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By: dhemsworth1
Sunset Restaurant & Lounge
This is an old school restaurant ran old school. It is very popular with elders and funerals are held here weekly. It's beautifully decorated classy bordello style with Renaissance style paintings and memorabilia of Maryland yesturyears. No Windows but hardly that is hardly noticeable with so much too look at.The tables are just a tad too close together and booths are comfortable for only 2 people. This restaurant is not a good for small kids or large families for a casual dinner.The service can be hit or miss as well as the food.With that said if you ask for a good server,make a reservation that is not during peak hours and know the menu you will be having a wonderful dining experience.Shrimp salad done multiple ways, cream of crab, Maryland crab soup, sour beef, Italian sausage with a side of pasta are the most popular dishes. The homemade pickled beets, cucumber salad and coleslaw are also well as mile high fresh strawberry shortcake made daily.Happy hour prices and bar apetizers are well worth it. Drinks are strong due to free pouring.After combing through about 1000 reviews these are the most noted complaints.Dated relish tray that tastes old.Cold fries.Crab cakes that are pedestrian and over priced.Over fried and over cooked chicken dishes.Appetizers taking longer than main dishes.Obtuse management.All in all a great place for lunch or a special occasion.
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By: Lucy C.
America's Best Wings
Today at 4:26 I called at order wings. When the lady answer the phone I asked how much 60 wings was. She told me $36.+. So I order the wings 50 mild and 10 power ranch, and a side of fries. She told me the amount would be $50.+. When I how she said you got 60 wings the $36+ is for 50 wings not 60. I then said well I asked you for the price of 60 not 50. She then said ma'ma I asked you 50. Then went on to ask her co-worker if she was write or wrong. Why would I want the price of 50 wings when I asked for 60. I love there wings and fish. So this is why it makes me sad that I don't think I will order from there again.
By: Will M.
Ruby Tuesday
My family and I have been going here for years and I've always had good food, service and experience. I would always recommend them to my friends & family, but tonight's dinners were sub standard. Side orders were cool, fish was way under cooked, sent it back & still not done. It may be a while before we grace this establishment again.
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By: Lewis B.
Pappas Restaurant and Sports Bar
I've only done carry out. Service & food from this end has been splendid. Prices are relatively fair even much lower than other steakhouses who give less portion & to be frank, not any more tasty. I highly recommend but again, I'm only speaking of the food. I've never done the sit in & dine.
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By: Dominique W.
America's Best Wings
My comoany is located not even a 1/2 mile away, we order as a group all the time.. They're food is amazing!!! I wish there French Fries could be hot upon pick up... however its a clean place, nice staff and good food! all that counts....
By: yvette.romero.827
Rocco's Pizzeria
Best pizza in the area, even better than some places in NY, where I'm from. lately they're not like they used to be. Roccos is what's up! the place could be a little bigger though. ;-)
By: Tim L.
Ann's Dari Creme
This place is amazing! The food is delicious, and the staff is friendly. It's the perfect place to take the family for lunch or dinner, especially during the summer!
By: Donique R.
Glory Days Grill
The glory wings are fantastic. This is a great family friendly restaurant!! The food and the atmosphere are wonderful
By: Stephanie T.
Maria D's Sub Shop
Cheesesteak subs are great. The food is always hot and the service is good.
By: feastyjon
Capri Pizza & Sub Shop
Pizza, Wings, Subs... We've NEVER been disappointed. Nice folks too!

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