By: John R.
Stage 7 Karaoke & Party Lounge
Ok so, I'm not a big karaoke guy. Some of my friends brought me here and I was not looking forward to being dragged up on stage in front of a bunch of people. But I was SUPRISED by what I found:1) Space: It's not a bar. It's a bunch of PRIVATE ROOMS, and since there were 10 of us we actually got a decent sized one. So this totally changed my opinion, as I'm a crazy goof when it comes to the people I know. The privacy rooms lets you let loose and be yourself, which was awesome. (Sorry for dancing on your tables)2) Drinks: They have all the mainstream beers and variety of house wine. They get real creative with the sake and other Asian drinks. We had a pitcher of something called "yogurt soju." I think it's korean? It was AMAZING though. They don't have liquor, which is a drag, but I made up for it.3) Food: They only have snacks, but they have a Dominos deal that we used to get some pizza for our party, no big deal.Overall it was a really good time. I'll definitely go back if my friends ask.
By: Lincy L.
Stage 7 Karaoke & Party Lounge
I had a pretty good time when I visited Stage 7. This is my favorite Karaoke place! Great staff, very kind, provides great service, very nice, clean, and elegant space. Can't wait to go there again!
By: Juan D.
Stage 7 Karaoke & Party Lounge
Had my 25 years old birthday party here, I enjoyed a lot with my dear friends and sang my favorite songs like a superstar! Great place to visit!
By: Wei F.
Stage 7 Karaoke & Party Lounge
It's a great party venue, i had a great birthday there!
By: mdavis4434
Saw MrOctober perform there :) great show

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