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By: Gloria F.
Glendale Manor Apartments
I read the reviews as I sit here waiting for the electric in my building to go back on. Though I would never begin to say that these comments are all false..some are not completly accurate. There certainly is no comparrison of what it use to be like here and the many improvements that are constantly being made. For one thing I can call management on holidays, early mornings and even late late nights and she answers. Not only dose she answer but listens and attends to the issues almost immediately. Just last week on the fourth of July I called cause a non English neighbor needed help and management sent maintainance down within 20 minutes. When the hell have our pools ever been so clean and our grounds so kept. Fixing this place is NO EASY TASK !! And I can only imagine the time and money owners are investing to made this place safer and more comfortable. Yes there are LOTS of things to fix but they are all being addressed! If you've lived here more than more than a year or two then you'll know this is better than its ever been. My lights are back on and the newly installed, BRAND NEW portable air conditioner is cooling my modest apartment. I watched maintainance work on the air till way past midnight for two nights!! I guess they had to stop at one point..but EVERYONE AFFECTED was given an air unit..so come on Give them a break y'all there trying!
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By: Breitwieser M.
Arizona Property Management & Investments
From day one of hiring them, APMI has consistently improved our rental property and tenant base with their proactive management style. As soon as we switched to them from a previous management company, they worked quickly to improve building upkeep and tenant relations. Maintenance of the building and grounds has done a 180 degree turnaround since they took over. Whenever I visit the property,I notice that building aesthetics and building systems are always at their best. Additionally, APMI continually exceeds my expectations in handling delicate tenant situations. Overall, APMI is a very professional and effective management company to work with. I would certainly recommend them for any future contracts involving property management.
By: jhuffton
Active Property Management
I have been through my fair share of property managers and Active Property Management is the one I have been able to trust; their attentiveness and professionalism are unparalleled. As a landlord, my obvious concern is to keep my rentals occupied with the least amount of hiccups as possible. Active has been able to not only maintain a steady stream of tenants, but also has taken excellent care of the properties from the general maintenance to the accounting side of it all. Sincerely appreciate the relationship that has been built and am eager to forward your services on to friends and associates.
By: Cristina N.
Arizona Property Management & Investments
It is with pleasure and confidence that I recommend Arizona Property Management & Investments, to any homeowner/property investor in the Phoenix area who may be looking for a property management company to supervise their rental needs. Deanne and her staff have been outstanding in providing a detailed application process for prospective tenants. Their website is very user friendly and encourages prospective tenants by providing complete information on the various rentals available.
By: Ryan P.
Active Property Management
I've been living in the same apartment for over 5 years with Active PM. They always respond to requests for repairs that need to be done. I also am very satisfied with the way these requests were dealt with. Any person who has ever come to my home to service something has been kind, polite, and always left everything spotless. They address matters in quick order. I’ve enjoyed living in their property and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
By: sydhayley111
Active Property Management
Active Property Management is the finest company I've worked with. Couldn't ask for a more effortless and stress free experience. They treat my tenants well, are very responsive to my emails and calls, and do a great job with the maintenance and upkeep of my properties. I just have a few units, but they treat me just as well as their clients with hundreds. I've been very happy with them all along and can gladly recommend their services.
By: domingoe710
Arizona Property Management & Investments
I own multiple properties in many cities including Phoenix. I've had experience dealing with a bad leasing and management company, and realizing my mistake I decided to look for a better one. After months of market study I decided on Arizona Property Management and Investments. Since then, I've seen great improvements in every aspect of the service. I am also very pleased with their quick response to my inquiries.
By: cliffbaker03
Arizona Property Management & Investments
I'm happy to share my experience with renting my house with AZEZRENTALS. I couldn't have asked for a more helpful real estate agent to trust to rent my house out for me. This was a speedy process from start to finish and I didn't have to get involved in the process which was a weight of my mind. A very effective and reliable company I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to rent out there home.
By: odavid29
Arizona Property Management & Investments
Arizona Property Management was able to turn my rental property around, and get several people interested in renting it. They are going through the applications now to select the best renter. Before I hired them, I could not get a single person to even look at the house because of the condition it was in. APM was able to come in and transition the home into a ready-to-rent condition.
By: tashaleonard3
Active Property Management
Active PM is one of the best management companies in all of AZ. I currently rent in Good year from Valerie and she has gone above and beyond to fix any issues we may have. They take care of any maintenance problem very quickly and they help us if we may struggle with rent. I recommend Active Property and Valerie to anyone looking to rent a house in Phx area. Thank you, Valerie.

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