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By: Christine Z.
Tatro Todd R Attorney At Law
Mr. Tatro and his staff took on my father's complicated, subsequent injury worker's compensation case with multiple claims after many other firms local to my family passed on providing representation. Mr. Tatro and his staff worked very quickly to ensure that the insurance carrier cane into compliance with applicable laws. Further, he treated my family with respect, kindness and understanding. The multi-year process of settling my father's case required countless billable hours dedicated not just to final settlement but to medical assessment, development of a care plan and the pursuit of appropriate wheelchair and transportation to accommodate my father. During the four-year process, Mr. Tatro and his staff coordinated with claims adjusters, nurse case managers, utilization review staff, and numerous doctors and their staff, as well as rehabilitation and physical therapy providers. They did so courteously and professionally under frequently very trying circumstances. One aspect of this for which I am particularly grateful was that Mr. Tatro and his staff also taught my family and me how to navigate this process, which can be a frustrating, demoralizing and depressing set of circumstances. Subsequent to settlement of the case, Mr. Tatro and his staff continue to assist my family with Dad's issues related to his industrial injuries. Our respective families have grown to know each other over the course of the last few years. His kindness toward my family is equally significant as his professional and strategic skill. I am certain we would not be in as good a condition as we are, engaging the largely anti-worker, pro-defense environment that is the California Workers Compensation regulatory setting. I would encourage any injured worker in Central California to contact Mr. Tatro and his staff.
By: Elaine S.
Cavin Law
When I found out I needed a Divorce I was sick at the thought of what it would do to our children. I was so worried. I didn't have a ton of money, but I had a credit card. Mr. Cavin answered my questions kindly in the FREE consultation. I felt at ease when I walked in. No question was too foolish, and we had plenty of time to talk. When I knew the process, and he gave me computer calculations of the support I would receive. I made up my mind not to wait another minute. A swipe on the credit card and I walked out of the office with a plan. I had a list of things to do and people to contact to get started right away. He and his staff did everything else. My parents never had a divorce, and I was taught it was a shame. So I felt terrible to have to file when I learned about what my spouse was doing behind my back. How do you explain these things to children? Well, luckily there was a massage therapist AND a counselor in his building in Fig Garden Village. I got a great deal on spousal support and child support, and I kept my children with me. Now it’s all behind me, I have enough money, and I know I made the right decision. His ad says: "YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS". I felt I was helpless until I hired Mr. Cavin. There is power in just making the decision to take control of your life! I was afraid, and then self confident, all because I hired Mr. Cavin.
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By: Tracy H.
Tatro Todd R Attorney At Law
Mr. Tatro is an absolute gem! His staff are kind, caring and very helpful. My calls and questions were always answered. I have been through a claim before in 1989. The attorney I had then was a joke and beyond useless. The outcome was not even close to 'fair'. Due to that experience, I was aprehensive about getting involved with another 'shady' attorney. Todd R. Tatro is the total opposite. He is moral, ethical and no 'BS'. He was completely honest with me and very candid about everything...the good and the bad. It's quite refreshing! My case took several years to resolve and Mr. Tatro remained diligent throughout. His advice was solid. His upstanding character made me feel secure and confident in trusting his advice. He fought to get me a fair impairment rating and, through his diligence, I was awarded a settlement at the top end of that rating! The WC process is very daunting. Life is difficult when you're injured and suffering. They make sure that your rights are protected so you can focus on healing. It's a wonderful relief to have Mr. Tatro, and his hard-working staff, in your corner. I absolutely recommend him and his expertise to anyone in need of representation. Thank you Todd R. Tatro!
By: Connie P.
Tatro Todd R Attorney At Law
Mr Tatro is the greatest attonery ever. When I went to him 3 years ago I thought there was no hope for my case. (I was told by others my case was a wash because I waited 4 years to get an attorney) When I met with Mr Tatro I thought he was good and understood what was happening to me and it sounded like he could help me. He took my case and within the first month so many things were happening to my case it was hard to keep up. He was able to get things done in that first month that I had tried for almost a year to do. My case was settled but settled to benefit me so I can continue on with my life. He does what he says and says what he does. If you need someone in your corner this is the man to have with you andalong with his staff in his office. I highly recommend Mr Tatro as he is a man of action, of his word, caring, and compassionate. You want a call back you get it at this law office, want friendly staff you get it here and most importantly Mr Tatro and his staff knows the law and that's the best thing to have. I'm glad my case is over but I have to say I will miss Mr Tatro and his staff.Connie P
By: xionglao50
Law Office Of Jamie Xiong-Vang
Hello Everyone,I have been struggling with my citizenship for over three year and couldn't get my citizenship paperwork granted. While struggling with my 4 kids and wife going to school without a job i was desperate to get my paperwork granted. I went to a few places for help and lost alot of money, because the groverment kept returning my papers, the processes of waiting for a reply took a longer period of time. My paperwork were decline for weird excuses and unreasonable explanation, i decided to ask Jamie Xiong for help. She helped gather all my papers, wtih information i have never heard of before. Jamie is friendly and easy to talk to, with her help i recieved my citizenship in 3 months. For people who are struggling or are out of ideas please try to get a hold of Jamie Xiong, im sure she can help everyone like how she helped me. I would also like to take this moment to say Thank You; Jamie Xiong for helping me. I now have a stable job to support my family. Seng Lao
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By: Terra P.
Cavin Law
I had been trying to battle for myself in court trying to get back four children that had wrongfully been taken away. I had been a homemaker for 13 years and my ex emptied our bank accounts leaving me barefoot and homeless. I hadn’t seen my children for almost 2 years when Mr. Cavin and I worked together to prove I had been set up on a false Domestic Violence charge by my husband. Evidence showed he was a liar and I now have 3 days every week with my 4 children. The restraining order was also dismissed and I was awarded child support and alimony.As a client I feel that had it not been for Mr. Cavin I would never have been believed by the Court. When Mr. Cavin takes you on as a client he invests his heart and soul into getting you the justice you deserve. We all deserve to have a champion who will stand up for us and fight for us. If you’re in need of a champion your best choice is Kenneth Cavin, my attorney.
By: christin.baer
Tatro Todd R Attorney At Law
I cannot express in words how greatful I am for Mr Tatro, his beautiful, loving, sweet wife Sandy & Katy his most intelligent, go get em right arm girl. This "Family Team" as I refer them as are the most kind hearted,LOYAL people and really have your back to the fullest extent. I'm so blessedly friend referred me to Todd R Tatro! Through all put ups and downs with doctors and depo's, Todd had MY BACK the whole step of the way. I seriously cannot express in words how much this man helped me. If you need a work company attorney, your search is over. Sandy, my lovely, darling Sandy. This lady is so comforting when you call or go in for an appointment! She ALWAYS rolled out the Red Carpet for me. God bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your perseverance and WINNING my case above and beyond what I ever thought! Sincerely, Christin Baer
By: marialh
Springer Timothy C Attorney At Law
I found Timothy Springer's website on the yellow pages today. His website was informational, but it also said to call if you have questions. I called thinking i could get one or two questions answered from the secretary or receptionist which i did, but she also offered to let me talk to Tim directly to ask additional questions. Tim was great. He spend almost a half hour answering my questions and educating me on bankruptcy procedures and im not even a paid client yet. Considering bankruptcy made me feel like a failure and like i was doing something morally wrong. Tim was very supportive and said that I was not alone and that i was doing the best i can given my situation. His helpfulness and compassion were more than i had expected when i called. If and when i finally decide that i want to proceed with my bankruptcy, i will definitely call Timothy Springer Law.
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By: Alyssa H.
Mary Kathleen Buckley, LCSW
I can thank Mary Kay with saving my life. She got me through a devastating breakup and was the only person who has ever made me feel truly heard. She validated my feelings and made me feel seen and understood for the first time ever. I have recommended her to multiple friends and acquaintances and have only heard positive feedback from them. I was raised religiously but do not associate with organized religion, I feel I am an extremely spiritual person and she always nurtured this and in fact was the one to point out when I was going through a spiritual awakening. I saw Mary Kay twice a week for about a year and I can truly say I am a happier, more confident, peaceful version of who I used to be. If you are looking for a therapist who has decades of experience helping patients grieve from loss.
By: Elizabeth C.
Law Offices of Michael E. Mitchell, APC
My husband and I recently hired Michael to litigated a case for us that resulted in permanent injuries. He was compassionate and meticulous about his work and it showed. Michael went out of his way to make sure we not only understood what was taking place, but made sure we were always aware of the situation at hand. It was apparent from our first meeting that Michael is a man of integrity, allowing my husband and myself to have a sense of peace finally that we had a true professional in our corner who is looking out for our best interest through and through. We also appreciated his tenacity and that he is not afraid to fight the large corporations of the world. We would highly recommend Michael to anyone with a personal injury case. It has truly been our pleasure having worked with Michael.
Tips & Advices
Group counseling is when one or more counselors lead a group discussion, usually between five and 15 people. The group may focus on a shared experience or situation, and provide support and encouragement to the other attendees.
Each state defines its own requirements for what licenses and education are needed to be a counselor. It's common for counselors to have a bachelor's degree in psychology or a similar field, as well as a master's degree. After that, counselors should obtain their state license, and can move on to achieving other licenses like the:
  • National Certified Counselor (NCC) license
  • Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC) license
  • Master Addictions Counselor (MAC) license
  • Forensic Health Evaluators (FHE) license
  • Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) license
  • Certified Family Therapist (CFT) license
This all depends on the patient's goals and circumstances. Some people are happy with their results after just a few sessions; others continue to meet with their counselors for years. There is no right or wrong length of time to go to counseling.
Anyone can benefit from counseling services. Counseling can help you gain greater insight into yourself; deal with feelings of sadness, worry, depression or anxiety; as well as work out relationship problems, trauma or addiction. Not every type of counseling service works with every person.
Yes. Except in very specific situations, a counselor will never repeat conversations from a counseling session. Situations where information from sessions might be shared include:
  • If the counselor believes the patient might harm him or herself, or someone else.
  • If the counselor wants to get a second opinion on the patient's treatment. If this is the case, the counselor should seek the patient's written permission before consulting another professional.

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