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By: ladyharp
Celebration Church
Celebration Church is a close knit, interwoven, community of believers seeking to reach folks who don't know Jesus. We are relevant to today's world, not stuck in what worked in the past. However, those of us who have served the Lord a long time (since 1960 for me) still receive solid meat in the Word. I am blessed serving in a church so filled with the Love of Jesus reaching out to others in need. Our church ministers to: People with disabilities. Disaster victims. African remote and urban churches with an orphanage, feeding a thousand hungry children daily. Providing backpacks filled with school supplies in our area schools. Grief support group. Single moms and military wives oil change. Uplifting youth and children's services. Pastoral care for the sick, hurting and troubled. Plus over a thousand small groups developing close relationships and deeper study of the Word. Yes. We have a HD quality video production that is sent out over the web to our campuses and venues across the world. Military personal and those who are living far away are able to be included in our love, fellowship and support. I am proud to a part of the fabric of Celebration Church. We welcome everyone into our fellowship with Jesus. Join us!
By: anitashawhippe
Celebration Church
My family and I searched high and low for a home church. We were on the brink of just forgetting about organized religion. Celebration is not religion, its creating a relationship with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. All of which you must believe in to truly be saved. We have been embraced into the church and have grown in so many ways. Some of our closest friends are now friend we've met thru our participation in small groups at Celebration. My near atheist son recently was baptized so Celebration has made a huge difference in my life. One of the most important aspects of the Church is their ability and drive to help others, the communities, those in need. Celebration is a large church that has the funds and abilities to reach far and help many. I've never been so involved in community volunteer work and the church doesn't condemn or discriminate, if a person or city is in need, they dispatch people to help, trucks to aide and money that is much needed. If you are in the Austin area looking for a church home, give Pastor Joe and team the opportunity to help you and your family. I've lived in Austin all my life and only now I've found a true church home.
By: Rebecca C.
Church On The Rock
I must respond to bertwhiz. Just a wee bit amused! The security with the earpiece was most likely asking an usher to find out whose number was coming up on the monitor because no one was going to the baby room. Most likely, someone was engrossed in the service and didn't notice their number. The earpiece is so they don't disrupt services! We also have a gentleman who sweeps the parking lot because we are located next to a bar. It is the ushers' job to know who is new so they can be sure and greet them and answer any questions they may have. I am sure he was legitimately greeting you, not being a big brother, though it may have appeared that way! I have been a member for two years and love this place. These people have become my family and I love our pastor with all my heart. I feel blessed, enlightened and I learn more about God every day. I hope you come back, and this time maybe ask the ushers why they do such-and-such. This way you won't feel bothered by the ushers. It is just a convenient way for them to communicate without disrupting the service to ask where a free seat is and things like that! : ) We hope to see you again!
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By: nottakingit2010
Celebration Church
I stopped going because it's not the church it used to be. Now it's more of a concert during the almost 30 minutes of music at the beginning of each service. I also wanted to hear sermons that addressed current events and not so much of a motivational message. I get it, let's not offend anyone anymore but that's not what Jesus did. If it's a sin then call it one and speak of the consequences. If our religious liberties are being attacked then address it and get people motivated that way. Christianity has to be practiced outside of the church and not just within for it to thrive. No one should be passing judgment but church is a place for sinners, which we all are, so we need to hear what we're doing wrong and how to repent for our sins. I know a lot of people are satisfied with the current program and that's great but it's not for me, at least not until they get back to the basics of what this church stood for in the beginning. The place we started from is often better than where we are now and I believe it's the church's place to counter the secular-progressive culture we live in today.
By: dktexas1
Sylva, Laura A
Laura has been incredibly helpful for me and my family. I first saw her for help with depression and anxiety when my children were in their early teens. She was so kind and professional and helped me with my issues and my parenting skills! Anytime I have found myself floundering she has helped me get back on track. I have been seeing her as needed for at least 12 years now. Laura has been there whenever I have had problems, from petty misunderstandings with family to serious life-changing events. She is always compassionate but truthful when I have to face my fears and human failings. I would recommend Laura Sylva without reservation to anyone who wants to have help living a better life.
By: Andy B.
Sylva, Laura A
Awesome!!I've been seeing Laura off and on for several years. I have had other Counselors/Therapists/Psychologists, and I'd have to say that I've gotten the best results from Laura which is why I don't have to see her all the time. She is able to first zero in on the real problem and then helps me handle it and gives me tools tools to handle it in the future. I find her to be empathetic, intelligent, insightful and well-spoken. I highly recommend her. If you have a problem, I suggest you see her.
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By: Katherine S.
Monument Cafe Group
A little pricey, but well worth it. Truly good food. Clean, Good service. Never had a meal here I didn't like.
By: Wally W.
Monument Cafe Group
Food is good, but not good for Texas prices. New York maybe!

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