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By: britani.brown
Texas State Motors
I admit when I first started dealing with Texas State Motors to say i was less than pleased didn't even begin to describe it!!! I needed a car and wanted to walk away with it ASAP and for someone feeling like every turn they make they cant catch a break I felt like they weren't trying to help me AT ALL! I finally found a car that I fell in love with on their lot they had a few things to repair before I could actually test drive it so Monday after I got off work!!!! I had to have the windshield wiper motor fixed and the A/C fixed which wasn't major so no big deal!!!! Well last week my car started acting up had my guys at work look at it(i work for a jeep dealership/shop) and they said the engine needed replacing! Took it to Ricci her guys looked at it and sure enough it needed to be replaced!!! Well here I am stressing over how I'm gonna pay for this and still be able to save money to go to school in the Spring!!! I get a call from Ricci saying that Texas State Motors is going to pay for the ENTIRE thing since I have only put 2,500 miles on it!!!! I felt like a HUGE weight had been lifted off my shoulders!!!! I went from NEVER referring anyone to Texas State Motors to telling the WORLD that Texas State Motors is THE PLACE TO BE!!!!! Whether it be your first car or family car they are the people you want to deal with!!!! Thank you so much Ricci for everything you have done!!!!!!
By: cowboysfangirl
The Car Network
I bought a minivan from the car network saturday, I am 100% satisfied the ONLY reason I need to write a review is because they did something for me that i would NEVER expect a dealer to do. The van was a cash deal, and I passed on the warranty (the owner told me they check the cars for mechanical issues so I decided we did not need it). We took the van home and parked till monday morning - today it wouldnt start, I called the dealer and the Matt (owner) answered. I told him the van would not start and he put me on the phone with his mechanic who diagnosed a dead battery. Ok THEN Matt told me he would take care of the battery and apologized or my inconvenience (they actually sent a company to my house with a battery (A1 battery service btw). The battery guy shows up and .......... I had left my lights on ..... thats why battery was dead. Anyways, wanted to share this experience because they went out of the way to help me AFTER I goofed with the lights. Great place thanks for the help
By: Tara P.
ASAP Auto Sales
I'm so glad we found these guys! We were in a bind finding a second car for our growing family and our credit was shot after a lay off. We knew we would have to find a buy her pay here car lot to actually achieve getting in a decent car with the little money we had to put down. We looked for 3 days going up and down garland road and getting disappointed others want $16k and $3k down for vehicles that didn't even start! We took a chance on going to ASAP even though it doesn't have the most appealing office. We got into a very nice SUV for $1600 down and only $180 biweekly for only 24 months! Now most of their vehicles vary on down payment but most I have seen is $1600 for a SUV and 500 to 1000$ for cars. We are on our 2nd SUV from ASAP and they are great guys! No BSing us around. We are in the position to go finance a car now but we decided since they have been so great to us they will have our business for life!
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By: dawsonofgarland
McClure Motors
I was introduced to McClure Motors and I have not had a problem. I would have car trouble as it happens and they towed my car in for me, and I just paid for the repairs, not the car note and nothing was said. Mr. McClure is like any other older being, you have to intercept and pray about it, I had a baby and missed a month of payments and no one came to pick up my car, instead I called and he told me how are you, how is the baby? I haven't seen you in a month. I then tiold him I would be in that following week. I got a car at Barrett Motors and after being with them for over 2 years they wouldn't fix my car because I was behind, which was my first time ever and my car would have been paid off this year!! I returned car back to them and went BACK to McClure Motors . . . they will always have my business!!
By: carym3
Longhorn Auto Group
I've dealt with a lot of dealers and this dealer is great. Very laid back, no annoying high pressure sales which is the way it should be. Gustavo and Eduardo were Very professional and courteous. Great prices on vehicles. Even went the extra mile to personally send me (spending their own money) the license plates by mail since I live a long way from the dealership and it would have been a pain for me to go pick them up. All paper work was done exactly right with zero delays in the process. As far as another review out there from Isabel regarding the quality of the vehicle. As she said, anytime you buy a used car from any dealer you should ALWAYS have a professional shop look it over before buying it.... ALWAYS. I would purchase from this dealer again.
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By: Esperanza G.
Second Hand Motors
They are EXCELLENT! If you are looking for a car this is the place to go. I came in a few months ago and they helped me out immensely. Any small service I have needed on the vechike they are helpful and understanding. The payments are very reasonable. And they are good people to do business with... I recommend them to anyone who is in need of a good vehicle! And I have had horrible experiences with another car lot they honestly are a breath of fresh air because they know how to treat people and do business.
By: raphaelmendez
The Car Network
Lots of reviews, all are spot on, I can only say good things about this car. I wanted a Altima and could only do $1200 down, I went to drive time, nissan of mckinney, and this place called empire that was a JOKE.... I should have read these reviews and saved two days of headache. They dont screw you around, I called and the car actually WAS there, they had like 50 pictures online, it drives good (only thing I can say is the place is hard to find, kinda hidden but worth going to).
By: Phillip P.
Potosi Auto Sales
Great people to deal with, I have referred a few friends and they all are very happy, these guys have great knowledge about cars and they are always ready to give a helping hand when the vehicle needs some work, Heck!! these guys even fixed my car and I had no money with me to pay for the repairs, I have had this car for 2 years and they allowed me to pay them when I got my paycheck, I truly recommend these guys if you want a real good car or truck.
By: Yolanda E.
The Car Network
Impressed with my car, its been almost a month since I bought it and they called to make sure everything is ok with our civic. Friend of mine recommended them to me, he said he wont buy from anyone else as long as the car network is open, after buying from them and seeing the way they treat you like a person instead of a paycheck I know why. I have owned 5 cars in my life and if and when I need number 6 it will be here again 100%
By: Kevin D.
The Car Network
Best place I've ever had with buying a used car. They are honest and are willing too work with you so you are satisfied and leaving with a great car. I have had repairs done to my car there and they are excellent in their work, fast, and have great prices lower than an auto repair shop. Owner and his crew take pride in giving the best customer service around. I recommend everyone to the Car Network when looking for a car.

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