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By: sendthis
Cabins of the Smoky Mountains
My family had a miserable stay in Gatlinburg last week. We had no water (for one day), no internet, no phone, no cable. They gave us compensation for one night and the internet (it wasn't setup). They won't give us refund for two days we didn't use (we left early). The manager said "they did everything that they could." I do think I am justified in requesting compensation for a cabin withoutadvertised amenities. I also feel it's reasonable to ask forcompensation for the night without water (this was not a city issuebut a property management issue - we were told that no one predictedhigh water usage over the night). i also feel it's reasonable for usto leave and expect a refund for nights we did not stay.My family and I checked in and found there was no cable. In fact, the wires were everywhere and I had to reconnect them. No internet, no phone. We reported it and did not receive a reply until the next day. At which time, we were told it was fixed. We called back when it was not AND was told that the cabin NEVER had cable. To their credit, after much fussing, they offered compensation and to move us to a cabin across town with lesser views but we would not be able to move. For those with kids and vacation plans, imagine the headache of uprooting 3 kids in the middle of day (cabin is not available until after 12pm) and moving them across town. Basically ruins a full day. We reported other concerns but they were never fixed (or logged). To add insult to injury, that night, the water goes out. We called front desk, emergency/night line, etc. No response. We go to the clubhouse at 9:00am (supposed to open) and no one was there until 0920 (person dropping off paperwork but knew why water was out (well went dry). At 1300, after speaking to another manager (Matt), we were told they would reimburse us for that night. Water was still out when we checked out (two nights early). We handed employee a list of "To-do's" and grievances but manager never received it. Manager said she never got it. We were told manager would call us back.Four days later, I call. Ashley said there were no tickets for items I reported. She never received my list. She also said I would not receive a refund for nights that we did not stay. So, to be fair, they did try to rectify "some" of the issues. I think it's totally reasonable to leave at this point with so many things going wrong and three small children. The employees also agreed that they would have too. I do not think it's unreasonable to request a refund for a cabin lacking internet, cable, phone, AND WATER. The water is well water and NOT municipal water.The manager claims this rarely happens. I think a true measure of a company and their customer service is how they happen situations that rarely happen. On a side note: They never explained why the water was out other than "maybe someone left the faucet on too long". I can tell you, that with that many cabins, they should have had much better reserve capacity than that (to regulations, a faucet would drain at full pressure about 4000 gallons of water in 24 hours). It surprises me there were no level alarms, float valves, or someone checking gauges. Again, I don't think it's too much to ask for a refund for two nights we didn't stay there for a unit that should have NEVER been rented.
By: deborah073079
River Edge Motor Lodge
First of all they have the best!!! Beds, they are so confortable, I have had 8 back surgeries, and I am disables because of my back and the beds we had in our room. Number 109, was the most comfortable bed I have ever been on even asked what kind of beds they were, so I could buy one myself..lol, Second they will match any hotel.com price or any other price you find on the internet they will match, plus when I checked in I was able to get 40 off my orriginal price, Laurie gave me a discount when I checked in she is the best..The breakfast is average, but the pool and the rooms are just as fabulous than a 300 dol a night hotel in any 4 star hotel that you could find in Gatlinburg on the strip..The balcony you have is wonderful just to sit on at night when your trying to relax... I'm telling you the service when you check in, they treat you like your family and the pool they keep open all night, but you swim at your own risk, but no other hotel does that...I've stayed in alot of hotels their on the strip over the years and this one was the best..I don't know what else to say, but the rooms are phenominal..fire place big rooms and it gives you a true sortof cabin feel..i got my room for $52 a night. The staff, rooms, all the amenites and low price..you can't go wrong..you will love it..
By: chrisandlarryday
Price Streamside Cottages
We started going to Rhapsody Cottage (Cabin #9) at Prices Streamside Cottages in 1989. We go back to what we now consider "our cottage"" almost every year--we travel 1,200 miles one way to get there. The BEST part of our 25-year experience in Rhapsody Cottage is CONTINUITY. From our first visit to our most recent (May 2013) the Price family has maintained all the charm, quaintness, comfort and beauty of this sanctuary, while upgrading its basic amenities as needed. No glitz, no flimflam, no "here to day gone tomorrow," elements. Just solid peace, comfort and tranquility in a (literally) streamside setting that's unparalleled in our experience.
By: Marvei L.
Super 8 Downtown Gatlinburg Convention Center
I didnt have much money to spend but didnt want to stay at a "cheap" hotel. This one was recommended to me by a friend and i must say the service here was awesome ! I stayed in a very clean room that even smelled clean. I would recommend anyone to visit them if your looking for respectable service in a clean enviorment for a really good price. Well maintained Hotel and grounds and very courteous staff. Thanks for making my vacation Memorable !
By: Steh P.
Super 8 Downtown Gatlinburg Convention Center
This is first super 8 which has great service,location,clean room,full breakfast ,and great view.upon arriving we're welcome by front desk clerk ,since its tourist town and we were new here he helps us with all the things we can do. When we get in room it was cool since they leave AC on .bed was comfortable and room smell clean and fresh thats all we need and the price was best they only charge $69 .
By: Kate K.
Super 8 Downtown Gatlinburg Convention Center
This hotel has been extensively renovated and the work continues. Even the gardens look great. The staff were very obliging, the room was comfortable - new mattress and tub and on the ground floor we enjoying having lunch on the patio out front. The fridge and microwave made it easy to eat economically and we were only a short walk to the Convention Centre. THANKS
By: Partha C.
Super 8 Downtown Gatlinburg Convention Center
On a recent trip to Gatlinburg we had booked 3 nights with the hotel, however my wife took sick and they refunded us the fee for the third night, which usually requires 48hrs notice. The rooms are comfortable and the hotel is very close to downtown. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who is headed for Gatlinburg.
By: Pau L.
Super 8 Downtown Gatlinburg Convention Center
We enjoyed our stay in Gatlingburg. Your hotel was centrally located and we could walk to everything. The breakfast was top notch. Hot waffles, cereal, yogurt, donuts, juice, coffee you had all we could want. Our room was clean and the front desk help was very nice and promoted the area well. (Maps, brochures, etc.)
By: angela.black.77128
Robert E Lee Motel
My sons and I stayed with the Robert E Lee motel on our recent trip to Gatlinburg. When we arrived there was freshly baked cookies waiting for us in our very clean and comfortable room. Anything we needed they were happy to help with. I would recommend these people to anyone.
By: Nelda D.
Super 8 Downtown Gatlinburg Convention Center
We had a good stay here this past weekend. After reading some the reviews i was a bit hesitant but decidd to give them a try. Nice, clean room. Good price. Close to downtown and to a great breakfast resturant. Staff was very friendly. Really pleased with our stay.

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