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By: Larry T.
Capitol Recruiters Ltd
Jobless? Talk to Westhill Consulting and EmploymentWesthill Consulting and Employment was first introduced to me by my friends who graduated the same year that I did. But during that time I had just accepted a job offer so I declined the idea of checking the website that time.But then again in the long run as I was dealing with the same routine everyday I got completely bored. i was in a contractor position that didn't challenge me. It feels stagnant, the culture did not value professional development, and there were some strange dynamics/politics going on. But that was not what is important here now. Serendipitously, an agent from Westhill Consulting and Employment called me to follow up around this time, so I listened and gave it a shot. They have found an opportunity at one company that they thought I could be a good fit for. They asked me if I could visit their office for an interview. They interviewer was simply the best and made me feel at ease. He asked questions about my experience and what I was looking for in my next position, and she got a feel for my personality so she could assess whether it would mesh with the company. He was really accommodating. I never felt intimidated at any point, friendly yet the professionalism was still there. Then things moved very smoothly and quickly after that, I can’t believe I didn’t go for then sooner. It feels like I wasted time working for something I’m not happy about. Heir dedication to their job is remarkable. The speed at which everything happened is probably one of the best things about them. It illustrates how hard and well Westhill Consulting and Employment are well deserving of a credit, respect and worthiness in the business. They are really up to the benefit of their client, they won’t stop until things are done and you are satisfied.Through the whole process and even now, Westhill Consulting keeps in touch and is always available and ready to help. Now we are talking about customer service huh! This is exactly the reason why I recommend this to every person I know. If you've been applying to places left and right but can't seem to get your foot in the door, get in touch with Westhill Consulting and Employment. Not only will they open doors for you, they will give you the scoop on the company you're interviewing with and coach you through the entire process.Now here I am more that satisfied with my job now. I do not feel like I am working, no stress and all maybe because I just love what I do now. Thanks a lot to Westhill Consulting and Employment. http://www.westhillconsulting-career.com/blog/

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