By: Suresh krishna M.
Montessori School of Centerville
My two kids are going to this school for more than 3 years. My daughter started as a pre-schooler and now she goes there to kindergarten. My son goes there for pre-school. I tried couple of other schools before I got both of my kids here. To set the expectations right – If you want your kids to have discipline and become independent of the daily activities, then this is the place. Kids do many jobs (an activity to learn to do something like blocks, water pouring, cleaning, etc…) at school and they explore what they like. I like two things about this school. Firstly, the Montessori philosophy of continuous learning and kids being independent decision makers is awesome. In today’s world, we need leaders who can act and decide right things for this society. I strongly feel the Montessori philosophy is a good way. The secondly, each teacher is a Montessori certified teacher and has lots of patience and I mean it. Each age group is divided and assigned 2-3 teachers to help them learn in every aspect. E.g. My 2 year old does more on the sensory, motor skills and my 5 year old does more of the math, science and public speaking training. The beauty is that kids don’t necessarily know that they are learning a specific skill but it’s all integrated. One of the best transformations that I saw in my kids is how they behave at home. Simple habits like remove their shoes and socks and keep it in shoe rack or going to bathroom to wash their hands. I am really amazed on how they learn at Montessori and implement at home. Of course, every kid is different and how they learn is also different. The best part is there is no standardized teaching or in other words your kid absorbs as much as he wants to. I appreciate all the teachers for their commitment and dedication. I truly appreciate the times when they teach and make kids practice for the spring, graduation and winter concerts. Each age group sings some songs and they practice for at least a month before the concert day. To make these kids with such small children is amazing. Finally, I only wish that this school had the classes beyond kindergarten. We will miss the Montessori philosophy and teachers after our kids are done with kindergarten.
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By: Akila R.
Excel Test Prep
Went from 1700 to 2190 (old SAT scoring range) by just going to EXCEL test prep and practicing problems in the College board blue book. Free pizza, clear and motivating instructors, and lots of practice problems. I don't consider myself a fast learner but they were able to thoroughly break down the structure of SAT problems and give you the best tricks to maximizing your score. (brief update, I was able to get into school of engineering at UCLA with my SAT score) Highly recommend to those taking the SAT (old or new). If you do sign up, feel free to use my discount code AR136 for $25 off :) Good luck!
By: nayutsi
Kids Wonderland preschool/ infant services
Great place for infants. Feels just like home! All infants have their own crib or mats to rest on. Laundry service provided as well as meals for the toddlers. Daily activities are carried out each day. Ex. circle time includes story, nursery rhymes, music, and play time all day long. For toddlers, learning the alphabets, phonics, blending words, weather, days of the week, months of the year, and beginning writing skills for younger toddlers. Older toddlers wrtie on their own, have homework to do daily, learn 1-100, and so much more. All children will leave happy and educated for kindergarten.
By: Rylee W.
Strategism Inc
I took two classes here last 6 months. First was Salesforce, we were only two in the batch, it was a wonderful experience with the trainer. He went according to our pace of learning. 2 months later I came for Business Analysis training, we were 4 in this batch, and this was also perfectly timed according to our convenience and availability. Trainer here was also very good. Now I am looking forward for job search help. The team is very good. Nice place for people who are willing to do hard work and time.
By: myyprev
Spicy Town
We loved the most of the preparation here; feel really sad that Asian Pearl is over crowded and this place is empty.Need to know what to order, dishes are full of flavor; only was not comfortable with salt and pepper shrimps since we like shrimp cleaned and not in shell.But Kung Pao Chicken, Eggplant, crispy chicken are the dishes we tried and they were so good that we will go there again and again. Way better quality than Panda.
By: nextreviewer0711
Moore & Burkhardt Wealth Management
John always responds within a reasonable amount of time. His advice is great and definitely has helped us in the past. I've had a situation where my financial help just stopped responding to me, so when I found John and Moore financial services I was so glad to have someone more dedicated.
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By: Gaurav D.
CoInformatique Solutions, LLC
Incredible Place to Work!CoInformatique Solutions is an outstanding organization. We offer our employees all of the tools needed to succeed and operate in state of the art environment. CoInformatique Solutions cares about their employees and we pay them and reward them for their success.
By: Jorge G.
China Chili
Been here many times. The price is OK and most of the dishes are average. The Hunan Bean Curd stands out as my favorite dish. Thought I'd try something new with peanut noodles. It was so thick and heavy. Literally peanut butter poured over noodles.
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By: Kathleen M.
Marilyn LaLonde Tax Service
She is both professional and approachable. She is thorough and does a wonderful job preparing my taxes. Marilyn has been doing my taxes since 1985! I wouldn't trust my personal or business taxes to anyone else.
By: chadviv
Moore & Burkhardt Wealth Management
John is so knowledgeable, I feel very confident in him with dealing with my finances. He really makes sure that you understand everything he says to you before you leave your meetings with him

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