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By: ashley.rberg
Apple Stonebriar
I would have given a 5 on service-my genius bar employee was fabulous; my issue came with when i came to pick my computer up, which knocks off a star.I went in because the battery on my MacBook Pro died and I needed to get it replaced. I am always skeptical of the Apple Store because I know how expensive their products are to repair and to purchase new. Thankfully, my battery was just around $130 and lucky for me, they had one in stock and were able to change my battery in just half an hour. My genius bar employee made no comments as to my cracked screen or how dirty/dusty my MacBook was (it was pretty gross-I should take better care of my things). He also put repairing my screen in to perspective; explaining what is involved with doing this at the Apple Store vs. using another service. He was kind enough not to insist that I use the Apple Store or that I needed to get it repaired immediately, which put me at ease knowing that he cared more about getting my computer back to me in a useable condition as efficiently as possible. He could have pulled one over on me and made it seem extremely urgent and I probably would have reluctantly, though naively gone through with it. I really do appreciate that-it saved my budget and a lot of time on my part.When I returned half an hour later to pick up my laptop, it was ready. I gave my name to another employee who was tasked with locating items for pick up. I decided that I would browse the iPhone covers while he looked for my laptop thinking that he'd come find me to ring me up. Instead, he ended up going right back to where he was standing after retrieving my laptop and semi yelled at me because he couldn't find me. Though I said that I was looking for a new cover for my phone, he proceeded to ring me up then and there, pushing my time in the store to a close. I'm not going to stand around holding my laptop in a crowded Apple Store, trying to look at phone covers, so I was out of there.So aside from that one employee, and the crowds (which honestly that says good things about the store to me...they have their store set up for interaction, it shouldn't be a sore point), I was extremely pleased and satisfied with my treatment and attention at the Apple Store. Another plus: my laptop was returned to me clean and dusted: I appreciated that as well and am working on keeping it that way.

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