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By: Danielle C.
Shake Shack
Shake Shack is across from the Americana, in the new building that just went up on the corner of Brand and Colorado. There's usually quite a line for lunch, but it moves surprisingly fast - the employees bring out free samples, menus, and we even saw them bringing out cups of water on a hot day. The menu is not as simple as In-N-Out, but it's still not a crazy amount - just really well-curated items that fit with the theme. I had a regular burger and cheese fries, waiting about 5-10 minutes. Everything was excellent - very tasty and filling! Burgers are a little on the greasy side, but in a flavorful way, not a gross way. They do serve other items than burgers - hot dogs, mushroom burger, shakes and desserts, beer and wine. The parking situation isn't great - you can hit the Americana lot or the one behind the shopping area that is a block north of the restaurant. Seating inside and outside is tough to get when busy, but doable!
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By: Tawny P.
Massif Restaurant
Note: The full name should be Massif Mediterranean GrillI wish I had words for how good this place is. Ordered delivery and it was quick and painless.Chicken kebab plate - phenomenal.Beef kebab plate - Also phenomenal.Beef shawarma hummus - amazing.Manti - If I could fathom the happiness these tiny dumplings brought me, I would know the true meaning of life.Pita - standard store bought.Rice - delicious.Garlic sauce - please. Omg please. I need this in an IV drip because reasons.Cheese borek - pretty good.There was so much more I wanted to order, but I can only fit so much into my black hole of stomach.Overall, I was very happy and round afterwards. Couldn't be happier. Kudos to the chef! I'll definitely be back here.
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By: Jarad C.
Alegro Restaurant
I've been going here for lunch one or twice a week. It's not particularly busy during the day, which is nice, and the wait staff are all very friendly. So far I've stuck to their Allegro Crunch sandwich, but their spaghetti was really unique and good as well. Know ahead of time that they may not have desserts to serve, at least at lunch, due to lack of demand (they make them fresh, when they are prepared). If you plan ahead, the waitress said they would accommodate requests for desserts ahead of time. She said the tiramisu & mousse are both fantastic. Oh, and the coffee is good, which is a bonus. Also, they're totally cool with you staying a while if you're writing, or working. Way better than stinky Starbucks.
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By: Ting K.
Gam Tu Bop
Passed by this newly opened spot on Brand and decided to give it a try. It's a small and clean place. I never had rice balls before and turned out not my type of food. But what made me not very happy about this place was not the food but the service. The server recommended me order 3 rice balls which is the rice ball combo 1 that is supposed to come with pickled ginger and edamame (written on the menu), but what I got was only 3 rice balls. Not that I care about pickled ginger and edamame (i may not even eat them) and I didn't even ask why they are missing, but it gives me a not-trust-worthy feeling. So, be sure to specifically tell the server you want the rice ball combo 1 not just pick 3 rice balls.
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By: Yvonne L.
Mini Kabob
I was brought here by my coworker. This place was tiny, family owned and smiling face on the owner- good signs!We tried the pork, chicken and lamb plates. I liked the chicken one the most because flavor was rich and meat texture was tender. Lamb was cooked perfectly too, But I found it a bit lack of flavors. Pork had the least flavor and not as tender as the other two dishes due to the thickness of meat I think. Did I mention the appetizer bread tasted great with the dipping sauce plus their house made garlic spread? You must not miss it.Though the place is small, it's a great one for Mediterranean food / takeouts. Owner was very friendly and talkative!
By: joliet42
The Great White Hut
This place rocks! It's located behind Porto's Bakery in Glendale. Have only been going here for a few months (about once per week) but have run into patrons that have been going here for over 10 years. I have tried their Chorizo Burrito, Carne Asada Tacos (a daily special) and Chili Cheese Fries and all are brilliant. The place is small, which translates into daily fresh ingredients because they don't have freezer space. The owner is amazingly nice and the man behind the grill is consistently quick and makes me want to come back for more. They now take credit cards with orders above $5 and are closed on Sundays.
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By: rashon.gittis
The Wooden Fork
Had lunch here with a former co-worker based on several recommendations from folks in the office. It’s a pretty popular spot and gets pretty busy since it’s not spacious enough to handle the crowd... so get there before the lunch rush if you want a table. The decor itself is nice... felt like I was having lunch in a shabby chic meets Pottery Barn space. The food's good, priced reasonably and the service really depends on how busy they are. It's worth checking out, but for me, I can't really see myself really wanting to go here with all the choices available on Brand Blvd.
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By: ricorodriquezcollins
Alegro Restaurant
Better go there now, before "the suits" find this place.The inside is elegant and spacious. The food is excellent ( I had the penne pesto, and added bacon). If they don't have something you want, just grab something else off the menu and customize it. The chef is really good and pretty creative--take advantage of it now, because as more people actually come in, it will surely grow in lunchtime popularity.Also,...um be SPECIFIC when ordering. Double-check. Make sure the server repeats to you exactly what you ordered. There is a high rotation in the serving staff.
By: Jovan R.
Mini Kabob
The food is unbelievable here delicious chunks of juicy chicken and with a really tasty garlic sauce mixed with hummus was my favorite. All the food sits on top of a plate of rice which soaks in the great flavors of the freshly cooked meat. The location is a bit small but definitely does not take from the quality of the food , the owners are so welcoming and friendly they actually sit w/ you and run through the menu in detail if you have questions. Limited street parking ,Cash only location and good idea to call in order before.
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By: Tawny P.
K Ramen. Burger. Beer
We accidentally went to Katsuya first thinking K Ramen was the same place so we brought up our gyoza from Katsuya to K Ramen and our server was so understanding about it. Our server was super nice and got us everything we needed. The atmosphere was beautiful and I loved overlooking the Americana from that floor. The tonkatsu ramen was good but I wouldn't say it was the best I've had. The pork belly was flavorful and very generous portion. Would definitely come back again!

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