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By: Cynthua W.
Avalon Salon
also use to go there for years until management changed. Same owner,"Lynn" but different manager. Dee Dee used to be a good manager. I love getting my pink and white by Lance but time management is awful. Forget about making an appointment. They can scratch your name off at any time and put someone else in your appointments that was made two weeks or a week prior. I had a standing appt. For the last couple of months they have kept me waiting 45 to an hour, or they did not have me on the schedule(but I have a standing appt.), and they could care less. I complained more than once. I even called the owner. I kept getting hung up on. I thought well she is getting bad reception. Finally, she decided that I was not going to stop calling (especially after being told to call her). Being persistent did not change a thing. She told me there was nothing she could do. That the nail tech is not gonna change so what do I want her to do. Heck, what I want you to do is respect my time and my money! Respect that I don't want to be in the salon for three to fours hours just for nails. I'm off on that day and I would love to spend it elsewhere. Just get my service and leave. If a owner can not control her employees what else is going on there. If you could care less about your time than go there. If you, "the consumer" could care less about being treated as a number and not a guest or customer; then go there. If you are willing to pay good money you should expect good service. I am very disappointed in the manner which I have been treated and for that they will receive poor ratings. I'm not a difficult client at all. What is so hard by saying plug me in @ 12 on such and such date. Get there and I'm not on the books and plain as day I have been scratched through. I do have comfort in knowing that they will reap what they have sown. You can't treat good people as such and expect not to reap......!
By: Meredith S.
Polka Nails & Spa
I went here to get the pink and white acrylic nails and my nail tech was Mya. She did a great job and she was very friendly and explained to me what would be better for me and worth my money. She suggested the pink and white because every 3 weeks I would need to have them filled instead of every 2 weeks with regular acrylic nails. I usually get the white tip and once they grow out I have to get a new set put on. She said with the pink and white she could fill the white in all the time and I wouldn't need to get a new set like with the white tips. She was friendly. The salon was clean. MMA was not used. I know the MMA smell and I did not smell MMA. She charged $50 and I gave her a $10 tip because she did an amazing job on my nails. She gave me her card so when I call for an appt. to ask for her and she would do my nails for me again. This is a great nail salon and I was very happy with my results.
By: J E.
Celina Spa & Salon
I had a manicure done and the girl did a very nice job. However, the atmosphere was very cold and uncomfortable. I was freezing and everything from the water they dipped my hands in to the dryers at the end were all very cold, which made things worse. All of the staff were wearing their jackets so I assume their heat wasn't working properly? They should have closed until they could get the temps adjusted. Getting the actual manicure is only part of the experience. Feeling pampered and comfortable should be the rest of the experience.
By: Fran S.
Nancy Nail Spa
Disappointed in level of service lately. Too few employees to help the number of customers. Sometimes they are rushed and do not take the care that they used to take. I used to get so many compliments on my nails, but no more. I tip well to encourage an elevated level of service, but that has not made a difference. Nancy is so good at doing nails when she is in town to support the Gastonia salon. She has spoiled me. I miss her. If there are not improvements, I may have to look for another nail salon.
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By: Sydney D.
T K Nail
I have been going here for about a year now. I've had everything from a full set of acrylics, pedicures, and gel nail polish. Every single time I am very pleased with the result. The past few months I've been getting the gel polish and it looks amazing every single time. They do an excellent job here and the prices are worth it. All the other nail places I've tried don't do near as good of a job as TK. I will never go anywhere else. I definitely recommend this place to everyone! Wonderful work.
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By: Holli W.
Danny's Cut & Styles
Danny has done my hair since I was born. My mother even named me after him Danielle is my middle name. I haven't went to Danny's in a while but he is an awesome person and stylist.He always gives you what you want and if you don't know he does. Also his prices are very reasonable
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By: Danielle B.
Avalon Salon
Just loved how they focus on you and not the people around them. They talk to you making you feel comfortable. They make sure the nails are perfect. And I love how thick they make them.
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By: Nini G.
Nancy Nail Spa
I go every 2 weeks... Love my nails everytime... Never a bad experience. I always bring a picture of what I want and walk out with it. They are no nonsense type of place so I love it.
By: tmhcannon
All About Hair/Falls Karen
I love Karen. I have very kinky hair, as do my kids, and Karen is a whiz at cutting it just right. She is so patient with my kids (1 and 2 years). They absolutely love her too. :)
By: Ann I.
Rynnse Hair Design
I have been to a number of salons in Gastonia and this one is by far the best. I was impressed with the continuing education they do..

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