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By: La F.
Hudson Woods Apartments
My best advice to anyone looking for an apartment would be to keep looking. This place is a joke! Maintenance NEVER completely fixes anything, they just put a bandaid on it. Don't get use to anyone in the office they cannot keep employees. Every month you go in to pay your RENT you see new faces that have NO clue what is going on. If you end up calling southwood realty they could care less about your complaints! Parking is a Nightmare! They have more residents than parking spots.There on site playground is disgusting!! We have found everything from dirty needles to bloody towels to animal feces on the equipment. Worst apartment experience I have ever been through. I would recommend them to ANYONE!!!
By: Low J.
Hartford Pointe
They rather spend more money policing the community then fixing anything... They recently installed brighter lights in each parking lot.. #itslit... Literally if all you have is your blinds up.. You room will be lit up.. Its more lights in our parking lots then davis park rd... Due to the heavy amount of blacks and browns that live over here... We not dumb.... Yet they cant fix your toilet... Leaks..cabinets The Roach infestation ... Nothing... Mgnt sucks.. They will have your car towed n companies car towed in a heartbeat.. Cause they of course get a cut.. I've lived here 3 yrs.... The rent real high and that's all they way is your money... They can careless about how trifling they are twrds residents. ... Dont come here... They care more bout treating us like animals n crimimals... Sad.. Im rdy 2 go... Take heed
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By: Catherine H.
Bella Vista Townhome Apartments
I've been here since 2012. In those 4 years we have had 5 different property management companies and a name change. The community is ghetto. If you have children they won't be safe. If you are single you won't be safe either. They will rent to anyone. I've been blessed with the worst neighbors in existence and they won't do anything about them. If there is an emergency and you need the police. Forget it. They supposedly have a courtesy officer. I think they say they do. Also the apartment they show you is a model unit. Make them show you where you actually will live and not the staged unit before you sign your lease. I'm trying to think of what more I can say about this place except don't move here. I and other tenured residents are leaving. It's not because they've done a swell job.
By: Jennifer D.
Bella Vista Townhome Apartments
I would not recommend this complex to anyone. They do not answer your request to have things checked in your apartment, I have loud neighbors who take up several parking spaces, who also have outdoor dogs tied up to the patio, so I can't even go out my back door, I complained three weeks ago and still have no answers. The idly thing management wants is your rent money on time and nothing else matters. Definitely not the place to live!!!
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By: Cindy W.
Bella Vista Townhome Apartments
BEWARE DON'T MOVE HERE . There are big as roaches everywhere . .they never fix anything until weeks later . .they raise your rent and upgrade Nothing . .my air didn't work for 2 weeks before they came and fixed it and there where a snake in my apartment and they never Called animal control. The staff doesn't care and ignores calls if u begin to complain...I am currently in the process of suing for my deposit..even after staying in my lease thru all these conditions . .they should be shut down
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By: Jerry L.
Highland Memorial Apts
There is a lot to like about this place.
By: Charles J.
Fern Forest Apartments
I would Highly recommend for anyone looking for a place to live NOT to look at this Property. They have gone through 4 Property Managers in less then a month. Elizabeth, Lindsey, Kathy, and now Kelly. The Property Owner by the Name of Ali is a unprofessional arrogant individual. Work order forms that you put in regarding problems in your APARTMENT will not be fixed in a timely mater. Swimming pool never opens unil Late July. PLEASE don't let this be a place for you to call home. If they had a rating with -stars that would be my rating.
By: M G.
Bella Vista Townhome Apartments
Decent units, friendly staff, but there are big problems with the community. This place has a lot of potential to be nice. Unfortunately, there are a large number of residents with subwoofers in their cars. It doesn't seem to matter if it's 3 AM on a weeknight or 7 AM on a Saturday- these people will blast their car stereos with no concern for anyone. To make it worse, the management doesn't seem to care.
By: Previous T.
Mills Creek Apartments
RUDE staff, old broken appliances, maintenance slow to respond to repairs .. DON'T RENT from them or any of Southwood Realty's apts!! OVERPRICED AND RUN DOWN!!
By: Dr D.
Bella Vista Townhome Apartments
This place is a total dump. All of the photo's found on the website are of only one that looks as good. When we visited BV we were shown an apartment. This apartment was okay. The one we got was such a disaster. The refrigerator had rust on the sides and door, along with dents, I believe it had to be at least 35 years old. The Dishwasher was not attached to the counter because the kitchen cabinets were coming apart, and they disguised it with caulking, large cracks and uneven counter top. The dishwasher was at least 40 years old. had never been cleaned, was filthy,a rusty falling apart piece of junk, The range when used put off a burning wire smell. The furnace fan is worn out. Very loud with a metal on metal rubbing together sound.The sliding glass door leading to the "patio" was so hard to open and close because of the track is covered in years of filth and part of the handle missing. the only thing that would be a plus is the bedroom sizes. If you want to b e proud of the place you live, don't move here!!!Maintenance does not exsist. We broke our lease and will go to court if need be. I have taken enough photo's of this dump, and I'm not worried. we lived here 3 months and it has been a living hell. The upstairs children are running and stomping and jumping up to 3 am or longer. We complained to the so called manager, that did nothing. We had to call the police several times for the loud noise.The management has changed for the second time in 3 months. If you have a lower level of living or not used to nice places then this place want disappoint. We have been miserable from day one. The biggest mistake we have ever made was to move here.Stay away, stay far away, or you'll hate yourself. Oh, the washer and dryer connections are located outside. off the patio that when we have wet weather the run off covers the patio with mud and water. You cant do laundry during wet weather, The laundry room is for stack-able Washer and dryers, unless you are able to lift the dryer over the washer and let it fall into place...All of the above was cleverly covered up so it was easy to miss..

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