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By: Aaron P.
Crossed Over Connections
Barbara gave me a reading one day in a spiritual fair that I wasn't even planning on going to in the first place. I went in to this fair searching for maybe 1 or 2 answers to some difficult life questions... perhaps a psychic or medium would tell me a deceased family member wanted to let me know they love me or that I should be doing Plan B instead of Plan A in my life, but when I sat down with Barbara she gave me enough answers to fill an 8-foot-deep swimming pool... TWICE. I hardly even uttered a word when I had sat down at the table with her, and she was already off communicating with my spirits and relaying the messages they had for me. She was telling me profound, absolutely true things about myself, and the only utterances out my mouth this far had been "hello" and "my name is — ." I have not had much experience with psychics and mediums before. I've seen card readers before and received their interpretations on what my cards meant, but again those were up to interpretation. As indecisive a person as I am, clarity has always aided me more than interpretation has. But during my reading with Barbara it was very clear to me that the things she spoke of were not up to interpretation, but were actual things that spirit was telling her to tell me. Not to mention she does so with such a strong, hilarious, and out-going Italian personality that keeps you at the edge of your seat and entirely engaged with her and spirit. It's no surprise that God has entrusted her with such an unbelievable gift; her ability to help people doesn't just come from her Divine gift as a medium, but she also has this incredible contagious personality, which left me feeling empowered inside, as opposed to the dread, fear, and anxiety I felt going into the spiritual fair earlier that day. Thanks again, Barbara, for the terrific reading! I'm really looking forward to future encounters with you! :) Sincerely, Aaron P.
By: kspallone1
Advisor & Psychic Reader
Theresa has been a very important life advisor in my life. I first meet with her three years ago and have been working with her consistently for almost a year now. She has helped me in dark times, confusing times and even my happiest of times. I had gone to her in a really hard time in my life dealing with death in my family and lost of job. She had completely turned my depression and anxiety around. She has a huge heart and truly cares for your well-being. Not only has she helped as an advisor, she had helped me through meditations, chakra work and therapy. She's educates me on how to maintain my happiness and strength daily. Within a couple of therapy sessions my depression had faded and my friends and family had told me they had never seen me so happy. I highly highly recommend Theresa. She is warm and welcoming. She will always be there for her clients. I know that no matter where I go in life I can always call upon her for her help as she has always emphasized to never hesitate to call her.
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By: Geri H.
Crossed Over Connections
I tragically lost my son 6 long years ago at the young age of 23.My sister in law was going to a swapmeet one weekend. Now I live in Michigan, my sister in law lives in FL.Barbara Patrone was there. I had my sister get her number, and I gave her a call. BINGO!! My son Ryan was off and running!!He was telling her Things about his childhood etc.Well then it got serious. Anyone that has lost a child knows what I'm talking about.Barbara told me Ryan was asking me not to blame myself. Don't cry every night. His job was done here. He was happy with the Lord.Things from that day forward have never been the same. Barbara lifted a weight off my chest and let me breathe again.She is one Lady that knows spirits. She calls Ryan her Chairman if the Board lol. He is in constant contact with herWhenever I fall back into that pit, I call Barbara Patrone and God & her lift me up again!!Thank you my friend for being there for me ❤❤
By: Lindsey T.
Advisor & Psychic Reader
I first saw Theresa in May of 2014 on a whim with a friend. We thought it would be fun to go and try out (we'd had some good feedback from other friends who had seen Theresa). Little did I know that it would be life changing. Theresa has worked with me this year to clean up several past issues and help me move forward with my life. What she has done in about a dozen appointments a therapist couldn't do in 5 years. Theresa is the real thing. She knows things no one could know, she is extremely helpful in clearing the path so that you can live the life you were meant to live. I've referred several friends and family members to her and they were all just as pleased. If you were ever going to go to a psychic, Theresa is your best bet! Amazing!
By: Jessica M.
Advisor & Psychic Reader
I called Theresa when I was questioning my life's purpose and career path. I have worked with her long distance for a year as I am creating a life and future that is best for me. Although we have never physically met, Theresa's intuition and perception has been keen to my life changes. She has helped me balance chakras, open energy channels, cleanse aura and past lives all while providing necessary information and readings to create success in my life.I highly recommend Theresa wherever you may live for any life, spiritual, and psychic information.
By: vikingswimmer
Advisor & Psychic Reader
I drove past Theresa house three times per week for about 2 years before I decided to go in. She did a combo psychic and taro card reading for my first visit. She was super accurate in her description of me, without me saying a word. She helped me deal with dark things form my past through guided meditation. IT REALLY WORKS!!! By far the best type of therapy I have ever received. 6 months later I am a new person, ready for the world and on the right track without a doubt.
By: Linda M.
Psychic Advisor Lauren
she was so sweet and understanding of my situation, i was honestly taken by surprise at how well she understood me and on point the entire reading was! also this is the first reader i have gone to who made me feel comfortable and it didn't feel like i was being judged , i have been to the local "readers" in town and had some crappy experiences. but lauren is one of a kind i highly recommend her if your looking for a caring accurate and honest reading! LINDA MILLS.
By: Carolin L.
Advisor & Psychic Reader
Theresa is amazing and a life saver! I highly recommend her. She has helped me at three different times in my life to refocus, get out of depression and just get well. She is extremely gifted and has her clients' best interest at heart. If you want to find balance, clarity, healing or just direction she offers outstanding service. Being extremely talented in what she does, she is also able to offer long distance healings that are extremely powerful.
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By: Cheryl C.
Crossed Over Connections
Barbara has changed my life tremendously....I have had 2 readings . She was guided by spirits that told me things no one else could never know . She only validates with a simple yes or no answer to the person she is doing the reading for. I've always known that I'm surrounded by my angels watching over me. She really has a great passion for what she does. I will continue believe .
By: divasnail.spa.7
Crossed Over Connections
Barbara is the best. Everything she said was right on. She knew tuungs i never told her. And once i had a question i really wanted to ask her but before i did she wrote it down and then asked me if that was the question i wanted to ask her. Abd yes it was. She helped me find my way when I was lost. Not only is she really good at what she do but she is also a great friend.

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