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By: D G.
Unique Home Designs
Bought an Ultimate Metal Patio Screen door at Home Depot in Hawaii. Due to the construction of our existing door frame, I had to reconfigure the door to a "Type C." Meaning I had to remove the top extender and change out the wheels. I had to go online to figure out the right way to do this. The Video showed it to be somewhat easy, HA! Removing the extender was easy, but removing the two bolts that held the extender to the frame was another story. If I did not have a medical hemostat to hold the nut, I would not have been able to remove the bolts and install the wheels. Now, my idea is to make this procedure easier, why not either; shorten the bolts so you do not have to remove them, or, make the holes for the wheels and extender adjustments the same size. This would make the change-out a snap.DanKapolei, Hawaii
By: Jeff S.
Unique Home Designs
I bought a security screen door from Home Depot. Your installation process and the tools you provide need to be upgraded.You recommend using a 3/16 bit for a pilot home the security bolts The bit size you recommend is to small, you need to increase it by at least two sizes. The bolts go into a 3/16 hole are to small and in trying to install the bolts you can strip the tool or the bolt while installing them. You need to update the top of the bolt, make it a special fitting maybe a flower shape but any kind of a special socket, that way the special tool and and the top of the bolt would not scratch or damage and the installation would be far easier and just as secure and maybe more attractive. thank you, Jeff, starrtriman@aol.com
By: Guadalupe R.
Unique Home Designs
I purchased a steel all season door called Waterford and had it stored in the garage for two years before having the time to install it. The door was in excellent condition and installing was easy but the antique nickel slimline hardware was missing. I found the website quickly and called customer service. They were very professional and they sent me the hardware immediately

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