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By: jenniferlhs
HCS Property Management/Home
We were VERY surprised by some of the negative things we read about Roy and Julie. We think we are in a great position to comment on them because we have rented three houses from them over a period of 9 years, so that included three different properties and three different move-outs. Let me first say that their standards are indeed high, but not excessively so. They rent very nice properties, and it is their job to keep them that way. So when there is any sort of concern or problem, they were always extremely responsive and got back to us right away. If one vendor could not fix a problem, they would immediately get someone else who could. As you can imagine, over the course of 9 years, we had our share, and there was never once an issue of not responding and not getting the job done to our total satisfaction. As for the move-outs, as a renter, one needs to carefully note the problems in the house before signing the lease, just as one would before driving a rental car off the lot. And when you get the house, it is very clean, any problems are fixed, and they expect you to leave it that way or some of the deposit will be deducted. This included leaving with clean windows. The expectations in the contractual agreement are certainly not unreasonable, and are in fact industry standard. I would want them as both a tenant and a home owner for these reasons. I like the Tinders both personally and professionally. I recommend their business without hesitation.
By: lovebeagles
HCS Property Management/Home
We had a very positive experience with HCS. Roy and Julie were great to work with and were so nice and friendly. Through them, we were able to rent an amazing house with a view for three and a half years which we couldn't have found on our own. The two times that we needed repairs for things that either broke or weren't working properly, they were very quick to respond. If you follow the rules of their contract, you will have no problems getting back your full deposit. We made sure the house was in the same if not better condition from how we found it. We were able to receive our full deposit back very quickly. We would have liked to continue to rent through them but couldn't because most of their properties are in Gig Harbor and we live in Tacoma.
By: sunnydawn79
HCS Property Management/Home
This company is great! When we flew up from Southern California and were on our last day of house hunting with no luck and feeling quite frustrated and helpless, we saw a home that looked like might be a possibility and called HCS. The owners, Roy and Julie, put their heads together and found us the perfect place, a home that had not yet been listed and it was literally PERFECT for our family! I like how immaculate their properties are and their great and friendly customer service. Extremely helpful to us military families! Move out instructions were clear and Yes, we got our full deposit back...not too hard when you follow the move-out instructions. Would absolutely will being going through HCS again if we end up back in the area!
By: Heather D.
Olympic Square
My family and I enjoy living here. It is so convenient having a grocery store so close, especially when you have kids. The maintenance guy is on top of any issues we have, responding very quickly. There is plenty of storage and closet space. I also love the landscaping and design of the buildings. The music does not bother me as it is not loud and I have never heard music past 10pm. I would just trust your own instincts as to whether you would like to live in a townhome community with convenient shopping and entertainment, but may have more noise than a residential community only. I think Jill (the manager) is great and she really tries to make the Olympic Square community comfortable and a great place to live.
By: shelleysk
HCS Property Management/Home
We are landlords who have been using HCS for over 12 years to advertise for renters and do the initial screening for us. We handle our own ongoing property management but we would not consider renters without going through HCS. Roy and Julie are professional and thorough, providing the lease agreement and other legal documents we need. They are direct, to the point and have a great deal of integrity. In the 12 years we've used them we've never had a bad experience with our tenants. The rent was always paid the the move out procedure has always gone well. We attribute that to the initial set up by HCS. We highly recommend them.
By: karen.lincoln
HCS Property Management/Home
I am a property owner that has been using HCS for Almost 10 years and I can say they have been great guardians of my investment! All tenants have been screened, agreements have been upheld and rents been paid on time. We have had some good tenants and some tough ones and its the tough ones that you need people like Roy and Judy to protect you. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to find a property manager for their house. Professional, Prompt and definitely know their jobs.
By: Avery B.
HCS Property Management/Home
We rented through HCS for 3-years, and cannot say enough good things about our experience. The owners, Roy and Julie, were very responsive to all repairs that needed to be made. It is a balancing act keeping both tenant and landlord happy, and they did a wonderful job doing this. We honored their and the landlord's desire to maintain a clean and well-kept house, and they were very fair in dealing with us. HCS has my highest recommendation!
By: cindywilson
HCS Property Management/Home
We rented our home on the water over the phone from Dallas Texas. Roy was amazing in getting it all done and we flew up the next day with our furniture following. He is always available on the phone which really surprised me. When the septic system went crazy, I called Roy and someone was out there in an hour. We would use Roy again and recommend him to our friends. Just a good guy!Joe Wilson
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By: hulahoopallstar
HCS Property Management/Home
Exceptional service!!! Retained this company's services over the last six years as a property management agent, and I could not be more happy with the high touch service provided to the tenant(s) and myself. Recommending Roy and HCS Property Management without reservation as they kept my large single family home in tip top shape while away with the U.S. Navy. Go with HCS!!!
By: Crystal M.
HCS Property Management/Home
Roy and Julie are on top of things! We rented for over a year with them and they were so professional. White glove service from a rental company! We would definitely recommend using them. If there is ever a problem with your house they send someone out within hours or the next day!

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