By: Betty R.
Lon Smith Roofing
I selected Lon Smith Roofing selected to install a new roof on one of my rental properties and two outbuildings what a great experience. I am very impressed with the professional way the work went from start to finish. Trent came out to give me an estimate for the work and he went over all the details on how the job is done and what all they include in the work. Then I received a telephone call to let me know when the work would begin and what I needed to do to prepare for the material delivery. Oh, my gosh! They started on time and finished in five hours. One of the outbuildings is in poor condition; however, they treated the building as if new; they even replaced a piece of sheetrock in one area at no extra cost. Knowing the condition of the building, I was surprised they cared so much. Once the work was completed, they had a 20-point checklist that the crew supervisor presented to itemize the work done. Every part of the job and every employee on the job and in the office were professional, respectful of my time and they made sure all was, as I wanted before they wanted payment. I have not experienced this kind of service in a very long time. Lon Smith has my utmost respect and future business.
By: Dan S.
Lon Smith Roofing
It’s my pleasure to recommend Lon Smith Roofing. These folks have installed 2 roofs on my house…once just before I purchased the house in 2003. Second time in 2017…due to an insurance claim for hail damage. LSR was invited to bid based on their prior work on my house…for 14 years, my roof was not a concern…always looked good and performed as expected…kept us dry. As an added extra, as we worked thru the insurance claim, Trent of LSR sat down with us and patiently explained how much our insurance claim would reimburse for needed repairs. This was key for us, as repeated attempts to have the insurance folks give us “plain English” answers were fruitless.On the day of install, our LSR Supervisor, Josh worked with us to ensure first class quality. And Josh’s follow-up was superior…always available to quickly and efficiently take care of any issues on our punch list…Josh followed up immediately!If you need roof repairs, LSR should be on your list of contractors to consider. Invite LSR to bid on your job and watch for yourself how LSR will take care of everything.
By: Emily K.
Lon Smith Roofing
We had a great experience with Lon Smith Roofing when they replaced our roof after a hail storm and we would highly recommend them. They were the only company to give us a detailed estimate up front and they didn’t ask for the insurance estimate first, or say they had to be there when the insurance adjuster went through, which all of the other companies did. They gave us an honest quote based on the work needed and I never felt like they were trying to take advantage of the situation or max out the insurance money. In fact, they gave us such a great price, they came in under the insurance estimate and even upgraded our shingles for free, which will be money back in our pocket through lower insurance premiums. They were also very professional and fast. They replaced our entire roof in a day, while we’ve seen others in the neighborhood take several days. Hopefully we won’t need another roof for a long time, but we would definitely use them again!
By: Anthony T.
Lon Smith Roofing
First class - Lon Smith Roofing crew completed our hail damaged roof replacement in June 2007. This was our 2nd Lon Smith roof in over 25 years. From Sales to Office to Install, the Lon Smith personnel and crew were punctual, professional and very customer conscious. The Sales Rep. worked with us to assure we had our roof of choice, quality and price, and he met with our insurance adjuster for joint inspection, to assure proper specifications and options. The Office staff made scheduling a "No Problem". The Installation's crew was efficient, prompt, productive and professional. The Quality Control Inspector made multiple trips over the 2 days install, to assure everything went smoothly, and customer's questions were answered. His several oversight walk inspections gave us confidence of the quality of work being completed. This is a great asset to the customer, and it confirmed the quality of workmanship and material we expected.
By: Sherry R.
Wolfpack Roofing
We were in the process of selling our house and after the inspection the buyer asked for a new roof. A friend of ours suggested Wolfpack and they were able to meet with us and look at our roof right away. They made arrangements with our insurance company to inspect the roof together and assisted us in getting all of the paperwork together. The roof was installed completely over just a couple of days and was done in plenty of time before the appraisal had to be done. They arrived on time and were very considerate of our neighbor's property while they were working. Customer service kept me up to date with the schedule and did a detailed follow up after the work was completed. They even helped me pick out just the right color to go with our brick and it looked amazing! From our initial meeting, I felt very confident using Wolfpack. The whole process was super easy and our house closed on the scheduled date.
By: Shelley S.
Nelson's Painting & Gutters
Nelson is an absolute delight to work with! He is professional, prompt, and has an eye for detail. Ours was a 3 week job that included gutter replacement, all exterior wood painted, along with major wood replacement. Nelson's team is polite, hard-working (sometimes putting in close to 12 hr days), respectful of your property, and seem to enjoy their work even in 100* heat! Our job was multi-faceted and was done on time and at a reasonable price! As an added plus, Nelson was exceptionally patient with me as I went through 12 samples trying to pick my door color AND he offered the suggestion to paint our existing light fixtures to update them at a much lower cost than buying new! We couldn't have been more pleased and will definitely call him for our next project...indoors or out. Nelson's Painting & Gutters is THE BEST!
By: Jim F.
Lon Smith Roofing
Overall we had a good experience with Lon Smith Roofing. We were impressed with the timeliness and patience of the salesman, the fact that the price quoted was exactly what we paid, and that the job was done in two days as planned. The crew was also very timely, polite, and did not play loud music in our quiet neighborhood. Though I am no expert, I did get up on the roof and the quality of work seems good overall. On the downside, there are now nails protruding about half an inch through our attic ceiling, which the salesman told us would not happen. There was also minor damage done to the lower edge of our wooden siding when they pulled up the old shingles, which they offered to repaint but the result was less than satisfactory. For these reasons I can only give them four stars.
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By: Luz S.
Lon Smith Roofing
We required roof work and contacted three different providers in the area. The first one to respond was Lon Smith Roofing. They came promptly, and on time. Our salesman, Trent Hyde, was extremely professional and courteous. He explained everything to us and the estimate was fair and reasonable. Needless to say, we chose this company...the other two? Never called to set an appointment. Lon Smith Roofing did an excellent job, and I am glad we chose them.
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By: Richard C.
Lon Smith Roofing
Lon Smith roofers replaced my roof and those of some of my neighbors from hale damage.From the initial estimate, through installation, and final inspection they did what they promised.They were extremely prompt in starting and completed ahead of schedule. At all times they were easy to work with and caused minimum disturbance.All the hale damage was from Apr 2016 we wanted to wait to get past this spring's storms, and they were very accommodating.
By: Christie K.
Lon Smith Roofing
I have used Lon Smith roofing on several occasions over the past 15 years. The have replaced an entire roof for me, they have repaired broken sky lights and replaced shingles from squirrel damage. Every time I have been impressed with their professionalism and their quality work. If I ever have any roof work needed, I always call Lon Smith and I am never disappointed. This is trustworthy company in an industry where so many are not.
Tips & Advices
The most common types of roofing material are:
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Slate shingles
  • Concrete roofing
Metal roofing material and algae-resistant asphalt shingles are the appropriate roofing material for rainy climates.
Houses located in  areas which are prone to wildfires, should avoid the use of flammable roofing materials such as wood shingles.
Not only should you ask to get in contact with past clients, it is also recommended that  homeowners visit projects currently underway to see how the contractor or company actually performs during a job. You can also go online and check out other customer reviews.
Reputable roofers do offer a warranty against poor workmanship. Additionally, the material used often carries a warranty from the manufacturer against defects (assuming proper installation). It is the homeowner’s responsibility to check on the availability of all such warranties before any work is performed.

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