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By: glorybound
Little Caesars
Horrible service and gross pizza. I placed an order by phone and when I got there my order was wrong. They knew it was wrong, and asked if it was okay, and of course I said no, as it's not what I ordered. So I had them remake it. Most places would let us keep the wrong pizza or give us our money back or offer us a free soda or SOMETHING (it was really hot inside the restaurant) but they just had an attitude. So they said 10 minutes for the new one. So I sit down 5 feet in front of the girl at the register (that's where the chairs are) and wait for 15 minutes, until I finally ask how much longer. So she turns around and grabs it. It was sitting right there for who knows how long. I said, "So it was just sitting there?I was right here." and she just shrugged, "Oh yeah... sorry." with an attitude in her voice. Never going back here again. Pizza was gross and service was awful.Edit: Manager called me back after I complained on website. They'll give me a refund but I have to bring the pizza and receipt back... which is really rather inconvient. I'm not going to eat the rest of the pizza, but it's really hot here in Fresno and driving to the store again is quite a bother. Wish they could just refund without me having to come back... but at least they are doing something. So I am adding another star.
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By: pao v.
Peach Pit
The Peach Pit has a well deserved local reputation for great burgers. I and my family have been going to Peach Pit for classic greasy spoon style burgers for years and we've never been disappointed. My favorite burger is the chili cheese burger. I get a side order of fries (pretty heavy on the salt, so people with hypertension should know that) and a Coke and my stomach is very happy. The prices are a little on the high side but the quality of the burgers is worth the cost. The only negative I can think of is the neighborhood. Its gotten pretty bad since the police sub-station closed down. But visit during the day and treat yourself to one of (if not the) best burgers in the city.
By: criterion12
Macaroni Grill
I really didn't like how noisy the place is. The kitchen looks nice but there are literally explosions of clanking and plate crashing every moment you are there, not to mention the "roar" of the crowd. There just doesn't seem to be any effort to dampen the noise level. It's very difficult to get a booth and even if you did, you are still exposed to everyone in the diner. However, the food is well above average for most of the menu. I havn't personally tried everything on the menu (I doubt that will happen) but what I've had at this point was OK, but better than say "Red Robin" or "Marie Calendars"
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By: pao v.
Ole Frijole Mexican Buffet
I want to love this place so bad. The idea of a Mexican buffet with endless tacos, Mexican style rice and cheesy enchiladas is just so great. But... the last 3 times I've gone, the food has been lukewarm (the red sauce in the enchilada tray was congealed) and the options pretty limited. The salad bar takes up 2/3rds of the single buffet table. Also the cost is kind of up there for both the limited selection and the quality of the food. If they would keep the food nice and hot, I'd give them 5 stars. I want to love you Ole Frijole. Please give me a reason to.
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By: Tlcoffer ..
Ole Frijole Mexican Buffet
I like the idea of a Mexican buffet and it looked really good on the commercials. When entering it wasn't a bad place didn't look too bad didn't stink but there wasn't no really food smell involved. Everything was really Bland, even the menudo didn't really have any flavor and that's kind of saying something. The enchiladas were bland, I tried almost everything and it didn't taste like much. It was basically like eating at a convalescent home cafeteria. I'm pretty sure they may have been using some filler.
By: niconeko
Mike's Pizzeria
I ordered a #2 Tortellini and Ravioli and my partner ordered a half and half Lasagna and Spaghetti. Mine was a little hard on the edges and tasted store bought (premade), food was ok though. The lasagna was great though even though both meals had what it seemed to be store bought shredded cheese on top lol! The bread was actually good with and without butter, ^_^ and the Homemade Italian Ricotta Cheesecake was great!
By: Ralph H.
Ovidios Italian Restaurant
If you are looking for great authentic Italian food.. look no further! I've always been impressed with the mouth watering dishes served up! This is by far the best kept secret in town. Love the Romantic Ambiance, with it's old world charm..I've enjoyed plenty of parties and events here, they are Fantastic hosts and take pride in your families/friends dining experience. Bon Appetito!
By: kekoa808
Parma Restaurant
Best Italian food in Fresno, excellent customer service. Every hand made pasta I've tried has been amazing. The waiters are knowledgeable about the food and wine pairings. The Parmesan cheese from Parma, Italy is so good. The owner even comes to our table every time to say hello and ask how everything is. That is why I keep going back and tell people they have to go to Parma.
By: blondejcosgrove
Sam's Italian Deli & Market
Sams deli has been squished into this little spot for sooo many years! But I love them all! The service and food is perfection! I feel sooo welcome when we enter the place and ordering! The food oooooo the food is heavenly! Pastrami is my favorite, allthough it really is hard to pick a favorite there! EVERYTHING IS WONDERFUL!!! We love you all at Sams deli! Soto afomate!
By: kilo.gomk.466k
Pizza Hut
Best pizza ever meat lovers is heavenly combination is delicious great great pizza to bad it only gives 5 stars there wings are acceptional but the pizza is awesome I recommend this place to anyone that's tired of corporate pizzahut dominoes or whatever it's a nice business and well managed try this places neat lovers tho :)

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