and yet so friendly...they MUST be new. :-) Today was my first time, but my co-workers come here 3+ times a week--and there are a ton of other restaurants in the area. This place stands out with the food, the big space, the prices (really reasonable for such good Japanese food). I can't say enough. It's my favorite restaurant in Glendale.
By: Sean K.
Akuma Restaurant
This is the better Japanese restaurant on Brand in my opinion. Nice, clean, huge space. I ordered a simple chicken teriyaki combo with tempura. The chicken was quite tasty and the tempura was excellent. You really get a lot of food, so great value. Only knock was the tempura sauce was too salty and just tasted like soy sauce. Overall, great lunch place and would go back.
By: dave o.
Octopus Japanese Restaurant
The food was delicious -- I had the chef's sushi plate -- and the Chirashi bowl looks epic. The service for lunch was a bit hit-or-miss, though, as they couldn't remember who got what and told us things weren't available, got our changes, then brought us the original unavailable things. They were pleasant, though, and I still enjoyed it, so I will be coming back.
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By: rashon.gittis
Octopus Japanese Restaurant
You do get quite a bit for a bento box lunch special... and the food quality is good... well as far as Japanese food cooked by a Korean staff can be... hehe! Hey... no hatin' there... and that's pretty true of the majority of Japanese restaurants in the So Cal area! TL:DR - a lot of good food for lunch, don't expect OMG it's soooo good.
By: sep1092
I often go during my lunch for a #1 special; but would never take my wife and children there. It's too bad because the staff is always friendly and prompt and the food is always good and hot. It's just the transients in there the mess up this place. This place operates 24 hours a day. Parking is always available too.
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By: Tawny P.
Katsuya Glendale
We accidentally went here first thinking it was the same as K Ramen and ordered gyoza before noticing. The server was super understanding and brought our gyoza upstairs to us. The gyoza was fantastic! I'll have to come back and order a full meal next time. Beautiful atmosphere.

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