By: Andi K.
Babe's Chicken Dinner House
I am a telemarketer in business-to-business sales. I know that people often don't care to talk to telemarketers and I'm often spoken to pretty harshly, hung up on, and even cussed out from time to time. Well, I just called this business a couple minutes ago and the woman who answered was perfectly polite and friendly. She referred me to the manager who gave me the information to the person I needed to speak with about their services. They were both very kind and upbeat. A simple interaction like this can make my whole day in light of the negative interactions I go through all day, every day. I wish I could call more businesses like this. They were the epitome of professionalism. Thank you so much.
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By: dfwdean
Ordered the Pho-kin Soup (why not): while bot authentic it was very delicious. The soup base.is a Roux and you control the spiciness at the table. All.cocktails at moonshine based: I enjoyed the Mule version too.I like this place.
By: foodie798
Babe's Chicken Dinner House
Very good. Informal seating & atmosphere. Bring an appetite! The crowds begin to line up to get in so go early, I don't think they take reservations in advance. Home-style cooking. Would recommend the grilled chicken.
By: joenmo
Babe's Chicken Dinner House
Everything about this place is great! I Even ate the creamed corn, which I normally never enjoy anywhere! They are super friendly and keep your sweet tea glass filled. Best fried chicken around.
By: ashley.rberg
Dave & Buster's
Food is good, drinks are good, games are fun...A little pricey, but I feel like most Dave and Busters are...since you are also paying for the fun and the atmosphere. Fun place.
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By: Chris D.
Woodys Sports Restaurant
Great food, great service, and awesome family friendly atmosphere!

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