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By: daylander
This is a small shop with 1 or 2 employees. They carry Canna nutes and Coco and that's what I use. I read the other reviews about DTH and wanted to share mine. Not sure who is selling AVID for a consumable crop but it is illegal in California. I have been going to DTH since they opened. I have owned a business in the quote: ;transient and police central; for 7 years now and I haven't had a problem with either during that entire time except for a bum tearing up my trash once. I met the owner Ryan when they first opened and he was very helpful. He hasn't been around lately when I go to shop but his employees have always been friendly, attentive and helpful. The guy there now is a husky, red haired guy with a beard that is VERY knowledgeable and willing to share grow information. I HAVE been to several other shops in Fresno and Clovis but I prefer to shop at this one. Just my opinion. I don't know any of the other posters on here and I am not a personal friend of the DTH guys but it is a bummer to see what I assume to be grown men on here acting like little kids towards each other. It is the same on the various grow blogs with everyone talking crap about other' people's opinions that keeps me from participating.
By: cgaines5150
jstuckey81 <----bad gardener!so you write reviews on every hydro and garden store in fresno? are you DANs ex lover? i see from your ROOTS posting that you BOUGHT AVID there? what kinda gardener are you? putting AVID on your garden? your a JOKE, get real guy. DAN lost his business to those two young cats! i heard that DAN would tell his customers to shop at WALL ROOTS because he never had stock? correct me if im wrong please! TOWER HYDRO brought CANNA back to life, while DAN sat on his thumbs wondering if anyone can run HIS current culture <----DAN cant even have a successfull run with the CC. at least the guy who runs DTH knows what hes talking about, at least there is still someone whos willing to help and go the extra mile. yes your right there stock might be slim but they have CANNA which if you knew your nutrients lines, CANNA is bulletproof. DTH is rocking it over there, i check in a couple times a month for progress and its nice in there now, great employees and great enviroment! they dont pressure u like ROOTS and GRO MORE. i never write these reviews, but i give credit wheres its due. DTH keep it up
By: kushforklunkers
Needed pH down, and there prices beat anyone in town! Thank u guys, the shop is looking good. Bouncing back! Keep it up

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