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By: Geno S.
Bamboo House
The food is delicious and the service was pretty good as well. Be careful though, if you pay with a credit card/debit card, they will add whatever amount of tip they decide they want! Then they bring you the slip and it shows the amount they billed you for your food, but do not tell you they added the tip. For instance, they brought us our bill and it was 40 dollars and some change, I gave them our debit card and they ran it and brought the slip to our table and it showed it as the 40 dollars and some change. I found it odd, because there was no place to write in a tip and could not sign the slip because it had already been ran through their credit card processor. So when I got home, I decided to go online to our bank and check the transaction and it was almost $49.00. Here they decided on their own to charge my credit a 20% tip without informing me beforehand. I have nothing against tipping, we always tip our waitress/waiter, but I always tip 15% unless it is a large party and it was just the three of us. They need to let the customer decide how much to tip for two reasons: (1) The waitress then receives a double tip because you leave a tip at the table as well. (2) If they bring you a slip and it says they ran your card as 40 dollars and some change and actually bill your card 48 dollars and some change, then you record that in your check register, then it could potentially cause your checking account to run afoul. We will go back, but they need to let the customer decide the tip and not the waitress!!!
By: Edi M.
Bamboo House
This is a great family restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious and freshly prepared sushi, at reasonable prices. I highly recommend Bamboo House in Fremont, Oh.
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By: Oscar M.
Tackle Box II
Good food and good times.

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