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By: happyhanovercpl
Lincoln Diner
We were looking for a hot, fresh dinner that was different than what we had at home. Our waiter was friendly and attentive in getting food allergy questions answered, he made a fresh pot of decaf coffee for us, delicious fresh orange juice, refreshing water and soda, balsamic salad dressing and ranch dressing were delicious, the tossed salad was very basic iceberg salad mix you can buy for $1.00 a Walmart, with one tomato slice and only one of us got a cucumber slice, roast turkey sandwich was fresh and hot with lots of gravy, very small side of fries, the side of peaches did come in syrup and we were told originally that it was a fresh peach, the broiled crab cake was moist and fresh (not Krab), with very light breading, a little too much pepper and parsley. However, we would both order those dishes again. We did not get dessert. We did have to wait for our waiter to come back from the dining room to pay our bill and that took a little longer than we felt it should have. The other waitstaff wasn't as friendly as he was. Comfortable atmosphere. We would visit again and with friends.
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By: capt.morgan
O'rorke's Eatery & Spirits
I've been a visitor to Gettysburg for many a year, and find myself frequenting this place just about every visit. Where else can you get a cool Guinness draft, a Sheperds' pie and socialize with the locals and Civil War buffs from around the globe? Weekends usually find enrertainment, and the outdoor dining area is a good way to get a feel for the Stienwehr passersby. This is a #1 stop for reenactors in town, and just a fun, family friendly eatery. If you are lucky enough to be in Gettysburg during October, check out the Remembrance day parade. This commemorates Lincoln's Gettysburg address and finds O'Roarkes a very popular locale! By all means; try the Sheperd's Pie, O'Roarkes' Club, or the Crab pretzel. You will be glad you did! Captain A.C.Morgan 7th Louisiana Infantry 10th Battalion/A.N.V.
By: Judy W.
Dunlap's Restaurant & Bakery
I live in Adams county and Dunlap's is one of our favorite places to eat. The people are great and go out of their way for you to have a pleasant meal, The soup & salad bar is small but everything looks & tastes GREAT. Food options & "specials" have a variety of options. And desserts.........of course home made and awesome. Prices are reasonable & it's just such a really nice place to visit again & again. My family loves it!
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By: danuelsmith
Ernie's Texas Lunch
When I moved to Gettysburg in 1996, the first place my dad took me was Ernies. It was on the way home from the airport that I had my first of many ERNIES dogs. And it is my hope you will try them as well. They also serve a full menu of items beside dogs, if you have a picky eater in your group.
By: Josh B.
The only complaint i have is the mens bathroom is so gross looks like they never get cleaned only stocked with paper and thats it. Floor looks like it is never mopped and the toilets are very dirty as well as the urinals and the bathroom smells like pee really bad.
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By: Ed K.
Blue & Gray Bar & Grill
Excellent! Giant, well prepared wings, lots of sauce choices. Some atypical sauces, but they work well with the wings. Burgers were outstanding, fresh ingredients and creative choices.
By: local174
Ernie's Texas Lunch
Every town should have one! The dogs are everything and more. The "served all day" sausage breakfast sandwich is wonderful!
By: Austin W.
I love Friendly's overall but this particular site had delicious food and great service!
By: Sara L.
Gettysburg Eddie's
Excellent! Great food and service! Good prices.
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By: mdshell
Dobbin House Tavern
Been here twice loved it both times
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