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By: Staci L.
Val-U Car
I want everyone to know how easy this place makes the car buying experience. First off you enter into a big showroom, that is black mirror tiled and just beautiful. You are greeted by a sales rep immediately upon entering, or at least I was. The cars in the showroom were a little intimidating, considering I am not making a 3 digit yearly salary, and currently they had a Lotus, and a Viper in there! But upon further discussion I was relieved to find out that this place has many different types of vehicles in all price ranges. Perfect! Then I was faced with the fact of my bad credit. Well apparently that wasnt an issue either. I was approved! Yay! Lol. Ok so now I was told while the paperwork was "processed" that I could enjoy a movie. Movie? No lie, they have a movie lounge and even popped me some popcorn while I watched "the heat". Didnt make it through the whole movie, because my paperwork was done. I was then brought to a man named Paul. He is the cashier that proccessed my payment. Very nice guy, and explained the whole process of payments to me. They have a tag and title clerk that handles all that so its super easy to get in and outta there! Anyhow I have had my vehicle for a couple of days now and I am so glad I went there. I have never been treated so kindly at a used car dealership. :-)
By: Benny D.
Val-U Car
I was looking for a monte carlo that I could afford, and ended up online. I found a place called Val-U Car and decided to research them a little. I found that there is a ton af positive reviews, from all over the web. So I decided to give them a call and I'm so glad I did. They told me to bring in my down payment and fill out a credit app. I did both. I was approved, and they referred me to a finance company called .comfinancial, who loaned the money for the car! I was set up with bi-weekly payments and I have to come to Val-U Car to make the payments. I love this place! I am just totally stoked that I got my car with no hassles, and the chance to rebuild my credit in the process. Two Birds!!!
By: Katrina W.
Val-U Car
No one would finance me. NO ONE. So I went to Val-U Car, and they know of a finance company called .Comfinancial who agreed to finance me. My payments were high and the interest was also high. But being the only place that would help me I struggled through it. I payed that car off and my credit improved drastically. My next car was also from Val-U Car and the payments were lower, the intrest rates were also lower. I payed that one off and my credit was good enough to be approved for a loan so I could go back to school. I now have my associates degree in Marketing, all because this place gave me a chance.
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By: Elder susan J.
DriveTime Used Cars
Talk about best service...WOW!!! Drive time here on main street in Gainesville Florida is so off the chain. The person who worked with me Christopher Silver, Michael Campbell, and OMG!!! Dwayne weaks they are all so awesome and make car hunting so enjoyable....they all have positive attitudes and they are very honest people. This is my first time dealing with them and I have to say they are so much fun to work with...We love you guys...if you ever a car then I do suggest any one of these three guys...we love these guus and they are
By: Haye L.
Park Place Motors
I researched potential buys on the 'net for several weeks, and narrowed the candidates to a short list, including an '06 Toyota Sienna at Park Place, which Jeremy claimed to be "so clean, you'll think it's new". Yeah, right! But it was! And it passed my shop's tough pre-buy inspection with ease. So I bought it, and appreciate the friendly yet businesslike way the purchase progressed. Jeremy is not like the usual car dealer - he has no need to be, picking very clean cars, pricing them fairly, and dealing with customers with respect.
By: Lesly R.
Val-U Car
Everytime I come here to make my payments I leave happier then I arrived. Even when I call. I swear they have the nicest cashiers I've ever dealt with. Very polite and professional, and they will do anything in their power to make sure you are happy. With customer service this great it's no wonder they are doing so well. I have spoke with most of the sales team, and I really like them all as well. I will absolutely stay a loyal customer to this dealership, regardless what anyone else says. I have NEVER had a problem here.
By: Ben P.
Val-U Car
Last friday I went to Val-ucar to check out a passat I had seen on their website. They were very busy, but I was still greeted by their salesman Jon. He was very nice and showed me to the Passat I was after. We took it for a test drive and I decided to buy it. It took a little while to get everything in order, (like I said they were packed!) but while I waited I browsed the lot, watched part of a movie and before I knew it it was done and Jon had my Passat out front with the temp tag on it and ready to roll. Easy as pie!
By: Lelah G.
Val-U Car
Theres something about a company that cares about their image that I just adore. You walk through the doors at Val-U Car and immediately you realize that this company cares. With beautiful exotic cars in the showroom and a staff that is professional, and an entire lot of various vehicles to choose from I knew this was the dealsership for me. This company also deals with finance companies that are able to finance people who wouldnt get financing elsewhere due to divorce, low credit, bankruptcy, ect.
By: April L.
Val-U Car
As a woman, it can sometimes be a little intimidating, buying a car at a dealership. I went to Val-U Car, because a good friend advised me to. I was greeted by a salesman named Frankie, and he walked me through the entire process. I filled out a credit app, and was approved. Frankie walked with me around the lot and we picked out my car. It's a Honda CR-V. The entire process took about 4 hours, and I drove away confident with my decision to do business wirh this company.
By: Anna R.
Val-U Car
The only times I have ever had a problem here were very insignificant, such as the drink machine took my dollar, and there was a movie I couldnt stand in the movie lounge. I mean really? Compared to all the other things that could go wrong at a car dealership, those things are absolutely fine. I have never been treated disrespectfully, or had any type of problem with this dealership, and for that I THANK THEM!!!!

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