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By: jpcoexist
Premier Auto Sales
I liked quite of the few cars I saw at this lot. They have many car makes like Nissan, Dodge, Saturn.. also more luxury vehicles as well. However when I test drove one of the nicer vehicles I was quickly disappointed as I noticed the transmission had issues, and the back end was going hiatus. I knew this because of my experience driving 'problem' vehicles.I liked another vehicle that I test drove and it drove quite well, so well that I wanted to buy it. After making my decision of the car I wanted I let the salesman know that one of the cars had clear issues which even my mechanic confirmed were present and he expressed little concern or motivation to fix it. This was a red flag.Ignoring the one red flag I signed a few papers but couldn't drive off the lot till I got full coverage insurance, I told the salesman I would be back in a couple of days for the vehicle. When I got approved for the car loan I called the salesman and he told me that the car I was wanting had minor issues and that it wasn't there, and that I should come in immediately to discuss my options. The lady who informed me my loan was approved contacted me and said the car I wanted was no longer available apparently she told me he found another buyer.After days of anticipating of getting this new nice vehicle I was left in disappointment I immediately went to another dealership who took care of me and seemed more sincere rather than just wanting to get a sale. It's very very sad how a person would sell a hard working, independent young man who lives on his own, pays his own bills, and sometimes barely gets by a car that's transmission would have had major problems in the following 6 months... just to get a sale.It has a few nice cars, and a very low down payment , so I give this place a 2... would I ever buy a car from them? No. Would I recommend you trust what the salesman here have to say? No. Trust is the first part of Customer Service, and this place doesn't ensue it.
By: jenniferr778
Own A Car
I was looking on line for an inexpensive and reliable vehicle. found a 2003 Chrysler Sebring with high miles but within my budget. i checked the OAC' reviews on line and i was a little bit scared. so, before anything i took the car to my long time mechanic. he recommended me to replace the struts and a few more maintenance things. i went back to Lance and agreed in a better price for the repairs that have to be done in the car. one thing that caught my mechanic attention was the fact they didn’t clean the engine to hide oil or water leaks and when i ask Lance if i can get the car inspected he didn't hesitate about it . i tried with 2 others small dealer and they didn't allow me to do it. yes i recommend this place just be sure to get your car inspected before
By: Ybarryq Q.
Own A Car
2 months ago I came to OAC to buy a car. I did not know what i wanted and the salesman was very nice and help me to decide. The company staff was so professional in the way they assisted me. I tried different places before I came here and the staff did not care they just wanted money to put you in anything. i thank these guys for what they did for me and would recommend them to everyone I know. The time they took was even better I did not have to be here for 4-6 hours before they gave me an answer they were straight forward in telling you what you need and the cars are beautiful and clean. Thank you guys PS. Since then everything on the car has been working great
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By: Jeff P.
Safeway Motors
Walked onto Sean's lot, on a Sunday evening ... just to see the cars ... was looking for a car but had not decided if I wanted New or Used but I've always had great experiences with purchasing Used vehicles ... much to my surprise, Sean had just stopped by the lot to finish up a couple of contracts he was working on and from the moment he said, "Hello," he was all about honesty and courtesy ... long story short, Sean was able to get me into a great car, one of my friends came in the next day and they bought a car ... Sean is a genuine, good guy - honest and trustworthy all the way ... I highly recommend seeing Sean to buy your next car New or Used.
By: Marcho C.
Ventura Tire Shop
My truck was pulling to the right. Took it to get aligned. The alignment was fine. The tech said it was due to RADIAL PULL from the tires. Apparently the Coopers are poorly manufactured and the internal components (the belts inside the tires) are installed incorrectly and therefore one side of the tire is weaker than the other. The weaker side wears sooner and the truck pulls in that direction. I've only had these tires @ 20,000 miles and now I have to replace all of them. The tires I bought were supposed to be 70,000-mile tires!!!!!! What a RIPOFF. Never buy Cooper Tires.
By: Chiara I.
Sam's Auto Sales
I am astonished on how quick and effective it was to purchase my First Car. Sams Auto provided me with all the help and advise I was looking for. I am beyond blessed and thankful that the process was this easy. There lot was filled with many different clean, well maintained cars and there office was very welcoming! This place was a referral and I am so glad to say this was our last pit stop of the night. I definitely recommend checking them out. Better yet I finally got the reliable car that I was looking for. Thanks again!
By: Robin C.
Safeway Motors
I wish I would of found Safeway Motors way sooner! Sean the owner is great so is the man that helps him. He is a very honest car dealer which is hard to find these days he went way out of his way to help me! Since the car I wanted had sold to the person before me he let me use one of his cars until he helped me get what Im looking for. My own family doesnt even lend me there cars lol. But anyways I love that place and will be sending everyone I know there because there honest and will be there if you need anything!
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By: M R.
Car Avenue
This dealership treated me great. I purchased a 2012 Toyota Camry SE, and they gave me a great deal. What impressed my wife and I was that our salesperson was very knowledgeable about the vehicle. He showed us options that we didn't even realize the car had. Our credit wasn't perfect but they delivered a low interest rate, and we weren't sitting at the dealership forever. We definitely are going to recommend all our friends and family, this was a nice place to buy a car. Good job Car Ave!!
By: Brisceida R.
Ventura Tire Shop
Ventura Tires has top quality service and very low prices. It is very clean and the only one in town with drive-through service. Call ahead so they can have your new or used tires ready for you. JUST HONK at the drive-thru, don't even get out of your car, and you are out of there driving new tires during your break! They have an indoor and an outdoor shaded waiting area, restroom, and even offer you a drink while you wait. Nice looking place too!
By: Lj S.
Auto College
We were looking around for a newer vehicle and stopped by Auto College and met Al. He is so knowledgeable and explained every single detail of technical aspects of diverse vehicles he had at his dealership. When we decided to buy a vehicle he made the process so smooth and hassle-free, Al made everything so convenient for us. We highly recommend Al Nasrolli to all who are looking for a vehicle. We will certainly go back to him im future.

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