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By: debbie.linnebur
N Control Driving School
I have to say the first driving lesson was the most stressful 2 hours of my life. Because my daughter had absolutely NO confidence in herself (due to an accident 2 weeks after getting her permit), Warren had a very big task ahead of him. After a very quick trip around our neighborhood, we were headed to a main road, we continued a few miles on main roads, then he put her right on the freeway. She was scared to death (as was I). The driving instructor, Warren was amazing. I tell you the man is a Saint. He is calming, reassuring, and even when he is correcting a “problem” it is so positive. I know we were in safe hands and that he would not let anything happen, HE had total control. It would have taken me months to get her that kind of road time and I know she would have given up and refused to drive if it were me asking her to “merge into the right lane and get on the freeway”. I learned so much from Warren that I can use to help my daughter be a good driver. I truly feel that once she can regain her self confidence she can allow herself to relax and follow the instructions Warren gave her. We will be practicing and getting her behind the wheel as often as possible. Warren suggested that we take the 4 hour course in late January or February, so that is our current plan. It took us until July to actually schedule it, but it gave my daughter more road time.The Car Control was taught by, Steve. The fact that the class size is so small gave my daughter the one on one attention she needed (technically 3 on 1, but close enough). When i picked her up, she got in the car very excited about what she had learned and was actually excited about the idea of driving, for the first time. She told me all the details about what she learned and how she thought she did (both good and bad). She gained much more confidence and pushed herself in whole new direction. Our last class will be this Wednesday, the 3 hour class that will hopefully lead to her getting her license. Both scary and exciting!! Once again thanks for a great program and great people

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