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By: Steve J.
West Coast Exhaust
First of all I would like to thank all of our customers for leaving feedback! I would like to comment on this deceptive review from Alexis T. Alexis did come to my shop nine months prior to have a Catholic converter installed. Whan Alexis showed back up on November 17 she had an issue with the catalytic converter. After inspecting the cat we found that she hit something on the road due to the vehicle was too low and also damaged the back of the exhaust. The vehicles muffler shifted over melting the bumper of the time. I noted to Alexis that the warranty will not cover the cat due to road damage. But going out of my way as I usually do I warranteed the catalytic converter and just charge you the $60 labor. Her vehicle also needed a new muffler due to the road damage but at the time Alexis stated she had no money to repair. I told her I would try to align the exhaust the best I could at NO CHARGE! Alexis did contact me a few days later and stated the muffler was making the same noise I told her that it needs to be replaced to fix it properly. She finally came in November 25 and talked with my manager and still had no money to replace the muffler. My manager tried to add another hanger to her recently damage system so it wouldn't move around and melt the bumper. Again we did not charge Alexis for any labor at this time. I feel we went out of our way and Alexis jump to writing a negative review that was far from the truth! We take pride in what we do and that's why we have a 5-star rating. I hope this reply sets the record straight if not I have a signed invoice by her that state all of these actions performed by us! Alexis never wrote anything that actually took place nor did she write about all the FREE work she received. My advice to Alexis is to save your money to fix the issue properly and not blame people that are trying to help you for damages that your vehicles poor modification caused!! Thanks for viewing and we really appreciate all of our loyal customers!! Sincerely, Steve J.
By: Donald R.
Herndon Auto Service-Fresno
SUPERIOR MECHANIC WORK & VERY COMPETITIVE PRICES AT HERNDON AUTO SERVICE IN FRESNO:[SPECIALIZING IN MERCEDES BENZ]On May 8, 2017, I brought my Mercedes Benz 300E 2.6 to Herndon Auto Service located on Herndon & Maroa due to the engine light turning red during the weekend and the warning light activated which warned me that some lights needed to be replaced. I contacted Ricky Altero, the owner, on Saturday, May 6, 2017 regarding all these issues. Ricky answered his cell phone during the weekend and guaranteed me that he would provide me with his own truck during the time that my vehicle would be in his shop for repairs. When I arrived on Monday morning to bring in my vehicle, Ricky had his truck parked and ready for me to take. There have been numerous times throughout the years that Ricky has even loaned me his own sports Mercedes Benz when my vehicle has needed repair work.Arturo Alvarez, the top technician and supervisor from Herndon Auto Service, was honest and sincere with me and immediately informed me that he would replace my Engine Codes 16 EGR and Vacuum Change over-valve. Arturo Alvarez even cleaned the EGR pipe which required an additional hour of labor but didn’t charge me for this additional hour. How many dealerships would perform extra work at no cost like Herndon Auto Service? Also, both Arturo and Ricky exhibited extreme care and cleanliness to my vehicle which has been regarded for so many people throughout Fresno as one of the cleanest Mercedes Benz they have ever seen. I highly recommend Herndon Auto Service, because they take pride in all of their work, have very competitive prices, and take care of matters in a very professional and timely manner. Every single time that I have brought my vehicle to Herndon Auto Service, I feel like I am treated by Ricky Altero, Arturo Alvarez, and all the technicians as a VIP.I will continually take my Mercedes Benz to your # 1 DEALERSHIP IN FRESNO: (559)-431-3556!!!!!Donald Rotella
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By: Kirk N.
Pep Boys Auto Parts & Service
The DREAM TEAM! I want to set the record straight. If you go to this Pep Boys ask for Daniel or Trevor for assistance and ask that William work on your vehicle. You will not be sorry! Here's my scenario.....I flew from Seattle to LA to pick up a 1985 Toyota DLX 4x4 that i had purchased online. About two hours into my journey 40 miles outside of Fresno I went over a bump and lost ALL POWER to my new truck. I was beside myself. I called my wife, AAA, and Pep Boys in Fresno where I spoke with Daniel. I told hime the situation, and what I though was wrong with the vehicle and asked if he could help. He told me to tow the truck in and they would get on it as fast as possible. Unfortunately by the time I got to Pep Boys they were closing in 45 minutes and told me they probably would not get to work on my vehicle tonight. Totally understandable! Hey life happens. I left my truck with them and got a hotel room for the night. The nest day I went back to Pep Boys around 10:15am. Trevor told me exactly what was up with my truck. They were on it, and that I should be back on the road with in the hour. He quoted me a estimate of $150.oo for parts and labor. That sounded more than fair to me. They finished up with the truck in about an hour and for $25.00 less than the estimate!!! Every employee I encountered at this Pep Boys was more than professional and helpful. They bent over backwards to get the job done fast and done right the first time. The fixed my truck faster than I could have imagined and for such little money. The only down side to this is that I live in Seattle and not in Fresno. So if you live in Fresno and need car work done hit up Pep Boys and ask Daniel or Trevor for assistance. And make sure you insist that William service your vehicle. Professional, Courteous, Helpful, and Fast. What more could you ask for from your DREAM TEAM?!
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By: Paz D.
Francis Collision Center
This is my 4th experience with Francis + GEICO combo. Until this time never had a problem. Here is what I have encountered:1. Terrible customer service. All the persons that have called, let me know with their inflection that calling is a chore. They say they will call every day to give me an update and I really only got updates 75% of the time. The other 25% I had to call only to be answered that they weren't sure and it took, on average, 3 hours to get a return call.2. My car had to be re-painted due to matching error on Francis part. Had to go back 2x for them to see the problem. The 2nd time, Mike & the paint manager both immediately saw the issue. Round two for paint and it now matches. 3. On the 2nd go around for the paint fix, I got zero updates. I called on the day it was supposed to be done and was told its ready - at 5pm - they close at 5:15.4. Go to pick it up and they are washing it - delay.5. They LOST MY RENTAL. Got a call from Enterprise that they haven't gotten it back. upon calling Francis, they have keys to a Ford Explorer but not the Jeep Cherokee that I had. I left it on Thurs, May 14 and today is Monday, May 18. Its been an hour and I have not gotten my promised call back.I don't know if they are under some new management or shift of some kind. But the Francis Collision of today is not the Francis Collision of last year or the year before. Like I said, we have gone there for a recovered, stolen car, new fender on a new car, new door/paint match on a 10 yr old car...Always had great customer service, great updates, work was done beautifully. This time, they suck.
By: Jon L.
Tint Pros
Phenomenal job! I called the Tint Pros shop Friday evening after hours. Couldn’t believe it when the guy returned my call that night. Impressed me so much I made an appointment for the next day, Saturday (today) at 7am. They already had a car slotted for 7am already, but went out of their way to accommodate me. When I arrived 10 min early, the guy was already set up for me. We discussed all the available options. He didn’t try to sell me on any one option. The price was settled (fair price) and was told the job would be done in about an hour. When I said I was going to get some breakfast, the guy threw his car keys to me and said “take my car.” That was unbelievable. This shop did an outstanding tint job on my car, for a great price, and loaned me a car so I didn’t have to walk to a breakfast place. Who does that? Everything is guaranteed with lots of options in case something changes in the future. I’d recommend this shop to anyone. And, when I take my wife’s car to them in a few weeks, I still get the multi-car discount. These guys earned my business. Now go let them earn yours.
By: Oscar P.
Red Carpet Car Wash
Excellent Fast Professional Service. A Noticeably Inspired service team; Quick yet Attentive and Thorough. Props to Workers & Leaders! I remained in my car while it was serviced, kept abreast of checks & procedures, & was shown the dip sticks to see levels for myself. I felt included. They're Open, Forthcoming, w/no deceptions, & nothing left out. Offered options, recommendations, & advice. From my driver's seat I saw the pieces of paper & plastic removed from my air intake compartment that was apparently there for years, & which Walmart oil changers failed many times to remove or show any concern or communication about it with me. I got a $5 off coupon on my phone reducing the already low price, which came with a Free car wash, but that's not all, I was given my choice of iced tea, lemonade, or ice water delivered right to me in my car. Very Happy and Impressed with the service and experience. I was in and out of there in 43 minutes, and there were 9 cars in the garage B4 me.
By: Vanessa S.
Francis Collision Center
First time @ Francis Collision...Francis Collision was great from beginning to end. It was very convenient as a "1 stop shop" with repair, rental, & insurance information all in 1 location. The staff was friendly, helpful, and kept me updated with any change in status to my vehicle. Whole driver side was damaged and they fixed it good as new (for being a 10 year old vehicle) It was definitely a stress free experience and I would recommend Francis Collision to friends! Shout out to my GEICO insurance for sending me there and making the situation hassle free :) #53022SMThe only reason "Professionalism" was 4 stars was because I had to call a couple times to find out if my deductible was waived and when I spoke to gal that called me back it seemed like she didn't want to be bothered with my questions. HOWEVER, a different staff (Mario) called me back and got it all straightened out so it was all good! I was completely satisfied in the end!
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By: jpriss
Quality Transmissions of Fresno
I recently lost the reverse gear in my Dodge Durango and my Wife's Ford Taurus wagon needed brakes. Through the recommendation of a friend and co-worker I went to Quality Transmission and met with Art. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and quality of the work performed in both timeliness and a fair price. The transmission was completely rebuilt and is very strong and responsive, just like new. The brakes were nearly seized from wear on my wife's Taurus and were completely replaced, including new calipers and rotors. They now work perfectly. Before writing more I want to add that I was a mechanic myself and do almost all of my own work but I needed this done quickly and it was completed in a timely manner, plus the price was more than fair. It is hard to find good technicians that you can trust and I trust these guys. I will definitely keep them as my go to guys when I need work performed.
By: Erika C.
Francis Collision Center
I just got my car back today after being repaired by Francis Collision Centre. I have to say that all the staff was very helpful throughout the process. I was kept inform of the vehicles process throughout the time my vehicle was at the shop. It really made me feel piece at mind that the staff took the time to call me every step of the way as to what the vehicle was being worked on. One of the very convenient things they have to offer was the convineance of your rental car being at the auto shop ready for the customer once one drops off our own vehicle to be worked on. The end result was beautiful. The job was done and best thing is that the repairs are guarantee for the lifetime of the vehicle as long as you own it. The staff was very nice and helpful. I give two thumbs up and have already recommended the services of Francis Collision Centre to family and friends.
By: Donna J.
Electric Laboratories
I had to get a Salvage Brake & Light inspection on my SUV quickly as I was having some timing issues with the DMV. I only had a provisional registration for 1 day, so I called a place in Clovis but they couldn't get me in same day. They gave me the recommendation of Electric Labs. I called 1st thing and they had time to take care of the Brake & Light inspection as well as a SMOG. Gave me an estimate of 3-4 hours for completion and gave me a ride back to pick up a vehicle so I could work. I was finally loading into the 'borrow' car when I received a call that everything was completed. Less than 2 hours. Fair pricing, Very friendly, Clean facility. easy to find. I was extremely pleased with the service, the work done, and promptness of completion.
Tips & Advices
Using a variety of tools and processes, many of which require specialized training, auto body mechanics primarily repair cosmetic and structural damage to vehicles after accidents occur. They can also enhance a vehicle’s appearance and performance by replacing and adding new parts to a vehicle’s body.
This depends on the severity of the work that needs to be done. Something such as paintless dent repair for a few small dents can take an hour. Whereas auto body repairs for damages caused by a major accident can take multiple days to correct.
All auto body parts can be repaired but there is a threshold for the level of repairs possible. Parts can be damaged beyond repair and would need to be wholly replaced.
Auto body parts can be made from a wide variety of materials, usually based on what the part’s purpose is. Vehicle frames body panels, bumpers, roof racks, and other items that need to be strong and durable are usually constructed from steel, which is known for its durability and resistance to rust and high temperatures. But aluminum is quickly becoming a popular material of construction due to its lightweight yet durable nature. Body kits and other aftermarket parts like spoilers and hoods can be constructed from one form of plastic or another.
Yes, the vast majority of car makes and models have aftermarket parts available for many of their components. But higher-end vehicles typically have less aftermarket parts available since they often use specialized materials and manufacturing processes that are difficult to duplicate for many aftermarket manufacturers.

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