By: Carin B.
PAIN-Parents & Addicts in Need
The first time I went to a P.A.I.N. parent support meeting I had no idea what to expect, but I clearly remember feeling an immediate sense of relief the minute I walked into the group. I was finally in a place where I got real answers and information from real people about addiction, as well as support and first hand advice, all of which have been so important in my journey of addiction with my child. If you think you can handle the issue of an addicted loved one by yourself, think again. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to regularly attend the P.A.I.N. support meetings.
By: Janae W.
PAIN-Parents & Addicts in Need
This organization was a life saver not only to me but it helped save my sons life. I know every outcome is different but I was given the knowledge how to handle and cope with addiction, the hope that things can get better, and the support of people that knew exactly what I was going through. I feel more educated about something I knew nothing about and got help going through the most darkest part of my life. I am forever indebted to this organization.
By: queenie99
Vintage Gardens Assisted Living Community
This community really cares. Our father was at two places before transferring to Vintage Gardens. He has been so much happier since he moved in a year ago. The staff is caring and goes above and beyond our expectations. And, he has enjoyed the activities and trips they have and has made a lot of new friends. I would recommend them to anyone for good care.
By: S T.
PAIN-Parents & Addicts in Need
Provides a place to gain information and support to help your loved one and your family navigate the path to freedom from addiction. Following their proven methods and guidance helps the family to not only survive an extremely difficult time, but provides the hope and ability that you can one day thrive again.
By: Peter O.
PAIN-Parents & Addicts in Need
I had never experienced drug addiction with a family member in my life and I did not know where to turn. I was introduced to PAIN and their support, counseling and action plan for my son has allowed me to live my life again. I continue to use their services and will be forever grateful.
By: J W.
PAIN-Parents & Addicts in Need
Flindt Anderson and the team at PAIN support families through the crisis of drug and alcohol addiction. The family support groups on Wednesday nights are FREE and they provide so much insight, wisdom, support and advice for anyone dealing with an addict in their life.
By: jerkk12
Clinica Sierra Vista
with an appointment or without it takes forever I sometimes wait a long time even if I have an appointment so what's the whole point on making an appointment if I have to wait for 1 or 2. I like my doc but its just the waiting before u get called in
By: A J.
Fairwinds-Woodward Park Retirement Commmunity
My in-laws recently moved into this facility, and have been very comfortable here. All the employees are super friendly and helpful. Fairwinds has many services and a variety of activities, as well as a great restaurant and coffee bar!

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