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By: Nisse L.
My Mental Health
I gave 1 star because I can't give a 0. I had been going to this place since December of 2016. Everything was in network. I stopped going because my therapist left and I didn't want to continue therapy at all. That was in May 2017. After I left I got a bill for 4 appointments. One in March, one in April and 2 in May. Now I hadn't paid for anything but my copay since Dec. no one had said anything to me about paying until I left. I called. They said call my insurance company. I did found out they billed incorrectly and MMH had to rebill. I called back and never got a call back. Got another bill. Called and no one called back. Got another bill with another charge added. Called to find out why. No response. Finally get a response and it's some lady asking me if I wanted to pay my bill. I told her everything I'd already done. She said she would give it to her manager. I called twice in a row after the rude phone call, nothing. Then I got a letter saying they are putting me in collections because I haven't been contacting them. Called back. Highly doubt I'll ever hear back. I said I was going to the insurance commission of MD now.
By: S S.
My Mental Health
Due to the incompetence and negligence of the staff of MMH, I suffered serious emotional trauma. 2.5 months ago, the following events took place:I was misled into thinking they would accept my insurance, only to be told they didn’t when it was too late to find another doctor. I called many times over two weeks to try to get in touch with my doctor, Dr. Elliott. I was told that she couldn’t prescribe to me until I came to see her. I couldn’t make an immediate appointment but I needed immediate help.I kept calling and told the secretary, Amanda, that I was low on meds and I needed to talk to Dr. E so she could tell me what to do. Amanda just kept repeating that I had to go and see her before she could prescribe. I begged her to tell Dr. Elliott that I was going to be cut off from the psych meds that I have been on for years. Later that week she told me she had spoken to Dr. Elliott, who "told" her she couldn’t do anything until I came to see her. But closest appointment they had was a week away.I ran out of meds and went into full, abrupt withdrawal for TWO WEEKS before I saw my doctor. When I got there, she had NO IDEA what I was talking about when I told her the story. She seemed surprised and worried, but was extremely cold to me and did not take my suffering seriously because it wasn’t life threatening. She ended up telling me that maybe I could “learn from this experience”. Learn what? How debilitated and unhinged I could become when psychiatric help was denied to me when I needed it?I had to spend two weeks off my medication because of their incompetence and disregard for my medical emergency. AND after all of that, I got a bill for $300. No.They have ruined any future I might have with another psychiatrist by putting me through that. I’d rather have nothing at all.Stay far away from MMH. They do NOT care at all about their patients. They put me through more than you know, and they will do the same for you.
By: Truely D.
My Mental Health
Very disorganized front desk and statements that make no sense. PA's canceling hours before your scheduled appointments, reminder system is always down/ hence no appointment reminders and unknowledable staff. Very condescending and lacking in empathy. They do not care about you as a patient, person or how they actually cause more stress/ lack of stability in the lives of patients. All they care about is making money, not the person. I would not recommend this group to anyone. Total waste of time, energy, money and not worth opening up to. Beware.
By: B M.
My Mental Health
I am a former patient. Their office management and staff lack respect and kindness. The term, "My practice manager said..." is an excuse for treating patients poorly and with contempt. I would not recommend this practice, just based on the horrible practice management.
By: Beth H.
My Mental Health
I feel so lucky to have found My Mental Health! My therapist is simply the best, and I've seen several different PAs in the office - all of whom have been incredibly warm, knowledgeable, and dedicated to my care. The ladies at the front desk also always greet me with a smile and make me feel welcomed every time I come in. They also are open until 6pm so that I'm able to go after work. I've recommended My Mental Health to family members and friends who have all had similarly wonderful experiences. My best friend is currently seeing Dr. Chhabra and raves about her and how much TMS has changed her life. Thank you to everyone at My Mental health for being such an amazing and caring group!!
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By: Rachel D.
My Mental Health
I am extremely disappointed with what i just dealt with. They were extremely rude with me on the phone. as someone with mental health issues, I was very put off that these "professionals" treated me the way they did. They spoke to me on the phone like i was stupid, and actually told me they were going to charge me money just for getting my basic info because "Dealing with mental health patients is sometimes difficult and lengthy". I was so completely taken back by that. They also told me that by giving them my credit card number it gave them free range to charge me whatever they wanted. They sent me a 150 dollar bill in the mail and my first appointment with them was a month away! I am not an irrational person, and they kept talking to me as if I was. I have made many appointments with mental health professionals in the past, and I actually make appointments for people as a living! I get the process, and not once had I had this issue before. Awful people who provide awful service.
By: Courtney C.
My Mental Health
They cancelled my appointment last month for my medication because the physicians assistant didn't feel well & wanted to leave early but they had an outdated number & were unable to reach me but cancelled my appointment anyhow. I left my job an hour early to make my appointment only to find out I no longer had one. In fact, the entire office closed early so I'm guessing no one there wanted to work on a Friday after 4:00! They sent out my controlled substance prescription THROUGH THE MAIL! Today I called to cancel my appointment this afternoon since my boyfriend will be arriving by train and I will have to meet him whenever he happens to call. They informed me that I will have to pay a $50 cancellation fee since it was the day of, knowing I have not ONCE cancelled an appointment AND even after what they did to me last month, I asked to speak to a manager which I was then transferred to Amanda who is a royal bitch every time I speak with her. But my lawyer will take care of that bill!
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By: Tessa W.
My Mental Health
My experience of the receptionists has been more or less positive so I'm not sure if the employees have changed since then. I will say that I do not recommend Kathy Holian AT ALL. She doesn't seem to get that treatment plans are supposed to be discussed with patients, rather than just handing off prescription pills without any question. She also doesn't seem to know what "informed consent" is - the medication she prescribed was contraindicated, on top of that. I have since been transferred to another psychiatrist within the business and am having a positive experience with her and have for the several months that I've been seeing her.
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By: Shavaughn C.
My Mental Health
This place is the worst with customer service! I totally agree with the last reviews. I was threaten as well to not call there anymore. I was prescribed one medication then went to pick up another one and it was completely different. When I called to question it (after already leaving 3 messages with their secretary, over a 3 day period of time) they told me they did not give medical advice other the phone and I had to schedule another appt just to find information on it why they gave me a totally different prescription. So I agreed but then the appt was being rescheduled a whole week later... Now remember this is for medication that was obviously needed for my moods. My main concern was because I have epilepsy and I wasn't sure about the interactions with that medication. They are insensitive. My first visit there my fiancé and I saw the receptionist twirling her finger at her head representing that whomever they were on the phone with was crazy. This practice will not help you, and they do not care about you as a person. The manager told me to go to th ER and check myself in, in response to me asking about my medication, repeatedly. I couldn't believe my ears, but it was expected based off what I seen their receptionist do while on the phone previously.
By: Enrica C.
My Mental Health
I was horrified from the service I received from the receptionist and the " manager" ???? . This place deserves less than 1 star ratings. The customer service in awful. These two staff are incompetent and unprofessional. I was also threatened not to call the office, and do not show or they would have called security on me. I had on appointment schedule for my son as a private payee. Wonder if the physicians ( psychiatrists) are aware of what's going on. ECB
Tips & Advices
A child psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in issues that affect the mental and emotional health of children and teens. Child psychiatrists can provide treatment for children and teenagers who suffer from depression, autism, anxiety disorders, attention disorders, drug addictions, eating disorders, mood disorders, and a wide range of behavioral problems.
Psychiatrists typically ask questions that focus  on the issues that are having a negative effect on your life. In an initial visit with a psychiatrist, you may be asked about symptoms you've experienced, and ways in which you've tried to deal with them. You might be asked about current and past medical conditions, as well asa family health history.
A referral is an authorization from your doctor saying that a certain type of treatment is medically necessary, and it's usually required if you want your insurance company to cover the costs associated with a visit to a psychiatrist. If you don't have insurance, a referral is not required to schedule a psychiatrist visit.
Psychiatrists and psychologists sometimes collaborate, and this typically takes place when working with patients who have serious mental health problems. In cases like this, a psychologist will treat the patient from a behavioral perspective. A psychiatrist will complement this treatment with care that handles issues concerning biology, neurology, and the prescription of drugs.
Many psychiatrists specialize in treating certain conditions. Some psychiatrists focus on substance abuse therapy, and this is the treatment of addiction to substances like alcohol, narcotics, and tobacco. Others specialize in biological psychiatry, which is the treatment of brain chemistry disorders like depression and schizophrenia. Psychiatrists might also specialize in treating elderly patients or children and adolescents.

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