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By: Adam P.
Franklin Gun Shop
I have purchased multiple firearms through the Franklin Gun Shop. Rifles and handguns. And their customer service has always been top notch. The best I have found at any business, not even just firearm related. They have always done me solid. So when I went over this past weekend and purchased a new pistol, imagine my shock when there was a problem. I purchased a Springfield XDs that is a smaller pistol meant for more of a concealed carry. And while I was purchasing it for that reason, I still needed the extended magazine because it just wasn't comfortable otherwise. The sales associate told me that the pistol itself came with two of the regular magazines but showed me the extended one they had for sale. I purchased both and went home. After getting home and looking through the paperwork, I discovered that an extended magazine should have come with my weapon rather than me having to purchase it separately. So I sent an email to the store expressing my dissatisfaction with the situation. This was after close of business on Saturday.They are closed Sunday and Monday but first thing Tuesday morning before he even made it into the shop, I got an email from Mike apologizing for the screw up. He apologized numerous times and gave me a ton of options for how to resolve the mix-up. This allowed me to choose which was the best option for me and it was quickly handled. His email to me showed me an owner that cared about his customers and their happiness. The options let me know that he didn't just see this as a "whatever" thing and just give me the same old line of "come in and we'll fix it". I have been repeatedly shown that level of customer care from these guys in some way with every firearm I have purchased from there and that is why I will continue to buy all my firearms and accessories from there no matter how far out of my way I have to go to do it.
By: daveyland
Arms & Ammo
These guys are GREAT. They are eager to build a business and clientel in this town and it shows. I just bought a Masterpiece Arms MPA30T from them. The price marked was a little high and I brought it to their attention. The immediately researched competitor's prices and made me a deal! SOLD, American! What's more; two days later, they called and said that they had just recieved a shipment of 9mm ammo and they were holding a 50 round box for me... ON THE HOUSE. What?!? These guys are serious about building a long list of loyal customers and they can put me at the top of the list!
By: Sosumie A.
Everything Weapons Indoor Shooting Range
I am a paying range member and I went in today to shoot a little. Recently they've been changing policy without notifying members, but today, I was told I had to check in and wait for a lane. Seems they have a free range visit promotion and the place was packed. I thought paying members might get preference as they do at other places, but not here. Needless to say I will not be renewing my membership.
By: fooledbutnotagain
Lock Stock & Barrel
In the Franklin area you cannot do better than doing business with this small gun shop. The downside is a small inventory, but they can promptly order in whatever you need.You are treated as a valued customer and they will guide you in selecting if that is needed. Good firearm repair shop as well.
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By: Thermal R.
Franklin Gun Shop
Great service and good prices. The staff rally knows their their stuff and are always happy to answer questions. I've sold a few antique guns to them in the past and I got as good a deal as if at a gun show. There are a few other good stores but I think Franklin Gun Shop is the best I've been to.
By: Shannon F.
Academy Sports + Outdoors
Great selection of children's shoes and cleats at an exceptional price! The workers in the show department I oils be more helpful.
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By: Mona B.
Academy Sports + Outdoors
Unbelievable amount of stuff. Good prices on everything. Great selection of workout clothes. Can get other clothes there too.
By: Floyd B.
Academy Sports + Outdoors
Very friendly employees very clean store with a big supply's of stock a great location would recommend this store.
By: Angie K.
Academy Sports + Outdoors
Great place for any sports wear you need. They also have school uniforms. Wish there was one in Bellevue.
By: K L.
Sun & Ski Sports
I love the selection at this store. Everything there is high quality and name brand clothing and shoes.

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