By: malloy.a.k
Perfect Look Salons
I am so sorry to say that I am so completely disappointed in my haircut that I'm never coming back. I really liked this salon. It was reasonable, and always gave me a fair haircut. I finally got brave and brought in a photo of a shorter haircut and it was cut exactly like the photo - which was awesome! The second time however, I brought the SAME image with the SAME stylist and said "please don't go too short, I'm GETTING MARRIED AND WANT TO GROW IT OUT SOON - please don't cut it too short" I even kept repeating this as she was cutting, but I told her I trusted her, and she did such a good job last time, that I wasn't too worried.... until the end. I could tell she cut WAYYY too much into my hair, and I even stopped her and said "this is looking much shorter than I wanted" and her response was she was just going to even it out a bit and add texture.... It looked dreadful when I left, but she put so much product in it that you couldn't totally tell, but she was surprised when I tipped her. I went home immediately and washed my hair and knew something was wrong. I'm 25 years old and I have a 45 year old lady's haircut. My boss and my fiance both told me I look like their mom. I'm completely heartbroken and just have to wait for this VERY SHORT disaster to grow back. Needless to say, SAVE YOURSELF THE GRIEF and go to a high end salon who actually know how to cut someone's hair past the 80s. It took me a few weeks to finally write the review, hoping it would get better, but it just looks awful. Every day I go outside, I wrap my hair up in a twist because that's the only way it looks good. My best friends have even told me how bad it looks. I'm so upset.... Thank god I still have 4 months til my wedding so it'll be mostly fixed by then, and if worst comes to worst - I'm sure $1200 in extensions at a real salon will also help - hopefully I won't need them. Long story short, I'm sorry, but I'll never recommend this place ever to anyone.
By: appletown
K And Ts Kutin Up
My Mom owned this salon for 47 years - Upon retiring she gave the Salon to Tina and Kay now owners of the Salon.How many people do something so wonderful for others! Her concern was her customers she wanted her customers to still have the confort of the same hair salon. My Mom is one in a Million.......I am sure everytime the door is opened Tina and Kay remember how they got the salon!!! Mom you Rock!!!!
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By: snoww01
All American Curls
I love All American Curls! My Stylist is Sara, and she is awesome!! She always knows exactly what I am asking, and is right on target. The prices are very reasonable, and they offer numerous services. The salon is always clean, and there is never a wait. They keep to the scheduling perfectly. I would definitely recommend All American Curls!
By: lorie.bradford1
when lashelle is working you get friendly and fun service.she doesnt rush and she takes time to make sure your choice for a cut turns out as much like the picture as it can.she asks you questions as she is going to make sure it is going like you want.she is great.i wont let anyone else cut my hair
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By: joy1960
Perfect Look Salons
I have been getting my hair cut and colored by Natasha and she is wonderful My husband also uses her. Staff is very friendly too
By: debragwendolynsmith
Generations Hair Salon
Prompt, courteous, experienced, friendly, helpful professional Hair Stylists and other staff. I would recommend.
By: Sharon S.
Lush Design Studio Inc
Greatest place to get treated for your hair! They even have a massage therapist!

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