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By: achmp
Bushi Ban International Friendswood
The teacher at Bushi Ban in Friendswood is AMAZING with the kids he teaches! Brakke has more patience than any teacher I've seen and you can tell the kids love and respect him as you watch the class (he always makes it FUN, too). He teaches them fitness, balance, coordination, teamwork, focus, memory, discipline, and self control as well as honor and good manners (yes sir, no sir). Mostly, he teaches them by example to treat everyone with respect. We adults could learn a LOT from just watching the class and that is another reason I love it because parents are allowed to sit IN the classroom and watch everything that happens. My daughter loves her Karate class and especially her teacher, Brakke! If you have not tried Bushi Ban yet and are fortunate enough to live in or near Friendswood, I would highly recommend one of these classes to you. They even teach adult classes, too.
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By: Alyssa F.
iLovekickboxing Friendswood
It takes a special kind of organization to make you feel like you're apart of something bigger than just a 1 hour workout. ILoveKickboxing has taught me that I am capable of more than the limits I put on myself and my body. With the help of an extremely welcoming and encouraging staff I truly feel like I'm apart of a fitness family! I've been coming to ILKB- Friendswood for a little over 2 months now and I still leave drenched in sweat after every class! I encourage anyone who is looking for a life enhancing workout and who are ready to become apart of an amazing community to come and give it a try. You'll have everything to gain and nothing to lose.... except the calories!!!
By: Jenny D.
iLovekickboxing Friendswood
I have been attending the gym for about three months now and I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. I am doing things I never thought possible and wearing clothes I never thought I would fit into. They let you progress at your own pace, stress form over power and vary the class plans so it does not get boring. As I look around the gym I see the physical change in so many of the members, it is an amazing and inspiring sight. Ilovekickboxing-Friendswood makes you want to come back every day. They make exercise fun. I feel like I am missing part of my day if I don’t make it to class. Hands down this is the best atmosphere I have ever worked out in.
By: ginger.autrey
Bushi Ban International Friendswood
As a mother of 2 boys, I was looking for an extracurricular program to keep them in shape and and the same time teach discipline. My oldes (9 years) began their after school program this year. He is ADD and this has been wonderful for him. Brakke is an unbelievable teacher. The kids remain engaged with his guidance and support. My youngest (5 years) began their little Dragons program this fall under Brakke as well. The cannot wait to get to martial arts everyday! I Love Love Love Bushi Ban Friendswood.
By: Kenya W.
iLovekickboxing Friendswood
Absolutely love working out here! Everything about it is amazing - the staff, the warmups, the workout, etc! The workouts are intense and give you such a feeling of accomplishment when you make it through the hour. I look forward to going back each day, and I can honestly say I have never felt that way about any other workout program! The staff treats you like a family member and is truly invested in you and pushes you to your best.
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By: Kayci B.
iLovekickboxing Friendswood
iLoveKickboxing Friendswood has been AMAZING!!! I cannot say enough good things about the staff, instructors, and workouts they have us do every day. The instructors are super motivating and want us to work as hard as possible in order to see true results. The workouts are different every time, so they don't get boring or easy! I recommend to anyone trying to find a great workout program to come to iLoveKickboxing Friendswood!
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By: Lynzey M.
iLovekickboxing Friendswood
If you are looking for an effective workout that is also fun... THIS IS IT! I have tried so many workouts but never stuck with it long because they were tortuously boring! I actually look forward to going to class now! The workouts are challenging but fun and the instructors are always so upbeat and motivating! If you are considering trying a class.. DO IT! You wont regret it!
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By: Amber M.
iLovekickboxing Friendswood
ILoveKickboxing is amazing. I attend the Friendswood location and LOVE it. You become a part of their family the minute you walk in the door. Everyone is friendly, outgoing, and it's an awesome atmosphere. The kickboxing is so much and the warm-up is tough, but so worth it. I would recommend ILoveKickboxing-Friendswood to anyone.
By: Nikishiah M.
iLovekickboxing Friendswood
In the past I have struggled with staying motivated and sticking with a gym routine but this place is totally different. Ilovekickboxing has the best instructors and they keep me completely motivated. I am toning up much quicker than I ever have before. I have more energy and best of all I actually have fun. I now enjoy working out.
By: Valerie L.
iLovekickboxing Friendswood
Absolutely amazing!! The instructors are the best, very inspiring and motivating. The classes are challenging but so much fun, you don't even feel the time pass. It keeps you wanting to come back for more that's for sure. The staff is like a fun workout family that keeps you accountable. I recommend them to everyone!!

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