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By: Kaily B.
Quality healthcare doesn't happen in 13.5 minutes folks, and this office is sheer proof of that! I cannot even begin to express how incredible it feels to FINALLY have found a doctor's office that truly cares about patient outcome and patient care! My husband found MY DR Now for me after a (very scary) trip to the ER, the staff was so kind to him on the phone and they were able to get me in super fast (there was an option for a same day appointment, but I ended up going in next day). Once we arrived, paperwork in hand & got checked in with one of the nicest receptionists I've ever met  (whose name I wish I could recall) we had a brief but very pleasant wait in the spacious waiting room, where my husband and son sat and played while I was getting checked out. After maybe 10 minutes (tops) I was called back by the wonderful MA, Cody, to get my vitals & this is how I knew this office  was different -while he was taking my vitals, I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend and not so much like a "patient" - it was so comforting! Once in the exam room, I barely had any wait at all to see my provider, and even if there had been a wait, it would've been SO worth it! Nicole Fallacaro PA was absolutely incredible! She took the time to talk to me, hear my concerns and lay out a plan to help me get better. I will absolutely not be looking for another Dr's office anytime soon and I will absolutely be recommending Nicole, Cody and this whole incredible staff to any friends, family & loved ones. Thank you guys!!!
By: Tii S.
Banner Health Clinic
It is very unfortunate that I have to rate this Primary Care Doctor's office with two stars. It wasn't long ago that I would have given them five. The quality of care - most specifically with follow up and referrals - is terrible. Although Dr Cheng is a five-star doctor - one of the kindest, most thorough doctors I've known, as is his assistant, Pedro - the overall office procedures regarding follow-up and referrals are a detriment to their practice. The office is not backing up the doctors by investing in patient care by hiring another person (or two) to help with referrals, and placing an emphasis on patient care and follow-up. I have been waiting on important referrals for over two months now, and they have not yet been submitted, nor have I gotten return calls regarding inquires. This is not the first time I've had problems with follow up or referrals, but it has gotten noticeably worse. Because of these reasons, my husband and I are transferring our care to more attentive doctor and staff.
By: Susan L.
Health First Urgent Care
Average. I've been twice and both times I was seen by a PA not an actual doctor. First time I just needed an x-ray to determine if I had broken rib(s).Second time was for upper respiratory complaints. PA significantly under diagnosed and I ended up back at another urgent care facility 2 days later. This facility is clean and I was seen fairly quickly both times. Just use discretion when seen by a PA.
By: Tina D.
They were awesome. Got an appointment the same day. Was treated immediately. Obtained prescriptions and referral to hand doctor. Would highly recommend.
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By: Amber G.
Went to MY DR NOW, very much satisfied and highly recommended.
Tips & Advices
Balloon sinuplasty, or BSP, is a treatment for people with chronic or recurrent sinusitis. It's a safe, noninvasive and highly effective procedure that is becoming more common among ENTs. To perform BSP, the doctor inserts a small, flexible catheter into the sinus passageway. Next, the catheter is expanded, as like a balloon, to open up the cavity and allow built-up mucus to drain. This also widens the sinus cavity and restructures it to discourage further blockage after the procedure is completed. Then, a saline solution is sprayed into the cavity to wash out any remaining pus or mucus. Finally, the balloon is removed. Most patients find they experience fewer sinus-related symptoms and little to no device-related complications following the procedure.
For basic cases, a decongestant or saline nasal wash can treat sinusitis. A doctor can prescribe these or recommend an over-the-counter remedy. If the sinusitis persists for more than three days, further treatment should be sought. In other cases, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics or steroids. These often are taken over the course of 10 days to two weeks. Warm, moist air, such as that created by a vaporizer or a bowl of hot water, may also treat chronic sinusitis.
Pressure in the ears, also called ear barotrauma, is caused by blockage in the Eustachian tube, which spans from the rear of the nasal cavity to the middle of the ear space. Ear barotrauma is most commonly caused by altitude changes, as in plane rides, scuba diving, or hiking or driving through the mountains.
There are many causes of hoarseness. Common causes include:
  • Acute laryngitis
  • Smoking
  • Excessive use or strain on the vocal chords
Tonsils are two soft, small tissue masses located at the back of the throat. They are a part of the lymphatic system, which helps fight infections, though tonsils don't seem to play a large role in this process. Recurrent tonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils), which can be caused by strep throat or other infections, could mean having them removed.

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