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By: martymars
The Cheese Steak Shop
I had really high hopes for this place and was majorly disappointed. I had phoned in an order for 3 sandwiches, I was asked to repeat my order several times because their phone kept cutting out, I finally had my order read back to me and everything sounded okay at the time. The wait was 15 minutes and I went in to pick up my order. You have to wait in line even of you have a To-go order and you can see your food getting cold. But anyway...I finally arrive at the cashier and they are struggling to find my order, three people are needed to bring up my to-go order on the register. But this isn't even the worst thing.When my order was read back to me again, a sandwich I had ordered was missing and a drink and fries that I did not order were on the tab. The cashier hastily tries to give me the total when I mention that a sandwich is missing. NOW USUALLY when there has been a miscommunication of this sort, the merchant apologizes and quickly works to remedy the situation... That's not how they do things over at The Cheesesteak Shop. The cashier raised his finger to my face along with his voice and said that I was LYING and that I had never ordered that sandwich! Now what is more likely here, that I did not order the sandwich after looking at a menu and waiting for weeks for this place to open, and that I felt like playing a joke on people I have never met when I am out to dinner with my family and decided to purposely LIE about my order OR that my order was not correctly prepared. You decide, but I'm going to stick with bobs hoagy steaks across town. You should just avoid this place all together of you want to be respected and valued as a customer.
By: hmmmm......
The Cheese Steak Shop
OK!! Let’s see here u decide to go to a restaurant that has just opened…. It’s what their 2nd day open and you expect perfection….. I see how the guy behind the counter was angry with you!!! Yes he made a few mistakes you try dealing with people like YourSelf all day on the first day and see how you do!!!!! ……… and to the Cheese Steak Shop I hope you guys do well!!!!
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By: Tarun S.
Jack in the Box
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By: mountainhorse
Chipotle Mexican Grill
If your looking for a filling meal at a good price this is the place.

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