By: jessie_kelsy
Ecco Salon
Ecco salon is an amazing experience thank you Marilyn McConnell! A friend of mine has been going to Marilyn for over a year now she kept telling me about her. Finally i booked with her and wow what an amazing job she did. Not only did i feel comfortable with her i really enjoyed talking with her. I have never received a better highlight and blow out, i never knew my hair could look so beautiful! i also like to add how thorough she was and how she showed me tricks and techniques so i could achieve the same style at home! Needless to say i will be back and hope she gets the recognition she deserves i have been all over the place and never walked out of a salon as happy as i did!! Marilyn your the best!!
By: Miranda W.
Unruli Aveda Salon
Uli had totally transformed my hair. My hair is naturally curly. It was frizzy, unmanageable and damaged when I went to Unruli. After several treatments, my hair has never looked so good. This is absolutely the best place for Brazilian blowouts and Keratin treatments that I have ever found, and I have tried a ton of places over the past 30 years! Most importantly they modify the treatments based on what's best for your hair. It's definitely not a one size fits all approach. While they are great for "unruli" hair, they also provide the best color and cut too! I am so excited I found this place. Try them out! #bestsaloninfranklin #bestbrazillianblowout #besthaircut #besthaircut
By: Rachel S.
Grays On Main
I absolutely love Grays On Main! The decor of this place is on point. The wall of mirrors and beautiful frames, the hallway with old receipts from the old drugstore that used to be in the same space, and the different chandeliers that lead up the stairs to the second and third levels all add to the dark wood, elegant charm of Gray's. They have great lunch and dinner menus with delicious dishes like burgers, fish, pizza, salads etc. that they dress up and make unique. Their breakfast menu includes granola, chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, and french toast. If you visit the Nashville area, I highly recommend stopping by Gray's for a meal or two!
user avatar
By: Stuart S.
Daily Dish Events & Catering
We went there for lunch after completing a business meeting in Franklin. One our guys said we should try Daily Dish and I had no idea how good it would be. I got coconut chicken with mashed potatoes and corn. The serving sizes were huge for everything, including the chicken, which was awesome: 3 pieces of boneless chicken and the coating was super tasty. Can't wait until our next Franklin meeting so I can go there again.
user avatar
By: Stuart S.
Lunatic Fringe
My girlfriend convinced me to go there as I had an important meeting coming up. Guess she didn't want me going in with strip mall chain look. It was definitely worth it. They were able to fit me in the next day. Only high quality products are used there and everyone is very professional and friendly. The price for a mens haircut is higher than I am accustomed to but Lunatic Fringe has much higher quality overall.
By: Tonja W.
Tupelo Honey
Limited menu but most of the food I have tried has been good. I've been several times and the shrimp and grits are awesome! The pork chops are NOT. Service was average. If the waitress had come to our table more on one visit, she would have noticed that I barely touched my pork chops and perhaps could have suggested something else. Overall - definitely worth a try!
By: Brooke J.
La Nutrition
Very clean store that sells awesome supplements. I was able to purchase Seromax which is an anti-aging product similar to Serovital at half the cost along with a great tasting whey isolate. From what I was told they only carry brands that they manufacture. I did first go on a Sunday but they were closed not sure if that will change or not.
By: lori.hazlehurst
New Beginnings Hair Salon
I have been a client of Brenda's for almost 15 years and I wouldn't trust my hair ti anyone else. She does a great job on color and styling. She listens to what I want and doesn't try to talk me into something I might not like. She keeps up on the latest styles and trends. Her shop is very nice - always clean and very professional.
By: Crystal C.
New Beginnings Hair Salon
I've been going be Brenda for 5 yrs now & I seriously won't go to anyone else. She's so detailed and takes her time to do the job just right. A couple yrs ago I wanted to change up my style quite a bit; with her advice she helped me modify it to fit my face and I got the perfect cut & style- she saved me! :) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
By: mandal
New Beginnings Hair Salon
Brenda cut my ponytail to help me donate it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. And then she gave me a fabulous layered style afterwards! I loved the volumizing hairspray she used and want to get the name of it and buy it next time I see her. Brenda is very personable and really gave my hair her complete attention.
Tips & Advices
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