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By: glorybound
Little Caesars
Horrible service and gross pizza. I placed an order by phone and when I got there my order was wrong. They knew it was wrong, and asked if it was okay, and of course I said no, as it's not what I ordered. So I had them remake it. Most places would let us keep the wrong pizza or give us our money back or offer us a free soda or SOMETHING (it was really hot inside the restaurant) but they just had an attitude. So they said 10 minutes for the new one. So I sit down 5 feet in front of the girl at the register (that's where the chairs are) and wait for 15 minutes, until I finally ask how much longer. So she turns around and grabs it. It was sitting right there for who knows how long. I said, "So it was just sitting there?I was right here." and she just shrugged, "Oh yeah... sorry." with an attitude in her voice. Never going back here again. Pizza was gross and service was awful.Edit: Manager called me back after I complained on website. They'll give me a refund but I have to bring the pizza and receipt back... which is really rather inconvient. I'm not going to eat the rest of the pizza, but it's really hot here in Fresno and driving to the store again is quite a bother. Wish they could just refund without me having to come back... but at least they are doing something. So I am adding another star.
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By: Ella M.
Sands Motel
Yuck! Look at the pictures, pretty self explanatory right? There's nothing positive other than the fact you're outta the rain. The front doors actually are bathroom doors so they don't fit there's no cusion under carpet the wiring is unsafe if a fire broke out there's no way out the front windows are all nailed shut and the restroom window only opens a little there's only one channel on the t.v in which every room is synced with the linen and towels aren't clean not to mention you only have one sheet and a blanket or comforter not both and if your lucky you'll be provided with one pillow the place is infested with cockroaches and no matter what you say to the owner he doesn't wanna hear it he says it's the tenants in which if that were true why continue allowing them to stay. The fact remains he's a slum Lord alcoholic that deserves this joke of a motel to be shut down. Can't believe it's still open now. The business bureau really needs to investigate this place already.
By: estelasue
Pro Travel Fresno
Recently, I was SURPRISED with an amazing, romantic, well planned, perfectly detailed trip to Las Vegas that reminded me of how fortunate I really am! My husband searched out Pro Travel Fresno to book a flight and room, but simply recieved so much more. With recommendations, tips and first rate service by Corina Molina, we (parents of 3 children), enjoyed luxurious comforts, fun night life, concerts, ease of travel and all within our budget. Options on travel service are endless; Online "deals" always have a catch, travel sites are rampant, but optimal customer service goes beyond measure. Yes, my husband rocks. With assistance from Our Travel Agent, Corina Molina, my special occaisions are measuring up to the daily joy he brings! Thank you, Pro Travel Fresno and Corina Molina for making our "couple" time so fun, and effortless!
By: lovetoreadbooks
Pro Travel Fresno
I came across on Pro Travel website and called them. I had the pleasure of meeting Izzy Del Toro. She was so knowledgeable in arranging my trip to Hawaii at the last minute for us. She took her time to call us the day before to confirm us our flights were on time and our reservations for our Hotel "Hilton Village" was confirmed. When we came back from our trip she followed up with us as well. We had a great time in Hawaii that we booked a British Isles with her. Love everything you have done for us Izzy Great Job!!
By: summerwinter
Pro Travel Fresno
I just came back from Cabo San Lucas Puerta Vallarta trip last 2 weeks ago, I meet Izzy Del Toro on the cruise. Saw her working with her clients. Being very attentive to them. I and our family saw how GREAT she was with her clients and asked if she could help us on our future trips. We now book only with her. We decide to book our next Cabo trip with her, a party of 20 people and still growing. I and my family booked our Hawaii trip for June I cant wait. Thanks Izzy for being our Travel Agent Guru!!
By: Betty L.
Pro Travel Fresno
I used Jennifer Rogers to book my family trip to Disney World back in February. She did a great job placing us in the right resort and even assisted me in using my frequent flyer miles to book our flights. She took care of everything!! We had such an amazing time that I went back last month and had her do it all over again!!! We're currently traveling and we're enjoying every minute of our trip. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an experienced travel agent.
By: armidam
Pro Travel Fresno
Jennifer Rogers really helped my family plan a great trip to Hawaii. She was very enthusiastic and helpful and informative. She always answered any questionswe had and you just know by the way she handles everything that she enjoys herjob oh and did I mention helpful?? yes very. I know she will be helping us in the future with other trips. Also the office was nice, as was the rest of the staff and manager. Thanks Jennifer. I would give this business a 4 star rating
By: Chandra L.
Pro Travel Fresno
Jessica Henderson booked us a Hawaii vacation that was superb. The price she gave us was unbeatable and there were no hidden fees what she quoted us is what we paid. The condo we stayed in Maui was excellent and when we checked out there was no fees for anything. Had an excellent time and Jessica was caring and helpful changing flights and anything else we needed. Highly recommend Pro Travel Network to book your vacation. Thank you
By: jessie09lugo
Pro Travel Fresno
Jennifer Rogers is oustanding! Jennifer is absolutely wonderful at what she does. She has been a great help in booking our upcoming spring break trip to Hawaii. She has assisted us in booking everything from the hotel to the transportation to even a LUA. She took the initiative to arrange everything for us so that we can be worry-free. I know that if I or anyone I know has future travel plans/desires I would very much recommend her.
By: Jason C.
Pro Travel Fresno
My girlfriend and I just returned from our Cruise to Santa barbara/Ensenada. This was my first Cruise and first time traveling out of the Country. Barry fisher was very friendly and helpful with all our questions and needs. Pro Travel, Barry Fisher and Princess Cruise Line not only met, but exceeded our expectations. We will definitely go see Barry when we're ready to plan our next trip.Thank You so much! Jason & Michele

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