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By: cityhawk9
Barragan's Mexican Restaurant
Here, at last, is a Mexican Restaurant that does not bombard you with an atmosphere of forced fiesta-mania, yet is always fun. One can actually hear one's dinner-mate here, unlike others, which assault you with a cacophany of noise produced by everything from television sports (any restaurant with a television on during dinner is OUT in my book), overly amplified music, and even karaoke going on in the bar area, sometimes all at once! (It's the throw everything but the kitchen sink into the mix approach, and hope the customers get suitably jolly I suppose. Just gives me a headache.) But Barragans, in comparison, is an isle of relative peace in comparison, and the music is background, never too loud. I've said it before and I'll say it again: if the chips and salsa are great in a Mexican restaurant the food will follow accordingly, and it does here! And the icing on this tasty Mexican cake? The staff are are attentive,good-humored, charming, and CUTE (both the waitresses and waiters!) All in all, a low-key, but thoroughly enjoyable place where one can get ones fix of good Mexican food and a nice margarita at a reasonable price. (The original Barragans on Sunset is good too if you want a slightly more old school, traditional version of the same place.) I prefer the Glendale version; they have their own parking lot.Try it! Este es perfecto!
By: ilovebacon
Frida Mexican Cuisine
Ambiance was ok. I wish I had made it to happy hour since prices are cheaper. This is a pricey Mexican restaurant in a shopping plaza, so expect lower quality food and higher prices. If you want really good Mexican go to a hole-in-the-wall place. The drinks were good. I had black cherry mojito and my boyfriend had the avion tequila lemonade. we each had beef and chicken tacos with lettuce wraps instead of corn tortillas. They were good, but not worth $13 a plate. We also had a tres leches cake which was really delicious but for $9? Never again.All in all, we had a fine experience, but I wouldn't go back for non-happy hour prices.Update - well, I went back for happy hour. MUCH better. My boyfriend and I spent $40, got dinner and drinks and dessert. Worth the price if you can make it. $10 for 5 tacos. The atmosphere around the bar is a lot more fun too.
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By: Tawny P.
Taco Azteca
I have been dying to have Mexican food since I moved up to Glendale and kept driving by this place. Finally went over and was not disappointed! I ordered one chicken taco, one carne asada taco, one carnitas taco and one al pastor taco because I needed to try them all! They were all amazing, but I'd have to say my favorite were the chicken and carnitas. The carne asada didn't have as much flavor as the others and the al pastor I used to get back in my old neighborhood was a little better. However, they were all still amazing and I would definitely eat all of them again in bulk amounts. Next time I might get a quesadilla! Will definitely be frequenting here for my taco needs. I might take it home next time on account of the flies outside though haha.
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By: rashon.gittis
Epic Taco Shop
This place is a decent attempt to jump on the "hip" tacos trend in SoCal. Of course that means you're going to pay up to 2x for some tacos that you could easily get at any other taco stand. Had the pork belly, salmon poke and carne asada tacos. Pork belly and salmon poke were pretty tasty, but the carne asada was bland and dry. My advice: try the non-standard ones to see if they appeal to you, but skip the asada, pollo, any other ones that can be had anywhere else. Not really a fan of the day of the dead skull imagery that's everywhere while I'm trying to enjoy a meal, but that's a personal opinion. I'd probably go back if I happened to be in the area... but I'd just pick it up to-go.
By: C L.
Frida Mexican Cuisine
I first came on Wednesday. I got the two taco plate--it was good, had lots of meat. I saw chilaquiles on the menu and decided to come back today. OMG, they were awful. They were $14 plus $2 to add two eggs. $14 was already expensive for chilaquiles so said no to the eggs. Maybe they would have made a difference. I only ate the chicken and some of the chips that were still crunchy. Anyway, I normally do not do this but I told the waitress they were not that good. She told the manager, and they said no charge for the meal. Great customer service--will definitely be back!!
By: sep1092
Barragan's Mexican Restaurant
I visited this restaurant for the first time ever at this location in Glendale. The bar is extremely small and with only 10 people drinking..it was a full house. My party sat in a round table in a room near the bar with a television showing the Laker game. Margarita's were under $3 and tasted good according to the females in my group. I had ice cold Hefeweissbier beer. The ambiance was ok. Latino-Veterano Old Timers. The staff was slow but friendly. Parking is limited so I parked in a nearby residential street.
By: bgkuhn
Frida Mexican Cuisine
Try them for Happy Hour!I frequent Frida often and agree with some of the other reviews. Let's not kid ourselves -- Frida is a mexican restaurant in a high-traffic commercial shopping mall. Service, wait time and food commensurate with the audience it attracts. That said -- I REALLY enjoy the mole and guacamole. Very passable. Very yummy. And I'm a mexican food snob.That said... I'm recommending for Happy Hour. Cheap drinks and chips right after work, with other dining and entertainment nearby. Fun!
By: chapps
Frida Mexican Cuisine
This place resembles a restaurant in the same way that a down-on-her-luck drag queen actually resembles a classy dame.The food is pretty awful, I'm afraid. And the place is noisy at night - don't go here for an intimate date. I understand that their buffet weekend brunch is tasteless but inoffensive, and very, very quiet. That's the best that you can hope for. I'll avoid any discussion about the service from the models ... er ... waiters.
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By: young h.
King Taco
A great place to catch lunch or dinner for authentic Mexican food done right. I highly recommend the all meat burrito or the sopes. A great side dish to share if you're group are their nachos but make sure to ask for extra cilantro and onion on the side to put on top of your nachos. Their red sauce is super spicy, but if you can handle it it's really good. Their verde (green) sauce is one of the best I've ever had.
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By: Yvonne L.
King Taco
For some reason, it took them forever to make my order during my previous visit. I waited there for more than 10 minutes to get the food. Food quality- I was not impressed. My friend loves their All meat Burrito, Asada Tacos and Tamales. I only tried the Tacos- the meat was a little overcooked, texture was too dry for me. Parking- there is a public lot next to it, but always packed. First 90 minutes free.

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