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By: Bill M.
Long John Silver's
Posted on 12/21/2013 2:53 PM Edit Delete Last 2 times I have eaten there ,,, the food was horrible !! I have always loved Long John's ,,, have eaten at this one since 1977 and what a disappointment !! When I went in the Mgr and 3 employees were sitting on their butts and one guy running cashier, I ordered the food ,,, went to get a drink and went back immediately to get sugar. When I went back they handed me my food and were already sitting back down and talking. I took my ticket home and later called the MGR ,,, and he said to save my ticket and I would get a free dinner ,,, well a month later I finally got the stomach to try again ,,, Same thing happened,,, cold greasy food ,,, even the corn was cold !! (I DID explain I was in 'no hurry' ,,, U use to get 'almost' everything cooked to order ,,, who wants hush puppies that have been under a light for an hour ,,, ??? KY Fried and all these fast food places better get the 'message' ,,, they say its for Customer Convenience ,,, B.S. ,,,, it's for their lazy no talent help so they can sit on their butts !!! Who is the actual owner ?? Obviously the Mgr has nothing to fear !!! Bring back Hardees ,,, we 'will' wait for a fresh cooked Thick Burger (mushroom preferred) !!! Broke my heart to see them go !!! Repeat,,, Who is the Real Owner ??? I think he should know !!
By: localguy62
great subs, fresh produce used to make the subs, good prices

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