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By: Dawn T.
Castillo, Elquis MD
Very upset with the way things were handled with my mother. We went to see Dr. Castillo to get results from a biopsy that she had a few days earlier. He told us that she could be dead within a week then said he would be admitting her to the hospital indefinitely. She was released by him the next day and said she was only put in because she was dehydrated which was never mentioned the day before. He caused a lot of anxiety, stress, and confusion that could have been avoided. Really needs to think about how he delivers bad news to people.
By: tatnut
Rainbow Family Medical Clinic PC
The friendliest staff. They get to know you by name. They listen to what you have going on instead of just hurrying through a list of symptoms. Dr. Hood has to be the best physcian I have ever seen. He is interested in your life well-being, not just trying to get you in and out in the shortest time possible. He listens to you, talks to you, and helps you, not just physically but emotionally also. He has his own x-ray, his own lab for some simple tests to be run, and also his own surgical area for minor things! Absolutely the best!
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By: Leigh K.
Herrera Medical
Have been suffering for 4 years, dozens of trips to doctors and ER, lost 40 lbs, half my hair, most of my teeth, severe pain and could not eat enough to keep up my strength, mostly bedridden. He was the ONLY doctor to treat my pain. Gained 25 lbs and a partial life. DEA took him down-been in bed for 3 months, lost 20lbs, suffering and waiting to die. He is missed.
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By: Lauren B.
Herrera Medical
Love Dr.Herrera. He is very caring and listens to his patients. He has a wonderful bedside manner and takes the time to actually treat you and not just your symptoms. His nurse is very nice as well. So glad that I finally found a doctor who cares about me and isn't just rushing to get me out of the office and charge me a grand.
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By: asiancutiesusie
Herrera Medical
My favorite doc on the planet. Never met a doc, or anyone else, who seemed to genuinely care about me. If I can keep him forever I will! He's a wonderful person. If you haven't tried to see him yet I encourage you to try him, you'll be very happy with his open mind & his big heart.
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By: barry.burns.9659
Herrera Medical
The best physician in NE Alabama. He is not arrogant and actually listens, wouldn't make it without him. He is great to say the least . Excellent "Bedside manner" . His nurse is great as well. Thank God for physicians like him are still around....
By: martin5902
Dowling & Caldwell MD PC
super ear nose and throat specialist. been seeing him for 3 years now after discovering I had a tremendous hearing loss and have been very pleased with the visits. I actually look forward to going once a year. great staff and atmosphere.
By: Steve B.
Herrera Medical
the best dr in Alabama especially in Gadsden Al.he will listen to you and talk to u he has the time to do that because he cares,and he does not have a GOD complex which is so great,no other dr comes close none,,,,,,,
By: Sharon S.
Kantzler Kurt Dr
Excellent doctor and a really wonderful man. Very good with children. Very professional and kind staff. Very helpful with all of our needs. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good specialist.
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By: Bella B.
DR Alan Pernick MD
Dr. Pernick is the best doctor I have ever had! I need no other doctor, he does it all! He has a lab and Xray in his office. I feel like he really cares, he listening to what you say! SLF
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