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By: Myth M.
Bright Beginning Daycare/Preschool
Our daughter was one year old when she started going to Vibha's day care and its been two year now. First thing we liked about Bibha was that she was not pushy or strict with kids. She was soft but firm and assertive . My daughter took a good long time to get adjusted. She could not walk (at 14 months) and so wanted to be carried all the time. Bibha was open with us and told us that she had to leave my daughter crying for sometime becasue she wanted to be carried all the time. We understood and were happy that Bibha was open with us. The first week Bibha voluntarily called me every day to keep me posted on how my daughter is doing. There were times when my daughter would get hurt when playing with other kids but Bibha was always open which helped us to build the trust. One thing which impressed us most was that she genuinely cared for the kids. I recall how excited she was when my daughter drew a fish when she was barely two. Bibha was so excited that she took a picture and messaged me. There were multiple ocassions where I could see that she cared for the kids and at the same time disciplined them when required. My daughter tries to imitate her when at home which was both cute and funny. I heard really good feedback from other parents as well that their kids loved Bibha and wanted to be with her even during weekends. Bibha encourages kids to learn. Not sure how she does that but my daughter learnt things much faster at day care than at home. Bibha takes the effort to organize events like pumpkin patch, mothers day, fathers day etc and shares the pictures. She always tries to keep the parents informed and shares specific information about the kids so that the parents can be at peace that their kids are well take care of. Be it any occassion- Christimas, New Year, Thankgiving, Bibha will come up with something creative involving kids and it amazes me how she does it after a whole long day with so many kids. Ofcourse she has a team of two who help her out. Ms. Jaya and Ms. Ajith are totally personable and very passionate about kids. We believe that Bibha brings that culture in her day care be it herself or with her team. I cant believe how my daughter is way ahead from the time she joined day care to where she is now. I would say without blinking that the credit goes to Bibha and her team. If Bibha started a kindergarten or private school I would put my daughter in with no hesitation. I would highly recommend Bibha's Bright Begining day care to anyone.
By: Amanda C.
Beary Best Academy for Children
Beary Best Academy has been an incredible place for our little girl for the past two years. We were really nervous about putting her in daycare after having one-on-one care as an infant, but from the very first day, we've been absolutely sure that it was the perfect decision, thanks to Beary Best! The caregivers have been without a single exception loving, kind, and informative. We've been through some tough behaviors, but they've worked alongside us and have been instrumental in correcting them. And every day she comes home knowing something new - from songs to counting and alphabet, even manners! The ladies in the infant and toddler rooms, and now 2A and 2B, have my utter trust and respect - they are magicians! We still go by to see our previous teachers because she and I love them so much. And the staff is incredibly stable (which is unusual); we have only experienced a tiny bit of turnover - one to care for her newborn and one to return to college. We miss them both, but their replacements were also amazing, and we wouldn't give up knowing them for the world! And it isn't just the caregivers that work directly with our daughter... every person in the building seems to know her name. On her birthday, everyone we saw wished her happy birthday and gave her a hug. The management is wonderful and does an amazing job keeping things running smoothly and keeping the curriculum tip-top. They always have a long list of monthly activities to keep the kids engaged. Safety is always a concern for me, and Beary Best does everything right - from room set up to a super video system that lets the front office see all areas of the building, to TWO code-locked entry doors. This is a warm, wonderful learning environment that makes me smile every time I go in. My daughter is always excited to get there, and when I pick her up, she usually wants to stay! That is the true sign of excellence in my opinion! We are grateful to have found Beary Best Academy!
By: tullsm
Bright Beginning Daycare/Preschool
I really dont have enough words to describe the great things about the Day Care. Miss Vibha is an awesome day care professional and registering my son, Sarthak, in her day care was the best decision me and my husband could have ever made. My son started there when she was 15 months old. Being the first time parents we were very afraid to leave our child in any day care and obviously we visited several other day care before this. The moment we met her we both knew this is the right place for him. I was so worried to leave this little man anywhere other than home.Sarthak is a tough and naughty to be handled as he didnt use to eat properly and the moment Mom is not around he used to become the cry baby. The very first week was the toughest one, I still remember how he used to cry a lot the moment I drop him off.With Miss Vibha who is a caring, and experienced professional person every parent would want mentoring your child. She connects so good with every child needs. Miss Vibha is very patient with kids, very organized and structured about every need of my child. She loves my little man as hers. Miss Vibha dances with them, tells them stories and the backyard is so beautiful for the children to play when weather is shiny. The best part is Vibha takes wonderful care about food. She trained him to feed himself and she does feed Sarthak as well whenever needed. Out of all the fun he has in his Day Care, he loves to do painting on paper.I can vouch that this is the excellent place for your child. She makes sure to do different activities for the whole week. Now I dont have any complaints on my son as he is now an average eater and he is learning a lot from school. He has learned the phonics for the alphabets, colors, shapes and numbers. I noticed incredible progress in the development of a toddler. And now, he cries when I go and pick him up - he with his extra nodding of his head [saying to Mom - not now] :)
By: priyamanu
Bright Beginning Daycare/Preschool
We are parents of two very energetic kids and have been looking for an appropriate pre-school for our younger 4 yrs. old son. I won’t claim to be an expert in schools selection but certainly knows a lot about different schools in my neighborhood. Especially, because we went through this exercise for our elder son earlier and now for younger. Our preference for pre-school is which can provide a proper and balanced blend of academy, physical activities, communication and social interactions. He was going to a different schools, was doing well but we always had to make some compromise/adjustment in our preferences. Recently, we got introduce to Bright & Beginning, as any other caring mother, I had my list of questions including their experiences, method of teaching, hygiene and home-operated pre-school. On our first visit, all our concerns were answered and even convincing. House was very clean (even with kids), school operating area within home is very well defined along with safety and is child-proof. Teachers and kids were communicating interactively. Anyway, we took our big decision and got him enrolled. Though we were convinced while enrolling him but have had doubts on our own decision…. motherhood. As days passes, my son has something every day from school to saw and be proud of this his work at school. He talks about his leaning, friends and tasty food…Hindi was surprising which he can now count in. I am very convinced and will highly recommend to mothers who have similar preference as of mine……
By: jodyrosen
Frisco Montessori Academy
I would like to clarify some of the comments that were said in the previous review. Yes, we are four owners who were Montessori teachers previously and wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. With this in mind, we opened Frisco Montessori Academy sixteen years ago. The children were then, and are still now, our primary focus. Most of our teachers have been at FMA for ten years or more. Each classroom has a Montessori certified teacher and assistant teacher. We are a family together with our teachers, parents and children.The PTO meeting mentioned was a Classroom Orientation in which our teachers present different works to our parents. We always encourage our parents to request a conference with their child's teacher to discuss any issues or concerns. We firmly believe in communication between our staff and our families. We also have an open-door policy. Our parents are always welcome to come and view their children any time of the day. The Classroom Orientation was not, in fact, the best platform fora parent to discuss his/her child's individual needs. We feel a conference would have been the best time and place to do so. We have tried to make FMA the best school and environment for our children. We have wonderful, caring teachers, fantastic parents, and happy children. We are proud of our school and our staff and will continue to strive to make it the best it can be for our children. Jody Rosen, Director
By: Rashee K.
Bright Beginning Daycare/Preschool
I wish I could 10 star out of 10 start and that would say all about Bright Beginning Day care. From my personal experience I feel that day cares are like black holes. You never know what’s happening inside once you drop you kid. But not for Ms. Vibha's day care. Its all see through - you will be informed about everything that’s happening there. Right from kids play time activities, their development, their progress, their creativity and most importantly their appetite. For child so small as mine (2 years) food is an integral part of their growth. Ms. Vibha makes sure that food is freshly cooked with variety offered each day and week. Kids are well fed and well taken care of that they are not left hungry.She gets tons of learning materials from Lake Shore for her class. Kids do lots of activities related to their age group. There is different themes and topics that is part of curriculum every month.This is a great place to bring your kids if you would like them to have lots of attention, play, educational learning, great habits and become independent. The children get lots of play time indoors and outdoors. Can you believe that kids are put sunscreen before they are sent out. I cannot imagine any other person or day care taking care of each and every kids as here. She has a great staff as well.I could go on and on with things about Ms. Vibha and her warmly affection towards kids. I highly recommend Ms. Vibha’s day care.
By: nandpa
Bright Beginning Daycare/Preschool
From the first day I met Vibha ( owner of Bright Beginnings) I felt a level of comfort. After having a bad experience at another daycare I was getting very picky with who I choose to take care of my twins. I made the right choice of sending my daughters to this daycare. My twins are going a little over a month now. The owner has a lot of experince with kids and it shows in her interactions with the kids and also with parents. She is caring and very warm hearted.My daughters are learning a lot. I have seen a lot of improvement. They come home with new things everyday. They eat well there. Vibha works very well with my daughters food likes and dislikes and lets me know on daily basis how they ate. The kids room is big with lots of activities. Its brings about a smile when my twins tell me that "teacher is funny and does silly dance". it shows how much she is involved with the kids. They have a variety of activities throught the week. It is a very warm environment for my girls, they enter the house in the morning with hugs and leave the house in the evening with hugs. To me that is important. There is a connection between teacher and students!! Love this place. Wish I had started with them sooner.
By: anandita.sharma.39
Bright Beginning Daycare/Preschool
We consider ourselves very lucky to have found this daycare. The owner of the daycare is loving, caring, intelligent, and tremendously dedicated to the children.The first time my husband and I walked into the house, we noticed how clean and organized everything was. Our son, who is 16 months, was very content around the owner and her family from the very beginning. I used to be the Director of a corporate preschool and never imagined dropping my child off at a home based daycare. However, this place proved me wrong, our son has now been going there for months and we are very content with our decision.Every morning when I pull into the driveway my son runs to the front door and is excited to go inside. As soon as the front door opens, the smell of fresh food is evident. This is a great sign, as it signifies that she does all the cooking before the children arrive and is therefore available to spend some quality time with them while they're there. It is a relatively new facility with a great outdoor play area. My son loves playing outdoors and it was important for us to have him spend quality time in a debris free outdoor environment. Our family has felt safe & supported here from day one.
By: M S.
Bright Beginning Daycare/Preschool
We were looking for a daycare when we moved to this area around 6 months back. Our daughter was going to a daycare in the place where we were staying before and we were worried how she would adjust to new people and place. First week was tough for our daughter but the owner of this daycare(Ms. Vibha) assured us everyday and made sure our daughter adjusts as soon as possible. She prepared separate meal for our daughter as she would not eat anything except rice for first few days. After a week, our daughter started going to the daycare with a smile and thats when we knew, we chose the right place.All credit goes to Ms. Vibha. Every day she learns something new and Ms Vibha tells us about her progress on a regular basis. We would recommend this daycare. Edit : Oct 2015.Its been 2 years since our daughter is going to Ms Vibha's daycare and pre school. She is learning new activities , songs , mathematics and good habits everyday. Ms Vibha keeps us informed about progress with the daycare and our child, sometimes calling us personally if not when we pick our daughter up. We wish Ms. Vibha all the best.
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By: Catherine M.
Wisdom Montessori Academy
My youngest attends school here and loves it. The school is small enough that everyone gets lots of attention and gets to play with all their friends. It's incredibly reassuring when I go to drop her off and the first thing she does is run up and hug the adults in charge of her day.Oh, btw re: Enisa H., my kid was the one who got bit by the ants. This is North Texas, ants outside in the grass is just a normal hazard of living here. We've been through this one many times and I don't fault WMA for it. Those nasty fire ants move their nests overnight and are somewhat hard to spot. WMA changed the procedures to have one of the caregivers walk the entire fenced in green space to check for ants before allowing the kids outside now. They called me immediately and gave her some topical anti-itch medication on my instruction which eliminated the worst of the bites. Also, spraying bug spray in a child care facility is not a violation of the health code regulations and is in fact what you are supposed to do in cases like this.

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