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By: Karla T.
The Best neighborhood gas/convenient store,always clean and the staff are friendly and helpful And I would recommend everyone to visit this store.And the Staff do very well under pressure ����
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By: Jennifer W.
Oak Creek Apts
Terrible place to live, roach and mouse infested. Maintenance doesn't fix anything. No parking. Dirty and full of loose dogs. Don't move here I am warning you. Office staff is rude and laundry facilities are small and don't wash well. Lived here one year and am soooooo ready to GET OUT!!!
By: Andy L.
Retreat At Spring Park
Be aware!!!Well, lets start with a Pro - Build-in garage - one car garage.Cons:5) THIS IS THE WORST - when you move out - they will find all kind of fee (including normal wear and tear) to charge on your final bill. They will try to pass all the fee they can to you in order to make the unit "livable" again. When you call them to discuss the fee they will tell you, "this is the fee we think you must pay, if you don't agree, please send notice in writing to Mortgard".6) last by not least - Pasti - the assistant manager is very RUDE - she would be talking to you as if you are a criminal - while talking she would be smoking here cigarette - she even smoke while driving the golf-cart around the communityPlease seriously consider these issues before moving in.
By: Oscar E.
Centerville Crossing Apartments
I do not recommend these awful apartments to anyone roach infested no ac sewer water always overflowing illegal towing even if your in visitor parking manager is asian very rude and will disrespectful.She will never have anything fixed she always says they need to order part.Her brother is the manager over their agency so they will never fire her.she will discriminate she is very racist.This place has mold and will give you health issues.They have spray painted the visitor parking so they can have your vehicle towed and get their cut of the money see pics attached.They will charge you all sorts of stuff when you move for new carpet new stove new fridge even though they didnt work to begin with.There is always sewer water overflowing because they dont want to hire a real plumber.So please dont make the mistake me and my family made and dont put their lives at risk. I have always lived in apartments and this is beyond the worst i have ever seen.
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By: Angela M.
AMC Theaters
I have never felt as humiliated as I did last night. I will never be going to this theater again. We had a bunch of rude teenage boys who were way taller than me sit behind me cursing the entire time, kicking my chair on purpose after asking them to stop. I called management and they just came in and stood there a few minutes watching these disrespectful kids. They were obviously quiet when they knew someone from management was watching them but the second they left they kept at it again. This time worse making racist remarks at me calling me a fat b****. Management should have walked these stupid teenagers out the door. I am highly disappointed how management did nothing. I will never go back to this theater and will make sure to post a bad review on every site I can about this location
By: L J.
Wyngate Townhomes
Horrible ServiceBEWARE! The service was great UNTIL there was a conflict. The office manager (Ms. Duffey) is extremely mischievous. She will give you the run around when you ask to speak with her manager. She steadfastly refuses to provide the corporate office number and/or provide her reporting supervisors information. DO NOT give this company/lady your deposit money to hold the unit while you go through the application process. They will not return your monies.You are better off waiting until you hear if you are approved or denied.
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By: Mae-mae W.
All The Time Up & Runing
Very helpful.I really love the yellow pages. It was a really great experience. It helps me find places quick fast and easy.
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By: Regina E.
Fox Bend Apartments
A great place to live. The people who have bad things to say about these apts or its management,are bad ppl. I've lived there over 15yrs and never had a problem. I think they should be a little stricter on their tenants,charge them garbage fee, since they throw it on the ground anyway. Now having a place to park after long work day makes you wanna scream. They lie about how many automobiles they have or let their guest park where you live.other than that, I like living there. They just have a few bugs to work out. RENT TODAY
By: Tracy R.
Bay Island Apartments
If you are thinking about moving here DONT! I have been here 6 months and they don't fix anything they tell you can pay for reserved parking then after the pay say no we aren't doing that anymore. Every month or so there's a no manger no is ever in the office save yourself the trouble and look at other places. I give this place -5 stars!
By: Christina M.
Hubbard's Ridge Apartments
Hello! I have been managing this community for about a year now and I absolutely love it! We have made a lot of improvements on the property and only have more to make! Our owners are awesome and willing to go the extra mile to continue to make this an inviting place to live! Our residents are the best! Our maintenance team all lives here onsite and really cares about the community and each other! Anchor yourself to something special!
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