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By: pao v.
Peach Pit
The Peach Pit has a well deserved local reputation for great burgers. I and my family have been going to Peach Pit for classic greasy spoon style burgers for years and we've never been disappointed. My favorite burger is the chili cheese burger. I get a side order of fries (pretty heavy on the salt, so people with hypertension should know that) and a Coke and my stomach is very happy. The prices are a little on the high side but the quality of the burgers is worth the cost. The only negative I can think of is the neighborhood. Its gotten pretty bad since the police sub-station closed down. But visit during the day and treat yourself to one of (if not the) best burgers in the city.
By: criterion12
Macaroni Grill
I really didn't like how noisy the place is. The kitchen looks nice but there are literally explosions of clanking and plate crashing every moment you are there, not to mention the "roar" of the crowd. There just doesn't seem to be any effort to dampen the noise level. It's very difficult to get a booth and even if you did, you are still exposed to everyone in the diner. However, the food is well above average for most of the menu. I havn't personally tried everything on the menu (I doubt that will happen) but what I've had at this point was OK, but better than say "Red Robin" or "Marie Calendars"
By: niconeko
Mike's Pizzeria
I ordered a #2 Tortellini and Ravioli and my partner ordered a half and half Lasagna and Spaghetti. Mine was a little hard on the edges and tasted store bought (premade), food was ok though. The lasagna was great though even though both meals had what it seemed to be store bought shredded cheese on top lol! The bread was actually good with and without butter, ^_^ and the Homemade Italian Ricotta Cheesecake was great!
By: Ralph H.
Ovidios Italian Restaurant
If you are looking for great authentic Italian food.. look no further! I've always been impressed with the mouth watering dishes served up! This is by far the best kept secret in town. Love the Romantic Ambiance, with it's old world charm..I've enjoyed plenty of parties and events here, they are Fantastic hosts and take pride in your families/friends dining experience. Bon Appetito!
By: kekoa808
Parma Restaurant
Best Italian food in Fresno, excellent customer service. Every hand made pasta I've tried has been amazing. The waiters are knowledgeable about the food and wine pairings. The Parmesan cheese from Parma, Italy is so good. The owner even comes to our table every time to say hello and ask how everything is. That is why I keep going back and tell people they have to go to Parma.
By: Anthony C.
Macaroni Grill
We really enjoyed coming here! It was my first time, and our waitress was so charming. She kept coming back to check on us, and she even cut up a pie we had brought for our birthday celebration! She was the best!") And the food was great. I had the Steak entrée, and it was so soft and delicious! I'll be back very soon!
By: Brian A.
Piazza Del Pane Italian Cafe
Just came back from there and was real disappointed with the menu it was small the liquor menu was bigger the the food menu it's not the same menu that's on yelp. The food was bland with no spices cooked in the food. But the service was nice and friendly. They told me that they changed the menu two months ago.
By: Victoria Q.
Breakfast Hut
First time there. The place has a great feel real homey . Lots of country nostalgia . Prompt and friendly service . A bit of a wait for our food BUT ... It's basically from scratch! So well worth it ☺️ The special was great. Portions are generous and prices are reasonable . Definitely returning ����
By: lcpljulio
Jeb's Blueberry Hill
Buscuits and gravy were REAL DownHome Cookin. and the Waffles could of stood alone... Blueberry Waffles. The Service girls were Polite as can be, but I regret I didn't get to taste the skillet fried potatos.My only complaint is that I was to the limit of the table space, but I'm working on that...
By: Molly W.
Brown Bear's Hot Dogs
The best placefor the best hotels dog. All homemade ingredients. Very pleasant and nice owners. Tables are outside , shade and comfy. Owner will come out and talk to you. Very nice. Stop and say hi, tell them Molly and gary sent you. You'll enjoy going thru the menu. My husband is doing just that.

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